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    Have you guys covered Fernando Berlin? He’s got guys modeling high heel boots.
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    @mlroseplant I would also suspect that another reason is that the heels they are making are not tall enough. I'm have trouble finding heels that are 3.75 inch tall, let along 4+ inches. Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices for your kids. Just be glad that "band" is not very expensive compared to other activities.
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    This has been a strange year for me. I won't say I've backed off wearing heels, but I sure have backed off buying them. This is for several different reasons. The main two reasons have everything to do with money. I haven't had the overtime that I've had in the past, so I have far less discretionary income. Furthermore, because my 10 year old son has started band this summer, I have spent my shoe money on instruments and accessories. Even though he officially only plays the tuba, I have bought, count 'em, THREE horns this summer/fall. Naturally, we have begun to collect a certain make (Conn), and we're only interested in instruments manufactured before about 1970. We've enjoyed the heck out of all of them. They just don't make 'em like they used to, UNLESS you're willing to spend like $10,000. In that case, in many ways, they make 'em better than they used to. That is many times more than my entire shoe collection is worth. Speaking of shoes, now that sandal season is almost over, the Alaia sandal I bought back in June have finally become truly comfortable. I wore them for several hours a week ago, and I wasn't ready to take them off when it was time. I look forward to wearing them for many years to come. That was a case of having some experience and intuition about what was going to eventually work.
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    On the other hand, MCE is brilliant. I don’t fly enough to have status anymore, but for a small fee I bought my way up to priority check in, security, boarding, and free alcohol just like all the F and EXP people. Plus the bulkhead seat. The FA on the flight asked me how I walk in my heels. I said practice, one inch at a time!
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    just bought these beauties. Size EU 47 (more like 48, I use to wear around here). I'm in Milano Italy for a conference and visited the physical store of Ghigo Calzature. Their physical store has the same stock as the website. They have a great customer service. I could try them on at the store (and several other great models). Heels are thin 5 inch stilettos, leather is stretch, they fit like socks, no zippers, easy to get in. Really comfortable and soles are strong, good arch support. Goes to the knees. I'm really happy. They are a dream come true. First time I go to a store to try heels that are beautiful at my size. I just had to share this moment with all of you. I'm sure these will get a lot of wear.
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    Yes, those 70s platforms were hideous. Best forgotten
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    Nothing like getting a jump on next season. Picked these up in a thrift store. not sure of the brand. it looks like just a letter "D" with a small heart. But the best part is they were $7!

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