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  1. very nice! pix of your feet in them?
  2. I frequently try on feminine styled clothing in stores, but not in a feminine boutique type of store. my wife often picks out stuff for me, and distracts the attendants if they're too attentive. here in the US, I most often try on clothing in Target, less often in WalMart (the fitting room women are very territorial, but they'll let you), and, funny enough, Hot Topic; the sales people there are a boatload of fun, and always think it's cool. I almost never present as femme, though I often wear "girljeans" and high heel boots when I'm shopping.
  3. My afternoon relaxing in a skirt and heels
  4. My favorite boots with 4" heels and 1" platform. I've been to the mall several times wearing these with flare or boot jeans.
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