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    Well yesterday I was so tired after a week at work that we didn't go out but today we went into one of our local towns. I wore my black ankle boots with a cone heel, we were going to be doing too much walking for me to manage anything beyond that for the length of time we'd be out. We drove to an out of town retail park but when we arrived the shops would have been shut if we had joined the massive queue for the car park. Instead we opted to park a bit further away and walk to the shops. In the end this was the best option as people were still driving around looking for parking spaces plus it gave me more chance walking in the heels We decided to have a coffee and a toasted sandwich before starting to look in the shops so went into the coffee shop, pretty busy but we enjoyed our drinks and food before going into TK Maxx to browse around including the shoe section. We looked in the 8 and 81/2 section but didn't see anything we liked, so no purchases of new boots unfortunately. I had to smile to myself as many of the women in the shop were shuffling around in Ugg boots whilst I was enjoying my heels. I personally thought my heel click sounded much better than the shuffling of an oversized pair of Uggs draging about. We spent a bit of time in store generally looking around before quickly stopping in the other shops before walking back to the car and heading home, I think this was the only time anyone took any notice of my boots because as we walked back a young woman who was just about to pass us looked down and took a good look at what I was wearing on my feet but didn't seem too fussed and carried on her way, quite clearly more interested in grabbing a bargain than wasting valuable shopping time checking my ankle boots. Although I have to say they would have had to have been noticed as we sat at the table in the cafe or by people behind us on the escalotors or stairs. When we got home my Wife showed me some ankle boots she'd seen on the web as we are still looking for ankle boots to add to my collection. Although I do have a pair already on the way. All in all I've had a good afternoon "owning the click"
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    Neither sex needs to wear knee boots these days - the women you see striding along the city streets in their knee boots, or waiting in the railway platforms for their commuter trains, do not have motorcycles or horses waiting to be ridden, Boots are part of their overall look; they are theatrical in that regard. Theatricality in dress is frowned upon in men. We are supposed to be sober, serious, part of the herd, not standing out. A guy wearing knee boots would indeed be expected to have a horse or motorcycle very nearby but the fact that I don’t just seems to slip by unnoticed. Nor was my overall look in anyway theatrical - nor is Maninboots’’ look either, nor P1ng74’s, nor HeeledSteve, nor others on this thread. I think the ideas that needs to be promoted are that - 1) tall boots worn tastefully do not really stand out, and 2) that a touch of theatricality is perfectly permissible for men and should be.
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    Hi I’m Pete from Hampshire in the Uk, I was on here about 10 years ago but due to work and other commitments never got much time to get involved hopefully now it will be different. Ive been wearing tall stiletto boots for 36 years I’m 51 now and still get as much of a buzz out of it now as I did back then. Luckily my wife shares my passion and we have had some great fun over the years. will be good to chat with like minded guys and women on this site and share stories pics etc. anyway feel free to get intouch I will try to monitor this site daily and look forward to being involved . pete.
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    Yes Uggs just dont tick my boxes either it just has to be heels and the fact that your sharing time with your wife while wearing is even better.
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    Yes it did, thanks. I'm not a fan of Uggs, they may be alright for keeping your feet warm but they lack style in my opinion and no one every seems to look good in them. It was just good to get some time in heels and with my Wife.
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    Sounds like a great outing and when people are busy its very unusual for people to take that much notice and if they do its unlikely to get a comment now days. Does feel good when all around you are in boring flats, keep enjoying those heels and keep adding to your collection
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    To be honest i could and would wear any pair of boots you want to give me round any busy city centre in the uk you want to take me to and i would guarantee worn with the right styling nobody would bat an eyelid, it’s not about the length of shaft, the height of heels or even the colour, it’s how you style them with the rest of your outfit and the confidence and abilities to act natural as if you’ve got every right to wear what you’re wearing, I’m here in a busy Costa again with knee high boots on full show and nothing more than the odd smile from someone, it’s much easier to pull off than you think, let’s get this to become a trend people
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    If you want to stand out, of course it is possible, there’s nothing preventing you, if that’s what you want to do. The point is you don’t need to and that wearing knee boots, with or without heels, can be tasteful, subtle and elegant I might add that I have some brown suede OTK boots (low heels) that would also blend in quite easily. On the other hand if I wanted to I'm sure I could contrive a way to make my boots stand out - I don't feel the need. Exhibitionism isn't my thing.
