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  1. waiting for these to come tomorrow. I’m so excited!!
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  2. Jaunt #558, 9/26/2020: When it comes to women clothing, I’ll try just about anything (except perhaps a swimsuit) once, just to see how a particular garment would look on me, if I like what I see, I’ll add it to the wardrobe, if I don’t, I’ll donate it to Goodwill. So, what did I experiment with on this outing, you ask? Cropped leggings. Over the course of the spring and summer, I had seen girls and women sporting those leggings, that made me wonder if I could make that item work, so, while in Lord & Taylor at the King of Prussia Mall on Saturday, I decided to take the splurge and bought a
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  3. Jaunt #557, 9/25/2020: Due to the inconsistent nature of the weather, I have no way of knowing just when fall will fully assert itself, leading me to change over to my fall/winter attire. Case in point, even though it’s late September, temps here reached into the upper 70’s after some early morning showers, so I outfitted myself accordingly for this trip, going with a sleeveless black sheath dress, the Payless “Corey” black semi-patent flats, a black satchel bag and a matching mask. Every fashion freestyler should have at least one nice black dress in his closet, I have somewhere around a doze
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  4. It is true that my wife wears the pants in our family, but I wear the heels, dammit!
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  5. Just got these. The super arch makes these very comfortable and the round toe is a bonus.
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  6. In my area, DSW has jumped all over the sneaker trend, now calling themselves the "sneaker headquarters." I bet that they have taken out a minimum of 50% of the selection of dress shoes/heels, and in some stores it's been more like 2/3 of the space formerly devoted to heels. It saddens me to see this, but I'm afraid it is a sign of the times. I've also now seen articles about our vice presidential candidate, Ms. Harris, heaping praise on her for her choice of Timberland work boots and sneakers on the campaign trail. Quite sad to see in my opinion, and certainly not appealing.
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