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    Hello & good morning fellow heelers , after my recent post on are men going to become the predominant heel wearers, it got me thinking maybe i should go out and see whats happening out there in the big bright world with regard to a man wearing high heels , stockings, a skirt and a couple of undergarments which which aren,t worn by guys generally . Well the piano bar in Geelong a regional city about an hour or so from Melbourne in Australia . On sunday nights the venue has a couple of drag queen shows, and it closes at 11 pm , so i arrived in my outfit which consisted of red bodycon skirt , black, grey & red mens button shirt black mens sport coat , nude stayup stockings & red suede poited toe stilettos with black heel, and a cobalt blue matching lingerie set underneath which you could get a peek at the top undergarment as i moved . well as i walked in the front door i'm greeted by a girl yes a girl dressed in jeans and skimpy top in full drag queen makeup and as she takes my entrance fee says " wow really love your shoes" I ,m thanking her and thinking hopefully this will be fun tonight , walking through the second door and the place is fairly quiet , i'd booked a able and was looking for my name so i could sit down found the table near the stage 1 back and was seated adjacent to a 20s girl who was engrossed in her phone, got myself a drink & a guy who was working approaches and askes if his friends could sit at my table sure was my reply , so mid 40s woman & her friend probably early 50s sit at the table , we exchange pleasantries anyhow , as the night progresses there is a woman early 40s ( actually the place is predominatly got females there) she is wearing a black jumpsuit and a pair of extremly high silver booties with straps ( very sexy) and she spots me and says love your heels and i said " thanks and i've been admiring yours as well" later she goes to the dance floor to dance with her 4 friends female and when she is up there she becons me to come and dance, she and herfriends are on the small low stage now so after initally refusing to go up she continues to becon me up , so i think what the hell and went up on the stage and danced for about 4 or 5 songs with these women this woman in the jump suit was the only one dressed well the others were dressed in really casual clothes , i said to jump suit girl " really love your heels ,they are really high " she said back to me " i love heels i've got 285 pairs to i have to keep wearing them " this is all for now guys can't type anymore will finish off the adventure soon cheers & happy heeling & skirting Malinheels
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    Who says they have to be heeled or feminine looking? I wear riding boot-styles all the time and never get a second glance - nor any music awards either, for that matter! It is good to see 'name' people wearing the style though. It is how trends become established. And I think that men in riding-style knee boots is a pretty easy step to take. It is a change I could genuinely imagine taking place.
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    Very similar indeed. Similar fears, similar breakthroughs and aha! moments, similar recognition that guys can wear whatever they want and nobody really cares; the demons are in our own heads! I wear ballet flats quite often. I still love wearing heels, but there are lots of times when I'm in the mood for flats. I've collected quite a few pairs over the past few years. That's a particularly good web site you cited above. Steve
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    Peep-toe pumps, with 3" heels.
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    I did not watch the awards show, but I was flipping through the gallery images that were on the Footwear News website and noticed Terry Crews wore what appear to be riding boots? Now they aren’t heeled nor very feminine appearing, but let’s face it, even riding boots aren’t commonplace among men’s fashion. This was kind of cool to see...
