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    Nobody would ever notice those boots you have on. Not at all.
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    Even when people can see, the seldom observe
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    With those trousers you would have to wear OTK boots under rather than over, otherwise the trousers would bag over them and you'd look like some WWI officer, lacking only a swagger stick to complete the effect
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    Despite January, it is so warm here we are running air conditioners. But that is not stopping me from wearing OTK boots in to work. No one knows except me, though we will see if anyone asks about the heels...
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    Don’t overthink this - what you had on looks just like what many men wear without even thinking about it:
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    Honestly, nobody would have noticed a thing. You're aware of it because you're feeling self-conscious, but none of the people you meet would have noticed. They're not going around like drill sergeants on inspection, looking for unpolished buttons and blemishes on what are meant to be spit-shined shoes. They're off in their own bubbles.
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    Happy Birthday to us... Happy Birthday to us.... Happy Birthday dear HHPlace Community.... Happy Birthday to us.... HHPlace is today officially 17 Years old! The community has come a long long way in the last 17 years and knowing all of the original founders, one of whom was a good friend back then too when he passed the community over to me to look after (13 years ago) has been a lot of fun and at times, a bumpy ride... I only wish that in the last 17 years, wearing shoes would not still be such a taboo. You would actually be considered more of an oddball if you were barefoot! We can however celebrate that several members here are on a daily basis proving to the world that its actually not an issue and its simply the fear in your own heads that are holding you back.
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    Just wanted see your impressions on these, I just love them! And does anyone know about any similar model, but without platform?
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    Nobody’s going to be looking that hard
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    So the boot shaft is not completely hidden, but I’m thinking nobody else around me will ever figure out what is going on just by looking lol.
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    Years from now you will laugh at yourself for worrying so much about this low heel. You are in a zone where you want to push the limits your wife has on your heels while not causing martial conflict. Good luck, your desire for heels will not disappear. Confidence in yourself and as you grow older you just don't care what people think will gradually get to the point you wont even think twice about wearing those 4 inch heels.
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    You guys are right, @Shyheels and @p1ng74 - I guess I need to man-up and wear my boots ;-)
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    Hello all, I was quite curious after finding a place with so many people sharing same interest! That is just great Well, my story is simple: Since I do a lot of sports, my legs are nicely shaped and very strong, but not over-muscular, so the girls often give me compliments on my them and 'background' overall. One of them was curious how high heels would look on me, so I gave myself a try with classic black shiny Steve Madden 5'' office pumps. I was surprised that after only 5 mins I could walk so nicely by leaning back and stepping on straight line, heel-down-first. It felt... sexy? And confusing at the first place, because I saw myself so feminine and there was no sense of shame or guilt. That's how it started - now from time to time I buy myself a pair of sandals or pumps, always the simplest and sexiest ones, with over 5'' heel height, ***EDITED OUT***. I don't own a huge collection and probably never will, as it will never reach obsession level. I am still curious about the meaning of my feelings, asking myself what those emotions are trying to express about me? I am still 100% man in all other aspects while appreciate feminine side I believe most of us have. Maybe people with similar mindset can help answer such dilemmas . Thank you!
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    everlast78, Welcome to our forum. If many of the world's women wear pants, sport tattoos, have short hair, and wear other things from the men's side of the store then I don't think your wearing heels makes you any crazier than they are. All the members here like the heels but some mix other more feminine articles with the heels. The members here fill the spectrum of fashion choices. Remember, every man has an X chromosome which means there are feminine tendencies in all of us. Whether or not we express them is another matter. I would not worry about that here. Most of our members here indeed are regular men, many married and some not, filling some rather traditional occupations like the trades (plumbers, electricians, construction, etc.) , engineers, firefighters, law enforcement, running a business, yet we like our heels. You never know what topic we may end up talking about. Just tell us about your shoe purchases and where and when you wore them and keep the posts "family-friendly". You can even include a photo of how your heels looked or what you wore wit them. It's all about discussion among members spread out all over the world. That's the bond and the beauty of this. You're in the right place. HappyinHeels
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    Exactly. Don't over think this. I have a pair of RM Williams boots - very masculine, quintessential outback Australian boots (now popular in cities, of course) that would look essentially no different to that. One can go into the men's section of any shoe shop and find any number of boots of similar appearance. You can be damned sure that none of the men who buy them are going around with their hearts in their mouths...
