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    Getting back to normal, somewhat. 1st time I have had a sit down meal in a restaurant in months. Went to my local cracker barrel for a fried fish lunch. Then to the grocery store for my weekly supplies. Went smoothly with no comments or noticeable second glances. Seems to be the norm these days. I did see not one, but two of my neighbors at the grocery store, but they didn't see me. I don't really care if they do see me wearing heels, but I'd rather not deal with it if I can avoid it. I wore my nude open toe pumps from Torrid as I wanted to show off my nails a bit. I also wore my skinny jeans by Reba that I got on sale awhile back. They are short enough that I don't have to turn up the cuff to show off my Aporro anklet. Not planning on any other outings so this will probably be it for this weekend.
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    Hey, I've been away a while, from this site, and from LA. My mom was diagnosed with cancer in early March, so I came to St. Louis to care for her. Unfortunately, she passed away May 5th, and I am still in StL managing her estate and selling off her property. I miss my shoes, I miss my friends, and I miss normalcy. It seems, especially after last week in Minneapolis, that 2020 is truly a cursed year, and as things fell apart here at home, they fell apart out there with commensurate rapidity. Currently taking care of business, and I have family to help me through this, but just thought I'd say that I miss you all, and I can't wait for peace.
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    Was out ealier in the sun, with my Aldo handbag ,skinny jeans and the ted bakers sandals in the pic. Just before i arrived home i was caught by one of my female neghbours and been showing my toes public for the last few days. Cant wait to get them done professionally and a manicure too. I was ,"caught" by one of the security guys on my estate in skirt , fishnet tights and flats 2 days ago in the evening lol, after a brief outing to the shops which was a first in a skirt. I have carefully tried to avoid my neighbours and other people on my estate for the last 2 month I've been wearing female footwear, but im caring less and less now. But still a little carefull though. My outings are mostly daytime now, I'm hooked and enjoying pushing the boundaries more than ever. For me its about the general experience and I'm now more patient about heels before they are a regular part of my outings.
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    ADVENTURES UPDATE: Attached is a screen shot of a short conversation I had with a Ukrainian model on Instagram. I showed her a photo of me wearing black pumps with black leather shorts and a white blazer. Her response, "I wouldn't care. This is outfit is fire. Ukraine is not ready for this outfit, but I am." blew me away. Normally, I'd include her username, but I've since switched gears on that. Sorry guys, you'll have to put in your own time and labor to find pro-heels girls on IG. NYC COVID UPDATE: On the topic of COVID, NYC is slowly opening up. I tested negative for both antibodies and COVID, despite being exposed to multiple co-workers who had COVID. In my opinion, the neighborhoods in NYC that are doing whatever the hell they want (South Williamsburg and Inwood as two case in points) have stifled all containment efforts. Non essential service stores in Inwood were open before it was legal, people without masks indoors everywhere and large group gatherings are everywhere. I've come to peace that I will likely re-encounter the virus. My peace has been made with my death and if it's my time to go, I'll go. Until then, I'll practice safe hygiene and basic common sense. PERSONAL GROWTH UPDATE: one thing I realize I do is rehearse the feelings of when attractive girls found me attractive. I tend to rehearse that feeling and then immediately associate it with me wearing heels. It's a sort of self programming.
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    Unfortunately, I know exactly what your going through. It hasn't been 6 months since I lost my mother. I'm still recovering from the emotional & physical toll of it all. It still isn't over as her will was deemed invalid, probate has been postponed, hidden taxes she owed came out of nowhere, and we are still fighting to keep her house from being confiscated for back taxes. It has been a slow, stressful process, but hopefully it will be resolved soon. I want to get away from all this stress and get back to the fond memories I have of her...
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    Height is out of my range, but they look nice! With stores finally open, I was able to pick these up Friday. Apple by b.o.c., size 11, 4" wedge heel. Got them on sale at DSW for $19.99. I've never really been a big wedge fan, but I tried these on last fall and liked the way the felt and walked in the store. Nicely padded in the ball of foot which helps with my medication related foot issues. Didn't buy them at the time as they wanted $50 and it was going into winter with no real chance to wear them. Looked again back in February but they were still $40 then and still being winter, again, I wouldn't be able to wear them. Took the chance that they might still be on the sale rack, but then the lockdown came along. Had looked online and saw price was down but I couldn't do a store pickup, which I needed to do, so I let them slide again. Finally, store open, lucky to still find them on the sale rack in my size, and at the right price! Wore them for a while Saturday. Will need to get the front straps to loosen up a bit but seemed pretty comfortable, though the heel height feels higher than I remembered in the store. This is the shoe, but mine are brown.