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    Wow I didn’t even know Lucky had shoes. I really like this look. The stitching on the sole and the pull on design give it a purer western cowboy boot look. I bet I could rotate these in naturally with all the cowboy boots I wear. I am tempted to order them...
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    Well I’m here again to start the weekend, i actually engaged in a little conversation with the young female assistant, while she was preparing my latte she noticed me adjusting my boots and she said i don’t know how you manage those, i said these are only 31/2”” heels but to be honest I’ve started coming down a bit in height as I’m getting older, she replied no i can’t do heels at all but i did buy some nice flat boots from Birmingham the other day, i said great i do like flat boots too then as she passed me my coffee she said we’re so used to seeing you in heels i can’t imagine you in flats, i said trust me it does happen, thank you and want and sat in my usual seat, fairly quiet here at the moment but did enjoy the few minutes of conversation
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    I interviewed yesterday with another firm. It was cold and windy in Dallas so I wore my fur hooded parka, warm sweater, new black pants, and almost new shiny black Antonio Melani knee boots (under the pants) with 3" block heels. Even with the boots under the pants I still got compliments on the boots from several people, even the interviewer. The interview went quite well and I was told to expect a second interview at the job site.
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    I had a pretty understanding boss who thought my boots were "cool". A few months ago the owner of the company hired an HR lady. Before the book keeper did the duty. This new lady is a heel queen with 5 to 6 inch stilettos she wears almost every day. When the real hot weather subsided I started wearing my knee and over the knee block heel boots. I wore them last season with no issue brought up. One day I wore in my new (off ebay) Sam Edelman Rylan OTK boots in deep red. These have a nice 4" heel and look quite stylish with black skinny pants tucked in. The HR lady made a big deal about them, even threatening to pull them off me and put them on. She started making a big deal over my boots for weeks. When I tried to ignore here she got mad and I started getting called in to the boss over things I supposedly said to coworkers. I know she was the source of this. Last Friday I got called in to a meeting with my boss and her. They told me I was being fired for my conduct, something I can't understand as I have not had any issues and have been getting positive feedback on my work. She started yelling at me when I tried to leave. I told them to send my check and she flipped out. She accused me of poor attendance which is a total lie. Some how she got it in for me and I can only suspect it was jealously over my boots. I am actually glad to get out of there as there are many job openings in the Dallas area right now. I think the next one I will only wear ankle boots under pants and not chance such a reaction again.
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    Thanks @pebblesf and @HeeledSteve I must admit that I am not the fondest of the crew neck sweater(cream color), but I was definitely unsure of which v-neck looked good. I am not the best when it comes to color coordinating
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    Well, they all look fine to me...But, if forced to pick, I would chose either the green or the dark blue.....
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    I have replaced my long underwear with leggings and UA tops. The leggings fit better! And thermal leggings are fantastic.
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    Chaosheels.. First of all, if you have an accepting wife consider yourself VERY lucky!! You are one of the few guys here who have wives / girlfriends who accept that their guy wears heels. Many gals, when they are told or find out, run for the hills screaming. Like you I am one of the lucky ones. I was honest and told my wife (then gf) about my fondness for high heels way back in our dating years. She accepted me and my "quirk." Sometimes we even laff about it, even to this day!! I enjoyed wearing gals shoes with and around her and the family for years. When the kids came, things did change a bit and it was mostly my decision. As they grew and became more aware, I still wore flat gals shoes around them but made a purposeful decision to use a lot of discretion on the heels. I never wore heels in their presence, save for being seen once or twice, and I brushed off the incident in a casual way. I did not want to have my kids stigmatized or bullied in school if their friends knew that their dad wore high heels. And because of my decision, none of that ever happened. My kids are all grown up now and out of the house, and I have gone back to wearing heels and gals shoes whenever I want. The kids know I wear heels, and see them lying around the house when they visit, but it doesn't get mentioned at all. It just the way their "quirky" dad has always been, and they accept me for it. The wife is still OK with me in heels after all these years, she's a great gal, I consider myself very lucky. That's my experience. Obviously I do not know all the details of your situation, but I wish you the best of luck in getting thing sorted out... Have fun... sf
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    wow @JeffB - love that tiny skirt on you!
