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    Awesome heels !!! Awesome that your BF has a matching pair. My Gf and I have many matching heels (and outfits!)not just for Halloween!!!!!
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    I guess summer is coming to a close if Macy's is carrying tall boots again
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    It takes a certain amount of confidence to walk into a busy store and ask to try on a pair of heels. It's so easy to get intimidated and walk out. Once you have over come the "flight" impulse it can be very enjoyable. The Sale Associates at several Brand Name women's shoe store recognize me as a customer that tries on heels and buys heels and (I think) give me better service than the average customer. I am an all-the-time heel wearer, I couldn't be one without confidence, too scared to live life.
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    All, I was curious about this issue so I messaged Tech about it. TBG was never banned from this site. He voluntarily chose to leave. I may have confused his post total of 10000 with someone else but he did have an unbelievable number of views as well. He can (and should) come back if only someone will email him to do so. So let's not opine or speculate anymore about it as I have received a sufficient explanation. HinH
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    I guess I really don't even think about this much any more, but yeah, I guess it does take a certain amount to get "over the hump" and go into a shoe store, particularly one where you have to ask for the shoes to be brought out. I think it helps a great deal if you're already wearing heels (and probably a smile as well) when you go in there.
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    Well ANYWAY. . . he says "hi" to everybody.
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    well good for you too!! oops - meant good for you TWO!
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    It really isn't Cali's nails or the colour that adorns them this week or next. It really isn't the wedge sandals he wears to this meeting or that. It really isn't the best-looking legs on the Central California Coast. No, it's Cali's CONFIDENCE which blankets all he does and wears that has these women complimenting him. That confidence is the energy fueling the blast furnace of the individual as he forges his own personal path. That's why it works and that's how it can work for so many of us. One only need try. I'm surely glad he does. HappyinHeels
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    my new onlymaker chunky heeled platform mary janes . bf also got a matching pair for halloween
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    Now I have finished a closet for all my shoes. Please share your pictutes of your closet.
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    So I ended up with some new boots, and I’ll post in the other thread, but I wanted to get an opinion here on length of pants. I took a picture showing where my “long” pants come down to when wearing the new boots. I always wonder if my pants legs should be longer. What are your thoughts?

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