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    Thanks! @Peter1 made the same comment - and I agree. My wife asked me to run an errand for her, seen as she wasn't feeling well. I agreed, and asked half jokingly if I can leave the boots on. she looked down and contemplated a bit, and then said "lets see from the side" (already thought of that - see image above ) and then said "yes, they can probably pass, you just look a little French!" One of the stops was at one of the kids schools, and she said if not for that stop (and just going to buy some groceries and making another drop-off), then it would probably be fine. I agreed, as you said above - they really are a non issue. In the end I took them off (you'll probably all tell me off for doing that!! but I wasn't ready, and didn't want any looks at the school - I'm not at the @TKHeels level yet!! ), and then put them back on when I got home, we had lunch together etc... at the very least - it was a seed planted for the future.
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    Nice look JeffB. I like the white sock look above your boots, that adds some bling to your ensemble. I wore a similar ensemble with my Born, black women's western style, pull on boots with 3-1/2" small block heels, grey leggings with a black heather color, 1/4 zip fleece top and a women's, black cropped leather jacket. I carried a grey leather cross body bag. I got a compliment on my look at the gas station filling up my tank. The gal clerk who sees me in heels often said, "nice look with the leggings and boots". Of course I thanked her, for the compliment. Thanks for the post and the pics too. Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    Funny. While Reviewing a posting on YouTube Last evening about the LGBT community, I thought about Dr. Shoe. I remember back when he was vary active here and our many interesting exchanges. He was interested in building/making footwear. I believe he even attended a couple of schools that dealt with shoe making. At that time, he was one of our members that really could pass as being female when dressed. I would venture that Tech could, if he had time, retrieve the picture of him as a young Tara from our archives. I specifically recall the period when he was transitioning and, it appeared to me at least, how difficult and confusing the process was. I seem to recall him mentioning some problems he was having with his ex-wife, children and, not surprisingly, his at the time boyfriend. The time frame for all of this might have been around 2010 or so. Don’t hold the date against me if I’m wrong. I really don’t exactly remember. I’ve often wondered whatever happened to him and how he was doing as I have about some other old timers from that early era.
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    Yes, Happy Birthday and Thank You for keeping this site going! I hope wearing heels quits being taboo in my lifetime, so I’ll keep on working at it on my end!
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    Giaro white and gold plateau sandals Too small for me. Normal eu45/us14 i suppose, might fit a half size down better. Price tag? Idk. Send me an offer
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    Big thank you to Tech for keeping the show running for all those years. I remember going to one or two meetups in London. Must have been over 10 years ago. Tech was certainly at one of them. As was Dr Shoe - I wonder what happened to him.