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    We don’t need something until the situation presents itself. Our choice of shoes, and clothes in general, reflects a state of mental and physical readiness for situations that we think we might be in. Yes, it is theatrical, but it primes the pump of confidence in all the planned and unplanned activities of my day. When a woman decides to cover their calves with knee high boots in the morning, they might be thinking about how cold it could be later while waiting for the train, or how wet it might be from rain. If they want to look more dressy for a dinner later, then the height of the heel might also be a consideration. It just takes a little bit of effort to discover how classic clothing is still relevant and beneficial to a modern lifestyle. Most men that I interact with don’t seem to have the interest or motivation to extend their state of readiness. When I first started a stable full time job in an office, I transitioned to wearing dress shoes all day and was generally unsatisfied. They become uncomfortable at the end of the day, and if I do any amount of walking in them the heels and soles would almost instantly wear out. It is no wonder that most white collar workers throw the dress shoes off immediately at the end of their shift, and walk around in cheesy sneakers when going out for drinks and dinner. This all changed when I discovered leather boots! These are shoes meant to be walked in and worked in. After 13 hours at the office, they feel so good that instead of kicking them off and hopping on the couch, I am ready to go out for a walk through the park and dinner. And yes, you don’t have to stand out to be ready. If we treat boots as just a logical extension of the of existing practice, and wear them under the pants, etc. then you are presenting yourself as wearing nice shoes, no big deal. But the option is always there, to go with wilder colors and materials, and we should not be ashamed to express our mental and physical confidence in the way that we wear shoes.
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    These look great, KneeBooted - really stylish and classic too. I too like a good block heel sometimes for that solid walk and look. Looks great over your jeans! Enjoy them! * * * wow @HeeledSteve - these are great, and as everyone has said - at 26 quid for real leather, it would have been silly NOT to take them. So fantastic that your fie is so encouraging. I;m quite envious Enjoy them, and keep us posted on your outings in them. * * * wow @p1ng74 - these OYK boots are stunning, especially with the gorgeous skirt (I didn't know you wore skirts too!) - its a great winter look and you really rock it. I have some flat OTK boots, and can say that I really enjoy being 'wrapped' all the way up by the long boot shafts. * * * gosh @balletboot - you are very lucky indeed! I especially like those wedge boots, and they look fantastic both under your jeans as well as over the jeggings. The others are great too, I have a special liking for wedge boots!!
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    There not really for wearing more indoors and stuff but thanks
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    Jaunt #471, 11/17/2018: After back to back to back outings in long sweaters and leggings, I returned to my staple of wearing skirts, my ensemble being my black leather jacket over a red turtleneck, a 16 inch black denim skirt with a distressed hem, light gray leggings, the Payless “Riot” combat boots (which I’ve come to love wearing) and a black handbag. After a surprise November snowfall on Thursday, it was plenty chilly, so I needed to dress warmly, especially since my original intention was to spend the day over in South Jersey, however, a half-marathon being run through the Art Museum area closed off vast areas of University City and I couldn’t get through, so I turned around and drove west to King of Prussia and the Mall instead. It’s always good to have a backup plan when things go south. That change in plan resulted in my arriving at the mall a little past noon, and there was a solid crowd at in the place, including lots and lots of kids since Santa was in residence. As a result, I did get a stare here and there from younger eyes after I entered from the garage, otherwise, no one paid me any attention as I made a beeline to the food court for lunch which was absolutely packed with long lines almost everywhere, I decided to treat myself to a slice of pepperoni pizza, a rare occasion for me, and that sure did go down good with a bottle of iced tea. Because it was cold outside, I strolled into a sporting goods store where I bought two sets of long underwear and heavy socks, no, that’s not for pairing with my womenswear in case anyone was curious, just saying. However, I did buy some womenswear, namely a long sweater and three pairs of velvet lined leggings in black, gray and burgundy. I tried on a pair when I got back home and they felt absolutely great and will come in handy, what with winter right around the corner. More to come....
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    Exactly. It is how you style them. Make it look natural and people will accept it as such.
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    The entire look illustrated in that advert is hideous and rather reminiscent of something worn in a sci-fi film (or Pluto's ears in the case of the collar). Some may mourn the passing of men's shoes like that with 'high' heels and platform soles but imho they are just plain ugly. Into the dustbin of history, please ...
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    Haha that's funny she was obviously jelly lol good on you for the confidence and don't let anyone tell you can't wear to work unless it crosses the line of course good job and good luck!
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    Take a breath, punctuate your sentences, and relax. Your wife definitely needs the assurance you are her man and you will not be getting reassignment surgery or be leaving her anytime soon. Once she is assured of that then everything else will be easier. Remember, chaos only exists where organization is lacking. This is no different. You'll be fine. HappyinHeels
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    I think you are only talking about leather boots. I know my chestnut suede Nine West boots with 4 inch heels would stand out as well as those gorgeous blue and white snakeskin boots.
