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  1. Holla all! Top- Suzy Shier Pants- consignment find Shoes- Payless
  2. I use to have really good luck at Goodwill and Value Village, but lately have not had the same. I find them pretty ransacked at times and the line ups at the cash are ridiculous. Where I’m at, several “upscale” consignment stores have popped up and they are all a pleasure to shop at. I find many luck there, stuffs in better shape than you find at other thrift stores, and for the same or less price at times.
  3. I have had similar experiences buying off FB marketplace. I don’t normally disclose I’m a guy. I find 4 out of 5 times people are pretty open, as they want to make a sale. Shoes are a pretty easy one to just try on. It’s when you shop for clothes on there that I will disclose I’m a male. I’d rather try on things before I buy them.
  4. Those are all my pretty much go-to’s. Sometimes you can luck out at Sirens, as they carry some Charlotte Russe brand shoes in 11. Take a look at Hudson’s Bay - on the pricer side though.
  5. Mr. X - I LOVE that outfit! And I love how she gave you props!
  6. I came across this person, Paul Duane, who is a talk show personality from Utah. He calls himself a “crossdressing Mormon anarchist”. I don’t know too much about him, but seems he loves to wear heels and pantyhose. Does anyone know anything about him?
  7. This crappy weather is giving me the blues. So, I thought I would try out a warmer weather outfit when the sun decides to warm things up. I’ve wore this skirt before. It’s from Suzy Shier. It’s jean looking, but is stretchy cotton. I wore it with a vneck tshirt. This time, I opted for a male dress shirt. I got two shoe options. If anyone has some tips or anything, I would be open to that. I’m sure someone will comment on the leg hair. I’m not shaving it. I’m embracing it! The way I see it: I show that much leg on shorts, so what’s the difference?
  8. I recently purchased a pair like those. Good choice!
  9. Nice to hear from you, blue jay!
  10. Cali - yes they were. Both were half off the clearance price. I always find January and February are a good time to buy shoes and clothes.
  11. Nice boots, Jeremy. Always nice to get good feedback on them. Hope everything settles down at home for you.
  12. I haven’t been out shopping a bit, but I had the chance yesterday and today. Yesterday I purchased these nude suede strappy heels from Aldo. I was debating what pair to get, as they had several nude ones in my size. I opted for the high 5” heel because, well, why not? I normally shop at this store and have always had great service. The two SA I have not seen before. One was very standoffish, but the other was very helpful. She really took the time to help me out Today I grabbed these black strappy ones from Call It Spring I don’t normally shop there, but was draw by the clearance sign. I got these in a size smaller that I normally wear, but the length was good Might need to stretch them a bit, but that’s not a big deal. I’ve been looking for strappy pairs like this for a while. I finally took the plunge! Can’t wait to rock em.
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