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    One of my great pleasures is going for coffee when I'm in London wearing tights and boots. I can't manage to wear much of a heel, but I love the feel of boots on my legs. I usually go in Pret a Manger as I like the sandwiches, and I will be there tomorrow morning wearing these boots and shorts (different tights, obviously) To be honest I don't worry how good the coffee is, I just like being out in public in boots and nylons.
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    That is Miguel Jones and a few here have boots from his factory:
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    Well I made it back out to California and I must say that it wasn’t without it’s struggles due to weather,etc. So I am attaching here the pictures of my outfits during travel. The picture of the jeans tucked into the wedges was on my trip to Indiana and the picture of the jeggings pulled over the wedges was my flight back out to Cali. On my connecting flight from Atlanta to San Jose, I ended up sitting across the aisle from a woman who was wearing some Sorel boots as well! I complimented hers, she complemented mine, then we had a brief 5 minute chat about how great they are! I noticed that I got lots of looks, but no one appeared to laugh, sneer, make rude comment, etc. I made eye contact with a few people and we smiled at each other. Don’t get me wrong, compliments are nice, because that’s an acknowledgement that people not only notice but like our look. But I am perfectly content moving through the day without any comment, because to me that means that my look gave no abnormal notice.
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    - - - - You could learn to sew - - - !! Alter as needed.
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    Further to mine above on 15 Dec, I see today that ASOS has discounted several of its items even further. The Espresso wide-fit boots, for example (in real suede leather and of good quality) are only £15.00! All sizes up to 10UK (Eu 44). Well worth considering!
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    Yeah, I’ve often believed that tall boots fit men’s legs better than women’s anyway, there are exceptions of course but you need to fill a boot for the perfect fit and a lot of women’s legs are too skinny, i don’t mind a slight struggle with a zip to get a good fitted look, if only the shoe size range was a bit bigger then we’d all be in business and maybe then more men would consider them, I’ve been told many times by female assistants when I’ve been trying on that they think they look better on me than they did on her and that’s really only down to a little extra leg width filling them out and not sagging like wellies lol
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    Its a quiet morning here again today, one chap sat over the aisle reading the paper and another just come in and ordered a takeaway. I was discussing Christmas with the young female assistant who asked me if I’d had any new boots for Christmas, i replied no not this year but may have a look in the sales before I’m fully back at work though, she then completed my order and i went to sit down, think she’s probably seen most of my range that i wear regularly by now so I’m due some new ones, comes to something when I’m buying boots to keep the staff at Costa interested lol. I’ve gone quite understated again today, dark blue woolly jumper, black jeans tucked into my Dorothy Perkins black knee high boots with 4” heels, i have to say black jeans and boots blend in very well, Working all day tomorrow so will be back on Sunday.
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    Recent purchase from Zara, black leather platform boots
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    And a pair of Monicarinas... Would be nice if someone knew where I could get a similar knock off pair.
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    Agreed, single soled stilettos are easier to wear, better balance and single point of contact. Spike heels with a slight forward heel are classic for a reason.
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    A friend of mine bought a pair of Gucci Aneta mules from the internet Tradesy for designer stuff for about half price - perfect quality preloved and it was a great purchase. I had a nosey around the site and have found a pair of Hot Chics in my size and within my budget (just!). I just umming an ahhing if I should treat myself as a christmas present.... I know I could wear them a lot, and I routinely wear stilettos with the same heel height anyway - just not with the gorgeous symmetry of this shoe ?
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    Not sure if this would count , I had a Drag queen that was on break ask me if he could try on my wedge ankle straps one night . I let him and he liked them . We chatted until his next show that night . We had a few drinks and he sang Forget You by Cello Greene for me . My wife and I really enjoyed that .
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    That's happened to me a lot! Steve
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    Jetheels...... I liked your story. Your experiences with gals shoes and heels pretty much parallel my experience growing up. Wearing mom's and grandma's sandals, getting "caught," and wondering why I could not have a pair of gals shoes. Then I went away to school, and everything changed. I began wearing gals flats openly, and no one really cared. Met a gal (who became my wife) and she didn't care. My folks even accepted my gals shoes. 20+ years ago, I made the jump to high heels and never looked back.. It's been fun!!!! Enjoy your heels.... sf
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    Ahh! I wish I could do that. But since I wear a size 13, precious few stores outside of Payless offer gunboats in that size.
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    Likewise. And, even in church, where women are supposed to dress up, all you see are sun dresses and flip flops. Discouraging when a man is wearing the highest heels in the place.
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    When i was 7 or 8 years year old 1977 my mom bought twin denim overalls and knee high boots for both me and my older sister. Often my mother bought us overdressed clothing for everyday wear rather casual clothes what other kids were wearing. Remember on wet rainy snowy day me and my sister were late to school. We both gotten our new digs and i kept slipping on the wet ice, rain, mix slush, gotten soaked. Because of the plastic leather sole had no grip in slippery icy conditions. The principal noticed my knee high boots while me and my sister waited in hallway stairwell near heater drying ourselves. Think he knew for kid my age the boots were not for me but for woman as my sister commented. I began to feel bit angry of all the fuss from others me loving these two inch block heels and platforms only the weather gotten me bruised up from the lack of grip my boots had outdoors. As the weather gotten better or dryer i wore my boots but many kids teased me for wearing girl shoes. I corrected them, lifting my pant leg up to my knee saying there boots showing them off. As the patrolling teachers in recess noticed with that gasp shocked stares that we seen to know today wearing female heels ourselves. Some teachers started to gather as i was getting teased by students and bullies. The one female teacher was smiling one told the other she would love to wear exact pair herself to laughter of the other. This gave students more ammunition onto teasing me as girls began to start agreeing with the boys. The two female teachers kept chatting one telling you shouldn't say that knowing how much i was getting named called girly shoes nah na nah.. Yet they both laughed to one another agreeing something they both would wear on A date Saturday night. Then to quench the teasing the teacher came to me saying my mom has good taste in shoes. Just they aren't for you honey. Little did she know it annoyed me a bit. Seeing the teacher was fashion conscious attractive woman that everyone liked. Thereafter i began to hate her while many girls had cult following to this popular teacher. Only i felt out on my own battling everyone yet still enjoyed wearing them. Stomping or kicking on any bully feet and shins knowing the hard platform heel can hurt a lot of kids. The teachers seen that gotten me in trouble for fighting then my mom had to defend me as the teachers blamed it's his boots are weapon and unsafe and the paved the path to get rid of such footwear. Loved the platform zip side block heel go go boots wore them as much as i could. Yet my sister kept telling family members that i'm wearing woman boots. Some older cousins kept there eyes on them and had to agree in polite way. Later on my mom had enough and decided these boots weren't adequate footwear telling me for safety reasons i might break my ankle or knee even neck. This pressure came from numerous peers of my mom noticing my go go boots thanks to my sister. Crying and begging my mom not to take them away. Little did she do but hid them in the closet buying me new sneakers as replacement i searched finding them decided to wear the boots instead. Little time after my mom threw them out on garbage day to the delight of my sister.

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