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  1. Money no object - these http://www.net-a-porter.com/gb/en/product/510776/givenchy/shark-lock-platform-sandals-in-black-leather Woukd you wear them though?
  2. Amazing, just ordered these: http://www.amazon.com/Onlymaker-Pointed-Ankle-Strap-Pumps/dp/B012YTVN5U/ref=pd_srecs_cs_309_43?ie=UTF8&refRID=0C31RRJSYTRA4970JSAP Hope they dont hurt my feet!
  3. This leads down a different path. Be prepared if you do this...
  4. I am not sure this has ever been asked on here. i'm curious. Feel free to duck this question, or answer honestly. I will do the same if pushed....
  5. http://www.nicholaskirkwood.com/product/13A0847N01 These no question... Already have the bladk suede.
  6. I think they are great.. but you should step it up!
  7. Great looking gold heels

  8. Have fun! Those boots I need to order!
  9. I am sure it will.. Just watch how you handle compliments from guys. I was suckered in. Literally!
  10. seeing as you asked nicely... I was at a bar in Las Vegas and ended up chatting to a man about life. As it goes he had just had his heart broken by a guy. So yeap he was not straight at all. (but hey no harm in chatting) I was wearing heels and he complimented me on them... Even went as far as trying them on. which meant we ended up flirting somehow. Guess you get the picture now....
  11. The second pair! Re your quote, I had similar circs. Took me a year to meet somebody that I could tell about my love for heels. Was worth the wait but it didn't pan out how I expected. Feel free to pm me on the rest..
  12. Buy online from somewhere like asos. Check her size first though on a few pairs. What the heck though, get a style that you would like her in. That's what I used to do with my ex. Just make sure you try them on first!
  13. I think Amanda is right. You may also be more attractive to men too, have you realised this?
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