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    Here is my latest purchase. I found these in a local thrift store. The brand is Anne Michelle. The heel measures 4.5". They are very comfortable to wear. And the best part is, I paid just under $20!
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    I kinda like the idea of mixing leggings, jeggings and / sporty outfits together with heels. I don't mind wearing either one of the three interchangeable with heels. to me it looks great. You look really good in that outfit and heels. I myself posted this image to the gallery wearing heels and leggings. What do you think heelster if you read this?
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    100 percent honesty is the way forward kneehighs. especially in a early relationship. sad that many guys here did not do the right thing when the time came when they had to tell there partners in the early stage of that relationship. negative thinking blocked them from telling early on. sounds like she is very secure and doesn't have them other silly traits like what some women have/jealousy/territorial/threatened if man wears heels. thankful that most women aren't like this but some women are and it would never upset me but I do find it a bit funny and also baffling that some women have these traits towards men in heels. perhaps kneehighs. we are fierce competition to them?.
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    Here is my latest purchase. I found these in a local thrift store. The Brand is Delicious and the heel measures between 4 and 5". And the best part is, I paid less than $10!
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    Because she is French. And chic.
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    All you need to do is create a world where you can too. Simple - right? I know it isn't. I went to bank the other day just after hiking down a cliff to whale watch from the beach then back up. I still had my flat water shoes on, the woman greeting customers in the lobby asked me "where's your heels?"
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    You probably could in your world - - Me in the sticks - - Oh hell no !!! Even the women around these parts don't dress that well !
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    Wimps.... I would wear that out, that's tame by my standards. I starting to wear leggings and yoga pants out with heels more and more.
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    People have to start somewhere. For the vast majority of guys who have never worn 2” heels, I highly recommend they add them to their wardrobe. The guys on YouTube who jump straight into 4” for 24 hours are mostly trying to make entertainment, rather than seriously considering the pleasure of regularly wearing heels. I wonder if the author of the Vogue article continued to wear heels after his 3 day experiment. It sounded like he would, but he didn’t say straight up. I know from personal experience that sometimes it takes wearing 2.5” heels for a while before curiosity pushes us higher. For this reason, the more guys we have wearing 2.5” heels, the better, even if they aren’t considered “high” by HHP standards.
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    I have never read an article about men in heels that I was completely happy with, and I wonder if I will. I'm sorry, those aren't high heels. There, I said it. If 2 inch, broad heels like that are causing you serious discomfort, then either the shoes fit very badly, or you have serious foot health issues. I am sure the drama was mostly concocted to make the story either more presentable or more interesting. Yawn. At least it was mostly positive. It's just too doggoned bad he couldn't have run into one of us during his week of exposition. That would have made a much more interesting story.
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    A quick search through our website’s archives will find many, many pages discussing this subject. I doubt there isn’t one male member of this forum that has not wrestled with this question at one time or another. The archives are full of stories concerning how various individuals resolved this issue with some solutions ending in tragic circumstances. After seriously analyzing many of cases, there is no simple answer because each instance is totally different as are the people involved. There are, however, several similar things that each of these situations has in common. First, Recognizing your desire to wear high heels (girls shoes) will never go away. An individual might successfully repress this desire for a period of time (weeks, months or even years) but, at some point in time, it will resurface. And, when it does is when problems begin. Especially if there is a wife involved. The earlier (sooner) your desire to wear heel, any other unusual desire, is revealed in any relationship the greater the chances are that your prospective partner will, with time, understand and accept you wearing them. Perhaps there might be some restrictions placed or when and where you can wear them (as there were in my case) but remaining within the boundaries of the agreement can lead to long and successful relationship. The proper time in my opinion, for a man to tell a prospective lifelong partner that he has a unusual habit or desire, such as cross dressing or wearing high heels , is as soon as he realizes their relationship has become more than a “boy friend-girl friend” attraction. Lifetime relationships are built on trust. Not revealing an unusual personality desire is more likely to lead to a tragic ending especially if marriage and children are involved. Any male high heels wearer that fails to reveal their desire to wear heels to a prospective life partner before making any commitment, is really disrespectful to their partner — as it is likewise, with their partners.
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    While the article is positive overall, I can’t help but wonder if some of the “pain” of wearing 2-2.5” heels that the author described may be a little exaggerated. Many years ago I jumped straight into wearing 2” dress heels all day on business trips and I don’t remember feeling out of sorts at all. On the other hand, I do remember how nice the soft Lucchese leather felt on the feet and calves. Good quality and fit make a difference when it comes to boots and heels. Maybe the author found “pains” because he was expecting them and therefore became sensitive to the changes. In my experience, moving to 2” and 2.5” heel wad such a subtle change that it had no impact on daily life and lifestyle, and required no special “commitment”. 3” had a distinct feeling at first, but not one that really affected my daily routine any more than breaking in any pair of shoes. For me, it wasn’t until 3.5” and 4”+ that I had anything worth writing home about. But I’ll take any positive direction towards men wearing heels - even if it is just inspiring urbanites to do what cowboys have done for centuries...
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    Kneehighs, EXACTLY my friend. Those qualities which attracted her to you didn't magically change when you put on heeled footwear. You have always appeared as one of , as JKrenzer put it, "one of the best heel wearers among us in public". I think you are also one of the articulate members and believe these two qualities are inextricably linked. I have not been shy at wearing heels but take some of my inspiration from certain members in this forum. You are one of those members and I thought it was important to reaffirm that. HappyinHeels
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    Pretty cool outfit there, Mr. X. I must say my eye was attracted more to the purple handbag than the boots!
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    Here is my latest outfit which I used on a short and uneventful outing. the outfit 1) brown kneehigh justfab boots with 4 inch chunky heel 2) black leggings 3) purple sweater 4) grey and black Reitmans jacket 5) puple Grace Adele handbag
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    Received them finally, pretty high heels for my standard, but walkable and very comfortable. They are from The Glow Brand is anyone is interested.

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