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    I'm with you sir! I could see typical nail polish removed with a simple wipe off with polish remover such as my wife does. But once you get into tools and chemical wraps you lose me... Of course for me, toe wise, I could not do any kind of polish as I contracted that damn nail fungus crap about 25 years ago.
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    From some time ago . mike
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    Not the girliest but as Far as boots they come close
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    Stumbled on this site just over a year ago and been a member for a while.I'm inspired by some of the members here past and present from reading their stories,seeing their pics and public outfits.My shoe collection keeps growing and becoming a little addicted now. I have been wanting to go public or at least get outdoors for sometime now, and wishing wont make that happen But I eventually got outdoors in heels. For the past few days I've been planning on my first outing on Friday night in central London. After meeting up with my friend i had a choice to either go home or face my fear and wear my heels which i brought with me. I stayed out and went to one of the major public parks which was pretty much empty. After 20 - 30 mins of being stuck in my head i got my Kurt Geiger booties out of my bag,got changed and started walking. And soon realised how much harder it is to walk with heels outdoors than at home.After walking around the park for several minutes I changed into my platform-less Simi stilletos which where easier to walk in. I walked around the park for 20 mins stopping a few times to sit down. Eventually I got near the road which was a little busy and without hesitation I started walking on the footpath next to the road. My heels where fully exposed (so where my booties earlier) as i was walking next to the road, and both my face and heels were visible to cars driving in the opposite direction. It felt good but I was nervous. After several minutes I got back into the park through another entrance. Nearly bumbed into a few people during my time there who could have noticed my footwear even at night, but Im sure some heard the sound. A few times part of me also wanted someone to notice me as a guy in heels, haha. Overall it wasn't a dramatic expirience compared to the early stories of others but for me it was about taking the initial step of getting outdoors and eventually making it a habbit. Since Im going to be heeling at night for now (when its darker and less busy in general), i dont mind my heels being exposed. A few times before i reached the road I wanted to call it a night as my legs were tiring but I'm glad I kept pushing my comfort zone and walking a little further with my heels exposed knowing i could potentially bump into someone at somepoint. Cant wait until Sunday night. Wont be wasting much time in the park this time, but only to get changed. I want to walk next to the road,residential areas and streets for longer, slowly pushing my comfort zone each time I go out. I will post some pics of my collection soon.
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    I just did a 8 week laser program on a few nails that killed my fungus, I'm just waiting for the nails to grow out. I couldn't take the smell of the tea tree method and didn't want to take a drug internally either. Gel nail polish is stronger than the regular nail polish and will last for weeks. Regular nail polish chips too frequently and needs to be fixed or changed more frequently. I work with my hands and they are always on display, so using regular nail polish would be very time consuming; beside there is already a gel polish layer over my acrylics as part of the acrylic process.
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    Thanks Jeff, hope you stay safe too. So sad to see the burning of center city Philly. My heart truly goes out to all who suffered needless injuries, small business owners who watched their property get destroyed without justice. And to think just last week the world was debating whether it's safe to get a cup of coffee in public. How quickly things accelerate....
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    I suspect that NYC opening back up probably took a major league hit after yesterday's madness. The Philadelphia region was scheduled to come out of lockdown on June 5th, but downtown literally went to hell last night, so who knows what might happen in terms of new cases spiking. Stay safe!
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    Fair question, no worries. I had a long-running issue with ingrown nails on both big toes. The podiatrist who dealt with the issue told me that I would loose the toenail on that foot, and sure enough... Incidentally, that same podiatrist, a middle-aged woman, offered the notion that men were getting color on nails, particularly feet. I was already getting manis and pedis (nail issues sort of run in the family) and on my next visit I asked her, she replied enthusiastically, and my “new fashion” was off and running.
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    my new sandals, the girliest ... until the next
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    Nice boots, but be careful with those stilettos and the gaps in the deck.
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    In the past, after a couple of months, the artificial nail would loosen on its own, and either fall off, or at worst, lift off with just a bit of gentle prying by the tech. But whatever the last tech did, the nubbin was not coming off. And, I was pretty desperate for foot care in general, not just nail care. i was in the process of finding and trying a new tech when the shutdown occurred, and since I had not heard back from the new tech, I went for the backup generic nail shop. Hopefully, the next time I need that nail replaced, I’ll be established with a new tech who will use a less destructive method of removal.
