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    Thanks for the encouragement. :) Managed to repeat the experience, although with a 3" chunky boot instead. Similar coffee shop, but elsewhere. Spent about an hour inside, working. I was feeling much better, much more confident, and the heels were under the table, but I didn't make an effort to hide it if someone walked by. Not that I was flaunting it, but more that I was just focusing on my work. It was quite a bit of fun. :)
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    New wedges...another great deal from a liquidation store. Half price!
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    I had an interesting encounter today. It all started the other day. I was searching through Facebook Marketplace as I usually do. I came across a pair of black patent stilettos. They looked great and the $10 price tag didn't hurt either. So I messaged the seller to ask her a few basic questions. Things like the brand and size and such. At no point in our conversation did I mention or lead on that the shoes were for me. I finally told her I was interested and I could pick up the shoes tomorrow. She said great and gave me her address. She also said she had some other shoes I might be interested in. So I drove to her house at the agreed-upon time and knocked on the door. She came to the porch area and let me in. She brought me the shoes and without missing a beat she asked if I would like to try them on. The whole drive over I was wondering how it was going to go down. And I was prepared for anything that might arise. I thought about her proposal for just a split second and said sure! I put them on and she asked how they fit? I told her they were really comfortable if not slightly large. Then she asked if I wear them around town referring to heels. I told her I do. Then she said if you don't mind me asking are you a crossdresser or trans etc etc. I felt really comfortable at this point and she seemed that way from the get-go. I told her none of the above. I told her I just wear whatever I want. If it looks good I wear it. She said okay. Then she started telling me about some trans person she knew years back in town. And all the struggles she had before she eventually died. After a brief conversation she mentioned she had another pair of heels that I might be interested in. She said they were red patent and she went to fetch them. I was excited because I didn't have any red patent in my collection. She came back shortly with the shoes. I was slightly dejected as they were more of a maroon wine color. They were nice just the same though. They were Jessica Simpson brand. They had a 5-inch heel and a platform. They also had a keyhole cut-out in the toe box. I slipped out of the black ones and tried these on. They fit great and we're just as comfortable as the other ones despite the added height. She told me how great both pairs looked on me. She told me these ones would be $15 if I wanted them. I happily paid her the $25. She grab me a plastic bag to put the shoes in. And then she said if I have any shoes for sale later I will message you a picture. I thanked her and left one happy camper! Two hot pairs of heels for $25 and a very positive shoe buying experience. The only negative is that when I got home I noticed the patent on the Black shoes had started to separate a little bit from the side of the heel shafts. I missed that earlier but since I only paid $10 for the shoes it was no big deal. A little glue and I should be back in business. I am going to get pics up of the shoes as soon as I can so stay tuned! Oh and I forgot to mention that earlier in the day I found a near-perfect pair of mint green patent stilettos in a thrift store for less than $10 also! So let's recap. I got three pairs of heels plus a story and interaction of a lifetime. And not to mention a potential source of future shoe buying. And all it cost me was 30 bucks! You can't beat that!
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    The 3 - 4" block heel is best for daily use. I also carry to work and to the city to my customers. I'm doing lighting projects and looking at implementation. High heels and thin heels for solemn occasions. I don't wear heels at home because nobody sees them.
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    Holla all! Top- Suzy Shier Pants- consignment find Shoes- Payless
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    You look great buddy, love the cuffed jeans and powerful boots....You must get many compliments
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    You could always use a different color for the blazer and shorts besides yellow. The key is the shorts and blazer are both the same color and same fabric. Total contrast look that any fashionista would understand. So if you plan on wearing this in high end places, you'll do well. There's a San Francisco Tech Fashion Week I can give you a link to. The socialites from high society SF won't be there. But techies will. It'd be a fun experience.
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    Those are amazing finds! Good for you! I will have to try to find some other such stores, but it's fun searching, even if I end up buying nothing.
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    Any stares, comments, weird looks? If you were too wrapped up in your shopping to notice, that's awesome!
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    Although @JeffB might not be able to pull this off I could. All I need is the yellow suit and hair.
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    Been there, done that. I totally get it. Awesome that you not only went in to the second place but you also stayed for a while outside. It is easy to “hide” inside a coffee house but sitting outside, to me, requires a bit more juevos. I have found that I do like outside better. Again, way to go. Beat, Larry
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    Definitely one of the easiest ways to wear heels!
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    I have had similar experiences buying off FB marketplace. I don’t normally disclose I’m a guy. I find 4 out of 5 times people are pretty open, as they want to make a sale. Shoes are a pretty easy one to just try on. It’s when you shop for clothes on there that I will disclose I’m a male. I’d rather try on things before I buy them.
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    I've just taken delivery of these 5" heeled sandals from Amazon. They're really easy to wear and I'm a little bit in love with them :)
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    Hi MackyHeels, That's why I put it in the Women's Forum. I agree with you. I think it's more the message about building women's confidence than high heels. She sent me an e-mail and she's heard from some people on this website and she is super excited. I told her she had to join!!

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