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    That’s my first real business trip since the lockdown is over. First flight. Not as fun as before. Here are some pics one at the beginning of the day with 14 cm Chelsea boots. Plus a closer shot on the boots then my dinner outfit with 15,5 cm Oxford. And a closer shot again. Was alone but not feeling lonely. Of course a “ heel buddy” would have been welcome pierre.
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    Howdy folks, it's been pretty quiet around here lately. The only really cool thing that I've done lately is participate in an online hymn sing at our church, which has been re-closed until at least Aug. 30. The choir director and I took turns leading the singing and providing accompaniment, and I actually got to play the organ this time! I wore the salmon colored shirt for the video, but I wore organ shoes instead of the pumps pictured here. I still can't walk in those suckers, in case you're wondering. I put them on to model them for a fashionista friend who can't wear heels anymore due to an unfortunate combination of health issues. The other outfit came about sort of accidentally. My wife had bought my 11 year old several t-shirts, because of course, he's a growing boy, and you have to do that every so often. She overestimated his size by quite a bit, however, and so I wound up with them. They're crappy t-shirts, but my immediate thought with the yellow one was, "I bet that would go with my DvF wedges pretty well." And it does. A further thought about my fashionista friend. I know her from college days, and I remember she used to have these black suede pumps that she wore fairly regularly. Well, not regularly like what we do here, things was different back in them days, but that's sort of my whole point. To me, at the time, these suede pumps were shockingly tall, and they absolutely were, compared to what most girls were wearing at the time. They were every bit of 3 1/2 inches. I think sometimes we remember the past differently than it really was.
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    That’s nice but I don’t feel like wearing something so flashy more searching something black mat ,with pockets on the legs plus high waist and accepting a wide belt for sure if exists
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    Sorry I can't give you an answer! A new pair of shoes for me, together with a new dress Both are very comfy 😊
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    I worry about how I carry myself in my boots also. I want to walk like I am wearing nikes while maintaining a masculine appearance and strut. I have only gotten a few comments, but they were positive. Would love to see of video of me walkining in my boots so I can judge for myself. I feel pretty comfortable on layovers wearing my boots, not likely to meet anyone I know....Except fellow crew members, always bumping into them coming and going from the hotel. Most are used to seeing me in my tame cowboy boots that I wear for work, but I'm sure they notice my high heel boots when they see me.... Would love to hear what is said about me in operations when I'm not around....Or, perhaps it is best not to know....
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    Hey! That’s unbelievable. I don’t have the gut for wearing such shoes publicly. You’ve got all my respect. I may wear higher heels. But do I walk gracefully? I need some objective eyes for that! But I feel good and conformity. So no self complain That would be really fun to bump into each other in an airport. No wonder ,I will know who you are. Aren’t you scared meeting someone who knows you? I am. I just rely on the odds. One chance out of 10000. Not zero The proof of this is last year I was walkind in a Paris street. And my accountant ( female,45) was walking towards me. It was at night,winter time. At first I wasn’t sure it was her. But the way she turned her head,sure she recognized me. I was wearing 14 block Oxford. Did she noticed.Sure she did.Women notice everything We didn’ stop. I saw her one month later for our monthly meeting. We behaved as if nothing happened. 3 billion people in Paris. Odds isn’t zero. I keep on taking the risk.
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    Hello Pierre Yes, whenever I have the chance to. For my last trip, I did: I'm afraid, like Mlroseplant said, that my limit is about 10cm. Higher I'm not able to walk normally!
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    Sorry I don’t have the link you can send the pic and ask for the same ask for: all mat black leather, no patent nor suede 15 cm ( it will come with 155) round toe box if you don’t want them pointy I am W 12 in the US that makes 43,5 EU for them hope it would be ok,sometimes the shoes I received are totally wrong . 75% happy,25% unhappy And here is a shot of the shoes I am wearing right now in the airport,waiting for boarding

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