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    Very nice chesterx! I like your peep toe pumps. It shows off your red pedi. I wore a pair of black peep toe pumps last night on a short jaunt out with a pair of jean jeggings much like your wearing. My red pedi was showing too. I had to go to Lowe's to get a couple of things. Had a couple looks but just went about my business. I should of worn my anklet like you did. I like that look too. Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    I also have some acetone, a smaller amount. And Cali, thanks for the suggestion about using acetone. But, as I noted, I got to the point that I couldn’t stand myself any longer and booked an appointment at one of the generic nail shops, actually in just about one hour. If the tech there doesn’t want to mess with the nubbin, I’ll just have it painted and live with that until I get in to see the tech at the new place. Yep, I generally patronize those salons. Well, an update. Just back from my mani/pedi. The very nice lady at the generic place deftly used her little “Drexel Tool” like instrument to remove the leftovers of the broken off artificial toenail, and equally skillfully constructed me a new one with the magic stuff they use. As I’ve mentioned before, I like color on my toes,so I’m now sporting “Frostbite”, a slightly metallic blue, on my toes. Got clear gel on my hands, that seems to work quite well protecting my fingernails from the abuse I manage to inflict. So I’m a happy camper!
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    Hey @Logjam, I've got about 5 gallons of acetone out in the garage (courtesy of the nail shop) if you want some! Shipping might be a problem, though. Seriously, it's probably not a bad idea to try it yourself, because one thing that nail shops don't give you is a lot of time, unless you're at a high-end place where you're paying a boatload of money.
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    yes they are! thanks! (feet are pretty sexy too!)
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    Simply georgous.
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    I bought these sweet sexy things the other day - what do you think?
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    It takes time to be able to walk proficiently in ballet heels. It's great that you are making progress, just keep up the practice, and look after your toes
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    My caged sandals showed up.
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    Thanks! I'm getting better, a month after acquiring them.
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    It has been a few days and I can say I am in love with these shoes! I have been wearing them everyday, Sunday from morning until bedtime and they are super comfortable. I have other shoes I wear a lot, but these kick butt as far as comfort.
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    I just ordered the last pair of size 10 from 6pm. Marc Fisher Unella in croco print brown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvjvBmXyBxA Still a bit much but I have had my eye on this style since last fall and they dropped in price. They had the black for $40 less but I really like this color and have too many black boots.
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    These would be the girliest shoes I have at the moment. Haven't had much chance to wear them except in the bedroom a few times. These are by Vince Camuto and I bought them at a going out of business sale for $19.99, regular $165.00. Right place, right time.
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    I got a pair of Ballet Boots this morning! Comfortable to wear but walking in them will take a few months to practice.
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    Picture from last November that we took for Instagram
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    I will go second, both in time and in situation. Unlike SF, my wife is not really supportive of my heeling, but tolerates it well. The only pictures I have of us together in heels are completely unintentional. She posts a lot on social media, and there are an awful lot of pictures of me out there where my feet have been cropped out. This particular photo, taken on our wedding anniversary last year, is not posted anywhere except HHP, as far as I know.
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    "When a man says he'll do something, he'll do it! You don't have to keep nagging him every three months!" You reminded me of that quip I saw on Facebook a while back! Your photography would be better if you shine a light on yourself. You are backlit in the photo, and the camera is looking at the light, shuts the aperture to compensate for what it thinks is too much light, and the photo comes out too dark overall. The details in your shadow are dark and not very clear. So if you have a utility lamp or can position a floor lamp to illuminate you and your reflection, the photo would be much better. I like those sandals! Steve
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    I have noticed that it's becoming more common around here to see construction workers tucking their pants in. What I haven't really seen is guys doing this outside of work. In case you missed it the first time, I attempted my own take on the knee high boot thing.
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    The more time I spend at home, the more difficult it is to come up with anything to report. I did have to go to the supermarket yesterday, and though it was a blustery, gray day, by golly I was going to wear some sandals outside. I obviously did not dress up at all, sticking to the most basic formula of t-shirt and jeans, but I wore my new pair of BCBGirls "Bonny" sandals, which I bought to eventually replace my old pair, which has been pretty much beat to death. Now it's all coming back to me, how LONG it took to break in the original pair. This is one of those situations where I kept a pair of shoes which was not all that comfortable just because they were super cute and I couldn't bear to part with them. Eventually, somehow, they became not only wearable, but suitable for all day walking, as I proved a couple of summers ago during my trip to Chicago. Now we're back to Square One, and I had better get these slowly broken in before the old pair fails completely, as I'm sure it will one of these days. While the leather on the new pair is still incredibly stiff, I didn't get any blisters or weird marks on my feet even though I had to park far away from the entrance to the supermarket. Also, I finally repositioned the mirror in my dining room as I had been promising my wife to do for about a year. Good news: It IS better for actual use in real life. Bad news: It is now much harder to take selfies with. I'm going to need to come up with something different. The quality of my selfies has gotten even worse than before. I didn't think that was possible!
