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    I agree with Mike. FSJ allows you to customize any kind of shoes you want. The sizing is easy. Quality more than acceptable
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    The Domina range from Pleaser can't be beat for quality on the money you spent for it. And it is not that much more expensive then similar shoes on AliExpress. The problem with AliExpress really is A: sizing, making sense of their sizing is an exercise in frustration and also costly, cause you will have to order several pairs to find what size will fit you. And B: hard because 5" and 7" heels a plenty on AliExpress, but 6" heels are nigh impossible to find. Which brings you automatically back to Pleaser. Not that much more expensive, decent quality for the price, and best of all a sizing you can trust.
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    WOZ : What is cheap to you, dollar wise ? You know you get what you pay for . I have purchased several pairs of high heels from FSJ. Yes they are made in China . They do have a huge range of styles and colors in sizes and heel heights. My favorite height is a 14cm heel. They have them higher with and out platforms. Good luck. Mike
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    Cathy Jeans was a shoe store and they sold shoe made in Argentina. The leather from their beef industry is very nice. You might want to give what size you wear because what might be available differs by relative size.
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    i found these fun photos from an outing ages ago on an SD card. the card was filled with amazing photos, time capsule esque. that is at the club nearing closing time, after 1 a.m. this was one of the many halloween parties we attended-bottom line though is it gives me a chance to really make an outing of it and go about 8 hours in those super sexy 7 inch heels. this was the same night that a few of the ladies couldn't resist and approached me, begging please, to let them try on my shoes. which i did with 2 of them. the first gal tried them on and posed for a few photos with her boy pal. she did look fab in them. she wore size 10 and these are size 12 so it was almost a perfect fit. after these pictures were taken another gal came up and asked to please please please let her try on my shoes. of course by this time everyone had had a few and she was no different. she put them on, she had the perfect legs for them, beautiful thick calves and size 9 feet. she was a little more brazen than the girl earlier in the night and decided to do the model walk for her boy pal. you guessed it! she went down with a blood curdling scream! what a wipe out! she was more concerned that she may have damaged my shoes than herself! later we saw she had some huge bruising on her knees! (ha ha!) so it was an evening filled with fun and games. i'll never forget that scream when that second girl went flying. i wish i had a video of that. hilarious. i always loved going out like this: wearing those white high heels completely exposed and making an 8 or 9 hour adventure of it. i remember the gang had to go ahead of me so i arrived on my own. i parked the car down the street a few blocks from the venue and made the walk alone, going slowly, enjoying every step! and of course enjoying the sight in the big window reflections. listening too, to the comments from passers by. the party was a blast! i know i put my shoes on and was out the door around 830 that night and only took them off twice for the two brazen gals. after the party we picked an all night diner where a bunch of us could go and so we walked the several blocks into the market area for a late night meal, after which, my gal pal and i had to walk all the way back to where i'd parked the car. it was a beautiful night out! i wish we could have more, dressed like this! by the time it was all said and done i'd put in 8 hours in these shoes and walked a mile or two down those city sidewalks. what fun. sadly for me: highest heel brand are no longer available. the 2 pairs with this ankle strap and vamp configuration, i've worn into the ground with many outings over the years. i bought some pleaser brand 7 inch heels last autumn but they're just not the same as my highest heel brand. of course the heels and platforms never wear out, its the leather uppers that need a re do. i took one pair in to the cobbler and they did a terrible job but with a little of my own work i managed to save them. i have the 2nd pair in need of re do and so i'm hoping to find a better cobbler than the last one. those are the same shoes many miles later! perfect with super tanned feet and fancy nails. what fun. and what a wonderful memory, to see those photos again from that wonderful outing all those years ago!
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    I would go with the green! It really makes the whole outfit pop.
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    I just bought these off EBay, $10, plus about the same for shipping. I am quite impressed, they look better in person, fit well and are a nice solid shoe.
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    These would be the girliest shoes I have at the moment. Haven't had much chance to wear them except in the bedroom a few times. These are by Vince Camuto and I bought them at a going out of business sale for $19.99, regular $165.00. Right place, right time.
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    Just bought these from New Look (and then they went on further discount...) They fit really well (size 8 UK) and have a 4" block heel. My first pair of block heeled boots (I have a pair of 5.5" sandals with a block heel) - and they feel really nice. I still though prefer the look of a stiletto or wedge heel.
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    I just like these three pictures. No other reason. Sort of shows a bit of enjoying ones time ! js

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