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  1. Comme celui la https://www.missguidedfr.fr/pantalon-cargo-noir-en-simili-cuir-10125648?istCompanyId=ce3ee00b-4455-45be-9a86-ea584b81d3e5&istFeedId=88fdceaa-982e-4e72-8919-9f543aed0df1&istItemId=wmwtqwwli&istBid=tzxt&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIq-PC1ufw6gIVVflRCh0irgS4EAQYBCABEgLz7PD_BwE
  2. Well, not my choice, but may look nice on you. The question is, do you have a small waist like the picture? I think it is to consider in the whole look. I'm not sure it would be so nice with a Buddha belly! 😂 (not saying that you have one!)
  3. Sorry I can't give you an answer! A new pair of shoes for me, together with a new dress Both are very comfy 😊
  4. Very nice indeed. For sure a masterpiece in an outfit. Should be nice also with a white slim.
  5. Hello Pierre Yes, whenever I have the chance to. For my last trip, I did: I'm afraid, like Mlroseplant said, that my limit is about 10cm. Higher I'm not able to walk normally!
  6. Hello Pierre I really love your shoes, especially the last one. For sure traveling let's us wear what we want, which is not possible for me at home or at the office. The lock down was a nightmare for me for this reason, but hopefully I managed to have 15 days holidays alone in my countryside house so I can wear whatever I want during this period. Maybe we can meet each other once at the airport. I hope Roissy will become my hub for my business in Europe, if this damned virus let us work! If I meet a tall man wearing 15cm heels I would say "Mister Pierre, I presume"
  7. I was tempted by those Guess sandals, but I have resisted!
  8. Hello everybody Here is my contribution Can age be a joker?
  9. Aller chercher sa baguette de pain dans les rues vides Getting my French bread each morning walking in the empty streets New mandatory accessory } I didn't find it in black simili! (not sure it can be comfortable)
  10. How can you walk in 6 inch or more difference in between the sole and the heel? I tried to walk with those waders but was unable to 6.5 inches heels with 1 inch platform
  11. +1! I love this casual look. Dress and boots are nice together Today's look
  12. I do love them! Shopping in Madrid yesterday
  13. Cool look indeed Today's look for breakfast at the hotel
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