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    I've posted these in my album too, but obviously HAVE to post them in this thread too had some good quality time getting to know my new pairs of boots this week, as well as an OTK pair I bought last year but have hardly worn. I must say, the OTK (or even thigh high feel) is almost intoxicating! Here first are the high heeled OTK boots, called KENDRA from Asos. I had them in my saved items for a good while, and then they went out of stock. they suddenly came back in a size 9 UK during the sale a few weeks back, so that was the sign I needed from heaven, so I grabbed them - probably a single pair that was returned or something. Link: https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-kendra-point-over-the-knee-boots/prd/8213666?ctaRef=my orders the other 2 photos are the flat (I guess 1" is pretty flat!) OTK boots I bought last year, also from Asos, called "KEEP UP": https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-keep-up-flat-over-the-knee-boots/prd/8012318?ctaRef=my orders
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    The higher the better!!!! :-)
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    Hi Fez00, welcome to the site, i agree with Happyinheels that a better introduction and a little bit about yourself will help you get to know people a bit more, but i do remember these boots, they were part of the river island range about 3 years ago, I’m sure they might be the ones you’re looking for although i can’t find any images of Myleene Klass wearing them, i actually tried these on in black in river island myself, i remember having to go up a size to get them on as my normal size 5 was quite small and although i just about got my foot into it i couldn’t get the zip started, even the 6 was a struggle but i got into them in the end, i even asked the assistant if she wouldn’t mind trying them aswell and she also found them a small fit, they did look and feel great once on but i didn’t buy as they were around £160 and it was a bit too close to Christmas to justify spending that sort of money. Hope you’ve found this useful and i, and probably everyone else on this site look forward to hearing more about you and your experiences with heels in the near future
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    Here are a few new boots I found recently. The first I wear everyday to work. Second pair is an old pair of wedges I wanted to have your comment with these slim jeans. 3rd pair (thinnest heel) are the ones I used to run my errands and grocery shopping. I tried to enhance the pictures but they are extracted from videos.
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    I just posted some new pictures of some boots I just bought, tell me what you think of them. Thanks Everyone......
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    Went with the super-leopard look this morning
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    TKHeels, Nice stiletto boot heels. Ah yes, retirement! I retired at the end of April after 36 years of government service five of which were in the Navy. Thanks for your prolonged active military service HinH
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    Sounds like a lovely evening. My wife and I favour an old pub near us for our Friday lunches, although sometimes a funky little deli down in the old quarter of our seaside town - all good grist for the relationship mill.
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    We ended up going to the Chinese buffet my wife enjoys. Good meal and I learned some new words, Happy New Year, in Chinese. That makes about 50 words I know now. Just scratching the surface and behind Arabic where I know about 100 words or so mostly learned in either Lebanon or Morocco. Maybe one day I'll become functional in those two as well! Time, effort, and creativity are three things I usually have in abundance when it's something I'm inspired to do. HinH
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    It doesn’t have to be a choice of one over the other, as we can see by examples of people here who have mutual understandings with their spouse on heels. I think it takes time, effort, and creativity like everything else in a marriage.
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    That’s what I thought. Agreed
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    Oh to be sure! There is certainly no lack of boorish behaviour on men's part but the conversation was focused on how women see men and that's how I replied. Speaking of relationships, my wife will be home soon and may want to go out and eat as we do usually once a week so I should probably get ready for that. HinH
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    I have enjoyed reading the spectrum of commentary about Facebook. Whilst it may have appeared a valuable tool for old friends or military buddies to find me I believe, in light of revelations over the past few years of the abuse of privacy which Facebook has engaged in, my decision to never start a Facebook account was indeed a wise one. I can find high school classmates via the class website and many others I can find using investigative techniques I learned over a career. Maninpumps makes valid points on Facebook's usefulness and recognises that usefulness may not extend to others. Personally, Facebook strikes me the same way Google, and Apple, and the other tech giants do as sorts of futuristic octopi with their tentacles in every personal crevice. Since I have no use for Facebook I agree with Cali, Shyheels, JKrenzer, and dww. There are others who have Facebook accounts but who clarify its use by paying particular attention to what you put on there and I agree with those sentiments as well. I love simple and for me if I don't have an account then life is that much simpler. Works for some but not for me. HappyinHeels
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    It is much the same with men and their trophy wives. Equality! None of these shallow kinds of relationship ever really work.
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    You make an interesting and thoughtful point about matching and mismatching as couples, especially as regards the introduction of heels. I had not considered that aspect of it in quite that way before. Think you're onto something. Thanks for the food for thought...
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    I agree with the spirit of this statement too actually, and I don’t think it means that men are relegated to decorative roles next to our wives. We talk a lot in fashion about a “matching outfit” that pairs articles going together. If you spend time watching people, you start to also see patterns of couples that “match” each other in the way they look and act, and based on the matching attributes you can tell that have been together or married a long time. As with fashion, women tend to have a keener eye for this, but it can be learned. This is how people who work high end retail and sales develop intuitions on whether two people are “together” when they are browsing a store. It is natural for married people to want to appear to be “together” when they are out and about, and over time our wardrobe and overall look gravitates towards habits that result in my wife and I “matching” each other. The details happen unconsciously, as overthinking it usually yields awkward results. When we go out, I look like my wife’s husband, and she looks like my wife, and it all happens without much thinking. This context is significant because for me, wearing heels can be a huge disruption of this. My wife never wears heels. I looked through her shoes once and only found one pair over 1”. She also rarely wears skirts and dresses. In our 11 years of marriage this continues to work because it “matches” us as a couple. It is going to take time before it would ever make sense for me to wear 4” heels when we go out together. Currently, they would clash with the loafers that she usually wears. Based on inspiration here at HHP, I have discovered that it is relatively easy for a man to add heels into fashion in a way that evolves whatever they already have going on. Since I do a bit of traveling and working alone, it’s a fun way to break up monotony and push creativity. But I also realize I have to be realistic when it comes to relationships. Accepting an individual fashion style is a much smaller task than evolving two people’s wardrobe and habits as a single unit. Communication and creativity will prevail, and we’ll work something out.
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    I often pick a pair of stilettos I want to wear out and then choose the shirt to match the color. Yesterday I wore a pair of Steve Madden light brown 5 inch open cut booties, more like pumps, with dark blue jeans and a matching light tan polo shirt. The jeans covered 2 inches of the 5 inch heels witch were fully exposed when walking or sitting. Here are some pictures of the way I looked, should post more images going forward. I went to my favorite dinner for breakfast in the morning. Took the shoes off for work (a factory setting). Went to the store afterward then out to dinner with my wife in the evening. We sat at the bar of a restaurant we often go to when we go out casual. The bar has very high chairs and several normal height tables were along the same aisle. These were all full of patrons and I'm sure my heels were noticed by many.
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    My entry, Leather skirt paired with my Pigalle 120's Same skirt but with my jimmy choo boots

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