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    I had an interesting experience last night. A good friend came over to visit (safely, of course, we didn't even shake hands like usual--these are strange times) and he brought his 12 year old daughter and one of her friends. After mostly talking about how both of our jobs are shut down as of yesterday, the subject came up that the daughter's friend played in the school concert band. I asked her, "So, what instrument do you play?" She answered "euphonium." "Well!" I said. "Would you like to see my euphonium?" She immediately followed me to the basement, where my band instrument room is. Yeah, it was obvious she knew how to play, but she was at best average for a 6th grader. After trying a few other brass instruments that I own (with careful use of the extra large bottle of mouthpiece disinfectant that I have on hand), she realized that not only was I wearing heels, she was in a roomful of heels. See attached photo. Not the girls, of course, but an older photo showing the room. Upon discovering the treasure trove, the two girls pretty much wanted to try on everything. And I let them. I gave instructions on how to walk and not look like an idiot. They have a long way to go. Nobody got hurt, thank goodness. And I hope the girl remembers my advice to practice her horn a little bit every day while they're off school.
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    Our church has three services every Sunday. They are basically the same service with three different styles of music. Oftentimes, for one reason or another, I have to attend more than one of the services. Usually this has something to do with musical performance, but one constant is that I pretty much have to show up to the traditional service at 11:00 every Sunday no matter what else I've had going on the rest of the morning. When it so happens that I need to go to the 8:30 service, do my thing, leave, and come back at 11:00, I often do what I laughingly refer to as a "costume change." Just like any rock star would do. On this particular Sunday morning, it just so happened to be about 45º (7º C) and sunny by about 7:30, so I decided I was wearing sandals, and I wound up wearing this totally pink-toned outfit (except for my belt and my watch). I started out without the necktie, but decided it looked better with the tie, even for "rock-n-roll" church. As I gave myself one final look-over in the mirror on the way out the door, I thought, "Wow, this is pushing my look a little bit further than I thought, both in terms of color palette and silhouette." But by then it was too late, because I was on the verge of running late. And wouldn't you know, despite my concerns, I got like 4 compliments on my outfit that morning, which is unusual. On a usual Sunday morning, I sometimes get 1 comment, sometimes not. When I got home, my wife didn't even comment on my clothing, which is also unusual. I had a cup of coffee, practiced my cornet (which I used at the 11:00 service), and changed out the pink pants and shoes for a charcoal gray suit and heeled loafers, and the wife and I went to the 11:00 service, where nobody said anything about my outfit at all. And why would they? This is what I typically look like pretty much every Sunday.
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    Some pics highlighting adventures with friends.
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    Hi, I’m always pleased to find new heelers on here and especially fellow uk ones, very interesting story and takes me back many years when i was scared stiff to venture out in my heels in case i was spotted by someone, how things have moved on where i now wear up to 4” heeled knee high boots over jeans in broad daylight. I don’t know if you’ve seen my Costa in boots thread, you’ll see quite a few different pairs i wear on there and possibly a nice coffee shop would be a good place for you to get started heeling in public, I’m actually enjoying a latte in a branch of McDonald’s wearing my next western slouch knee high boots with a 31/2” heel as i write this reply. Nobody really takes any notice and if you do get any comments they’re normally complimentary. I think if you keep your style masculine and contemporary it really won’t look out of place, try the coffee shop mate, think you’ll find it beneficial and hope you keep progressing in your heels, I’m sure we’ll speak again soon and good luck
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    These are my favorites, so girly & sexy... on me :)
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    I don't know if boots qualify, but these Luichiny Real Lee knee high boots are the girliest out of my three pairs of boots. As with all Luichiny shoes they feature their trademark heart stamp sole. The Real Lees also feature wonderful straps along the back, adorned with rhinestones. The soles. The rhinestone straps.
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    Under jeans for me right now. Would like to expand my confidence in the future and work on wearing them over jeans. But I'm still happy wearing them out, regardless!

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