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    Jaunt #482, 1/5/2019: The weather for my first outing of 2019 was considerably less than stellar, what with early morning rain, followed by a chilly and persistent drizzle, but I decided to go out anyway, garbed in my black wool coat over a turquoise turtleneck, a black denim miniskirt, gray tights, the Payless “Riot” combat boots and a black satchel bag. As is often the case when I go on a jaunt on a wet day, “If the streets ain’t dry, then my heels ain’t high”, thus the low heeled boots, but then, I’ve worn them on dry days because they’re both stylish and fun, plus they look good with a short skirt. Speaking of which, even though it was a raw sort of day, that didn’t dissuade me from wearing that mini as I had the tights which kept me good and warm. Since the conditions were less than ideal, I took the easy way out and headed west to the King of Prussia Mall so I'd be indoors the whole time. After all this time, well over thirty straight trips to KOP in skirts, dresses and now leggings, I’ve gotten so used to going there in women’s clothing, I can’t bring myself to wear anything else, I feel so comfortable freestyling at the largest shopping mall on the east coast, not to mention that it’s a lot of fun as well, and fun is why I do what I do. Arriving at the mall shortly after eleven, things were slow, and, as is almost always the case, no one paid me a lick of attention, something I never fail to see as a good thing, because that meant I was accepted by the public for my presentation, or, more than likely, no one cared about a tall, middle aged black man in a miniskirt, and that was okay too. After my first stop at the comic book store, it was off to the food court for lunch where I treated myself to a slice of pepperoni pizza with a bottle of iced tea, and it was mighty tasty, then I went about leisurely wandering through the mall, swinging into three department stores (Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Bloomingdales), checking out what they had in the way of ponchos as I’ve been intrigued of late about wearing them after having decided they looked good on me. While I didn’t buy anything, I did see a goodly number of nice selections to take under consideration for a future purchase. But, I didn’t come away from my mall outing empty handed as I made a stop at Primark where I bought a sweater, a second pair of black, velvet lined leggings which feel absolutely delicious to wear, and a cute, black quilted satchel bag (on sale for a mere seven bucks) which I figure will pair nicely with either my quilted vest or quilted coat. I’ll be sure to show it off at my earliest opportunity. On average, I spend around four hours at KOP, and the time seems to always fly because I have so much fun. More to come....
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    I'm more picky about how they look than ANY woman. A woman could put three pairs of black heels in front of me and say "they are the same." To me they are as different than Ford, Chevy and Plymouth.
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    I too like to match my shoes to the top I'm wearing. I make shoe decisions both ways. Sometimes I will pick out heels to match my ensemble and other times I like to pick an ensemble, then match it up with my shoes or boots. Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    Ok, so I didn’t post last night so again this will be two days in one. Last night I didn’t wear heels per say, but I did wear my jeans tucked into riding boots and went to the new place to do some unpacking. Nothing too exciting. Tonight, I went back down in my riding boots but changed into my black thigh high boots with stiletto heels and platforms. I wore them back to the place I was staying and had a mini freak out because the garage door wouldn’t open. Fortunately my roommate opened the front door for me and didn’t wait to see me in my thigh booted glory. Yes the shirt is the same, I have deemed it my unpacking shirt, lol!
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    One of the main differences between men wearing heels and women wearing them is, as my wife always pointed out, that most women choose their shoes as accessories to accent or match their outfits, like a handbag or purse, and not just for the love of wearing heels. My wife picked out the style, model or heel height she was going to wear to match her outfit and to fit the occasion, function or activity in which she was participating. Most men that wear heels, with the exception of JeffB and several other members here, just like to wear them. Those of us that wear heels openly in public usually don't select the color, style or type ( pumps, sandals, boots, etc.) to match a particular occasion that we're attending or a men's outfit they are wearing. Me, for example, I base my selection beginning with the season, then time of day and lastly where I am going and what I'm going to do. Unlike my wife, I tend to stay away from the frilly and girly shoes with buckles, bows, fringes, straps etc., and stick to the more plain and classic styles in black, brown or less eye catching colors. As for heel height, now that I am over 60, I currently go more for comfort and stay in the range of 3.5 to 4" heels. I still have pairs of shoes with 5, 6 & 7" heels, but I find wearing them tiring and can't wear them for extended periods like I used to. I do, however, wear stockings, thigh highs, trouser stockings, and on occasions, panty hose (I find having to take time to "feminize" getting dressed to be bothersome. And, I also have no interest in trying to appear the least bit ladylike. My wife used to buy shoes for me at least twice a month. Most of her selections I returned because they were way too frilly. Not that I didn't appreciate her effort to please me, because I really did. I guess it was her way of showing me that she just wanted to include herself in that part of my life (as well as trying to alter my taste more towards liking kitten heel sling back pumps, and the like.) While every now and then she would mention that I owned many more pairs of "girls" shoes than I had of men's styles, I would remind her that most of the men's styles I had, I had purchased many years ago and hadn't worn them in a long time.
