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  1. Cash strapped women are painting the soles of their shoes red, to imitate 'celebrities' who wear Christian Louboutin shoes (really). http://uk.lifestyle....outin-look.html Honestly, how sad is that.....!?
  2. Same here. I think for most right-minded women, if they really know that their guy is 100% into them and that they can trust him as well (a major requirement)....then they will go to quite some lengths to accommodate any...shall we say....'quirks' of his. In my case, my main worry was that it 1) didn't put anyone in harm's way, and 2) wasn't open to public viewing. Once I was satisfied with that both these points were safely covered, then we began to share fetishes and I was quite happy to do most things that my husband asked me to do.
  3. I'm a bit upset with the way I was treated by others in this forum, hence I decided to go. I remain a great enthusiast of highheels and ballet boots especially, so for anybody who seeks to continue staing in touch with me, you can find me on the german high heels board forum or mail me directly @ martin.laske@gmx.de I wish we could have had more conversations. I hope we can stay in touch. Farewell!

  4. The first and last pairs were custom-made for 'Lady-B' or 'Lady 'Barbara' of 'LegsWorld' fame. Te second pair are the discontinued 'Ice Skate' wedge heels by 'Pleaser'. The third are (I think) a sculpture by a German artist who's name escapes me at the moment.
  5. I have extremely high pumps (5.5" plus) by both 'Ellie' and 'Pleaser', and both manufacturers run pretty true to size. Also....'Shafted'....'Ellie' and 'Pleaser' are two entirely separate companies.
  6. I've just looked at their homepage and they have a photo of their stiletto heel units. They look perfect don't they..? (PS....I have sent you a 'PM'..)
  7. OMG....! I just KNEW we had more in common than high heels and cars dearest Roxy...! It's a tragedy that we live 3,000 miles apart.....
  8. I have a pair of these....they are (WERE) made by Pleaser and branded as 'Ice-Skate' Wedges. They are very uncomfortable....!
  9. pussyinboots , my wife is a musitian too! She played in a roc/pop/reagge band in brazil. I'l love to get into more intense contact with you if you allow :-)
  10. Aristoc, Charnos, Gio, Falke, Jonathan Aston, Cette, Pretty Polly.....and of course Wolford. I wear them all at one time or another.
  11. Heels are definitely higher than they have been for a long time. Now all we need is a return to some class and style in the designs....!!
  12. Hi Puss i love high heel boots locked on.I would love to meet you chat more im female I also love ballet boots locked on terri

  13. She's 14.....and 'blogging about designer heels....!!!
  14. As I write this, it's 7.46am and they have just announced on BBC Breakfast that Christian Louboutin will be on the show to discuss his high heels designs. I'll keep an eye out on 'YouTube' for any clips of it.......
  15. .....So other accepted fashions are not 'equating to rags' then...? Like young men in jeans that expose vile views of their behinds.....and 'T-shirts' with huge rips all over them....or hiding themselves behind cheap hoodies....? Likewise, girls in jeans that have more holes than cloth...mini-skirts no bigger than postage stamps.....and tops full of slits and tears? There's plenty more 'rags' on sale in high fashion shops in most US and European high street stores. As it happens, I think that her outfit looks very smart.....apart from those boots, which are inappropriate really.
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