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    piano bar cont'd morning heelers , so as the evening progresses i go back & forth to the bar acouple of times on one of those occasions a group of 3 women are going to the bar as well one of them stops in front of me checks out my outfit , mainly the heels and says to the others "look at the heels he's wearing" the other said " yeah i know , he walks so well in them , i can't wear shoes with that high a heel" , now i know we have all probably heard that statement, i 'm sure kneehighs & jeffB , and NZfreestyler have been told that, but it sure does make you feel good . Then after about 1/2 hour need to do the rest room stop which is upstairs 2 flights of stairs , as i'm walking through the room there is a female heading in the same direction , she is walking a couple of steps ahead of me , she stops a few steps before the stairs and waits , i stop just behind her so she can do the stairs, she turns around and said" hello i saw you up on the dance floor stage & just wanted to tell you i love your shoes, they look great and the girl you were dancing with in the jumpsuit and the silver heels are amazing also , i agreed that jumpsuit girls heels were amazing this conversation was going on as we alighted the stairs side by side , i think the conversation ended with her saying something like hope you having a great night. i thanked her for her compliment on my shoes , she was a mid to late 20s i would think dressed well , neatly , nothing extraordinary but nice. Back at the bar for another drink on the mineral water now , have to drive later , speaking sporadically to the two women at my table the 40s woman offers me the pencil and paper to write the requests for the piano player and said are you going to pick a song ? yeah good ideai say this woman reminded me of Olivia Newton John as she looks now , after i write out my selection i go to get up and take it to the piano , she says here i'll take it up for you,i leaned over the table and handed it to her & i know she saw my cobalt blue lacy lingerie under my shirt , no weird look or anything !!! sitting in my seat beside the older woman (friend of ONJ lookalike ) and she is rambling on about this that and the other of no real interest to me if fact she although pleasant and courtios reminded me of an old fashion grandmother really outof her comfort zone , just my take!! sung along a few tunes the place is getting abit roudier now as there are afew more people filtering in , got up and danced again at the invitation of jumpsuit girl and although not dancing with her directly , we are all singing along and dancing , went back to my table after about 4 songs , shortly after mid 30s woman maybe early 40s approaches my table and says " hi i just wanted to let you know i really love your shoes and want to know where you bought them , i told her that they were about 4 years old and that they were Peter Morrisy from Big W and they were long gone , she looked disappointed she then said " i was saying to my husband over there that i thought you look terrific , i hope your not offended, but your whole outfit, skirt , heels everthing looks great!! I thanked her for her compliment & said " how could i be offended when your giving me such a nice compliment on how i'm dressed" she then said " we are sitting over there & pointed" , i thanked her again and she went back to her table well i'm thinking to myself sheesh i am getting some fabulos compliments tonight on my attire and although this was a drag queen show night i was the only guy wearing skirt, stockings & heels , apart from the drag queens of course and the place being mainly filled with females , wonder weather they feel more comfortable in that type of venue and because i'm wearing what i'm wearing the ladies are enjoying it !!!!! hope you all aren't bored with my long essay and when i complete part 3 next time it will be complete as always Happy Heeling & skirting Malinheels
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    A related topic might be Boots and Shoes We Wished We Bought More Of. I wear my heels everyday and I have worn out a few pairs I wish I still had. I also have some heels that I wear more than others and I wish I had gotten them in more colors.
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    Not really matching this morning, but still comfortable . . .
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    Two NYC residents I just discovered who wear heels.
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    It's been a little while since I received an unsolicited compliment, but I got one yesterday at church. I was wearing a dark reddish suit, not really a maroon color, maybe like burgundy. It's a bit of an unusual color for a suit, but I get compliments on it all the time. It just so happens that I have a pair of women's dress pants that match the color of this suit exactly. I mean, it's like they were dyed with the same batch of dye in the same Vietnamese factory. The only difference is that the men's suit pants are, well, men's suit pants, and the women's pants are bordering on skinny. Not skin-tight, bulging skinny, but a very slim cut, and I have them hemmed at the ankle. I'll wear these pants with the suit if I want to do something different. Truth to tell, I wish all my suit pants were cut more like slimmer women's pants. With this suit and the slim pants, I wore some ordinary, boring (to me) black loafer style pumps with black trouser socks. After the service(s), I had to go to multiple services because I was substituting for a musician who was out ill, I was putting the dust cover back on the grand piano and a young woman, probably in her mid to late 20s, walked all the way from the back of the sanctuary to the front, shouldering through people trying to exit just to tell me how much she liked my shoes. I thanked her, and continued to wrestle the cover back on (it isn't as easy as it seems, even after having done it hundreds of times). Then she said she wasn't brave enough to wear pumps. Not heels, but pumps. I said that yes, they are very easy to accidentally walk out of, and that I don't usually wear pumps, but that these were ok for me. It was kind of noisy in there with all the people talking, but she said a couple of other things about her husband or boyfriend or something, I thanked her again and she left. I don't know whether she's a visitor or what, I don't think I've ever seen her before, but I suppose I will know within the next few weeks. I know, I'm not a very good church member, I should have continued talking to her to find out more about that, but I had about a million other things on my mind at the time and didn't really feel like getting into a longer conversation at that moment. On a completely different note (no pun intended), I am getting better at walking aesthetically in very high heels, but I still don't have the stamina that I once had. After five hours, my feet were really tired. They didn't hurt in the sense of true pain, but were quite fatigued. It must not have been too much, though, I am just fine this morning.
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    Long day, 15 hours in my boots. Three women told me they liked them, one called them cute. LOL. Men as men in heels

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