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    I have a significantly larger shoe selection than 90% of the women I know. As much as 4 times the number of shoes and almost all of mine have 4 inch plus heels. Also my nails are nicer than 95% of the women. If you are going to wear heels in public and have nails in public you got to what @JeffB says, you got to do it right - with style.
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    your wife hates the fact that you have a bigger collection than what she has highheel111. your wife is a typical woman who does not want to be outheeled by a man.
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    Yesterday I received parcel which was left at the front door. My wife brings it in for me as she got home from work first. She asks me what it is. I said its just another pair of heels. She's like don't you have enough pairs already. hahah which I do she's right. she doesn't like my heel wearing but puts up with it. I made it well clear when we started dating that I love heels and that she needs to love all of me. any who these are the heels I got $15usd as 75% off. really well made too. Already planning and outing in them..
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    Maybe this will help??? sf
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    They want to be in charge and to control every detail that is why.
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    It is kind of outrageous when one stops and thinks of all the slovenliness and hideous 'styles' that are thrust in our faces on a daily basis and yet a guy who dresses well yet is wearing heels should attract such opprobrium. Although as I have often said I think that on a day to day basis, along a busy street or in cafe, nobody notices or cares. It is just if the matter is brought to their attention and of course like an event such as Walk a Mile it can hardly be missed.
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    Chaosheels, This is the part where I don't get women. She may be worried what others may think if you go but are you worried when she wears pants? Has a tattoo? Has very short hair? These are all things women have adopted in my lifetime and the sky didn't fall. As Steve63130 said, the event is a fundraiser for a women's cause. To hell with the trailer court antics of stares and laughing. The point is to see the world via another perspective and if that isn't good enough for some other spectators then may they all gag on their cigarettes and ignorance. HinH
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    Chaos, But at the Walk-a-mile event, EVERY guy is wearing heels, mostly stilettos. Why in the world would your wife object? It's a fund-raiser, not a fashion show! Find an event near you and plan to do it if you want to. It's for a good cause. I did it once many years ago. While it was interesting, I didn't find it fun and I haven't gone back. There were too many people in the crowd watching and laughing at the guys who couldn't walk very well in heels. Even though I had lots of practice and walked gracefully, I just didn't like being associated with guys being laughed at. In other words, the best part was the Chinese restaurant we went to afterwards! Steve Steve
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    I have had surprisingly good results shopping at www.shoeshow.com. Also, Torrid can be decent, however, for the price the quality is marginal. Best, Larry
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    I need some help. I am going to tell you my thought process and maybe some of you experienced people can give me some insight. Ever since I was a little boy I have been in love with high heeled boots, I even asked my mother to let me use her boots, but she never did let me. After some time I started experimenting with dresses, skirts and leather and fell in love with all of it. I have even bought a couple of pairs of high heeled shoes which at one point was inconceivable. When I see myself in the mirror I feel sexy and powerful and I really like the end product. I don't intend on passing as a woman, just wearing all the clothing. Unfortunately, I have found that when I see other men wearing the clothes I use (there are quite a few pictures on Pinterest), the thought in my mind is that it really doesn't look good and that maybe I shouldn't be doing it. I don't know if it is part of accepting myself, but every so often all this makes me doubt myself and really question if I should keep going or just stop and don't use this type of clothing. I feel really good wearing them, I have given it a lot of thought to actually start wearing my clothing outside, but as you can understand, there is something really powerful (in my mind) stoping me from actually doing it. I have gone to therapists and they have told me there is nothing wrong with all of it. As you can see I have contravening thoughts about my style, I would appreciate it very much if you can tell me it this experience is new or not and how to grow from it. thanks

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