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    Used to love to wear heels that high but now at over 60 years old , I can’t handle them anymore. Did wear a pair of white Pleaser pumps with 5.5 heels to a “dining experience” last night. Only response I had was from a man seated close to the entrance. His comment was “a little early for white.” To which I replied : “it was close enough.”
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    Had a choice of skirts for my new booties, quite nice in brown. Which is best? ;)
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    My son, who has a lot of hair, and genetically has a possibility of actually keeping it into old age, went for the Yul Brynner look. It grew out to normal looking within 3 weeks. My hair is actually almost behaving itself in its longer state. I might just keep it. Luckily, I'm not quite to the stage where I resemble Ben Franklin.
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    ah ha ha! funny stuff lads! keep up the funny work!
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    A fellow could interpret that comment in two different ways. . .
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    Future public outfits, skirts and hose i ordered finally arrived then i had some fun.
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    Just for the heck of it, because what else am I going to do, I decided to put on the same outfit I wore to Costco the other day (minus the mask), only wear my new Pleaser pumps with it. Just to see what it looked like. Here it is:
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    Let's just say that a 4 inch height increase from heels is significant in @mlroseplant's case. Wanted to try out the look of my Levis 311 and JS Rachie together. I think this is a winner look. And the Rachies are extremely stable and easy to walk in. The Rachies are a slightly tight, but the are real suede so they should stretch out and fit like a glove in no time. Just have to have to wear for short periods until they are ready. It going to rain for a week and these still need to be sprayed first anyway. Took a break and ran some errands in the rain. Put the Rachies in some shoe stretchers. Came back and wanted to see how my Express leggings worked with them' From the front, legging with a hoodie. Finally with my new sherpa. I prefer the Express leggings over the Levis 311. Much larger pockets as well, as I have my wallet and cell phone in my pockets

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