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    I think men would have to start doing real work again before tall boots make a true comeback. In western fashion, it seems tall boots were standard when we rode horses and walked through fields. Now, tall boots are limited to specific activities like riding motorcycles and wading through mud. The hottest cowboy boot startup, Tecovas, is trying to appeal to young people with short shafts and low heels. To me it defeats the whole point of cowboy boots. I like the look and feel of leather against the calves, and the support of the heels. But most men don’t know any better, and would probably find it a bit difficult to stay in the stirrups and their calves quite chaffed with what people are calling cowboy boots these days.
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    I'm fairly novice at wearing stiletto heels in public, I think I have a masculine look though when wearing them. Wearing them with masculine jeans, shirt etc. I would agree with what others have said the overall look is what defines the overall effect.
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    I can well believe that you did, i don’t really know why more men don’t wear knee boots, especially low heeled ones because they really do offer a masculine look and can very easily be pulled off, just a don’t think it’s something men have really considered, it only needs someone high profile to wear them and it could start a trend,
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    Less is more in this case. I just spent the day in London with my cameras doing some shooting for my own portfolio, wearing (low heels) knee boots, jeans and jumper. Loads of women in knee boots. I was the only guy wearing them but my overall look was quite understated and I am quite certain nobody have me so much as a second glance. I really did blend in.
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    Not too many great styles to be had this fall (in my opinion) but there are two that caught my eye: This new style from Sam Edelman: I saw them at Dillards at Northpark. I will have to wait until they go on sale after the holidays, hopefully there will still be size 10's to be had. These boots from Lucky Brand are another style I really want: Zappos has them so I will wait until they move them over to 6pm.com and mark them down. These have the stretch panel instead of a short zipper.
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    My knee boots do not have heels, but as far as wearing them goes - and I wear mine over skinny jeans - nobody seems to notice at all, not one tiny bit. They are a rather masculine vintage style, dark brown, and with jeans and jumper are quite presentable and unremarkable. I really think most people are far to much into their own bubble to notice or care much about anyone around them. I expect HeeledSteve finds much the same with his stilettos and this woukd be doubly so if he was out and about with his wife.
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    So I was worried my wife was putting a hold on my shoe purchases. In all fairness, I’ve had a desire to buy more shoes out here than if I were back home. I blame it on idle hands, lol! Anyway, I had previously mentioned to my wife about getting another pair of black knee high boots, to which her response was “You already have a nice pair.” I mainly had a desire after @p1ng74 posted his pair of black pull-on knee high boots. While I know she wouldn’t let me spend that much, I had found a pair of Steve Madden that looked to be fairly comparable in style. Now in all fairness, my wife expected a good reason for why I wanted them. Enter the first world problem: I have TSA Precheck and I don’t want to have to take off my boots every time because they set off the metal detector. With a pair of pull on boots, no zipper, no issue. Well I didn’t really explain that to her in the beginning, so I got shut down. But I noticed they had gone on sale through amazon and I just happened to have a $30 gift car from my sister for my birthday. So it had been a little bit and I reapproached the conversation with the wife. She again asked why I wanted them, and then explained my first world problem. Surprisingly, she was like “ok, that makes sense, go ahead and get them.” Woohoo! So here they are, being worn over skinny jeans. The amazon reviews said to order a size up, but there was no 10.5, so I would have had to get an 11, which would’ve been too big for me. So I stuck with the usual 10, and with my thicker socks, it is a little tight in the toe box, but I feel that will soften up a bit. I don’t think I would normally wear these over jeans as they are loose because they are pull on and I have tiny legs. I will keep my Nine West for that chore. They are my tallest boots, about 1/4” higher heel than my Nine West, which you can see in the one picture. There was a very small scuff on the right boot at the front of the toe box, but it’s not worth returning them. I am hoping to break these in before my flight a week from today so I can try them out! The style name is called Eton, and they are leather, but it feels a bit thinner that what I would normally expect. Still a great boot though.
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    A Stiletto Trip To Starbucks Decided I should go for coffee in heels today. I was going to go to my local Costa but by the time I got out of work and drove into town from where I'd parked they had closed. All was not lost however as Starbucks was still open for another fifteen minutes. I parked the car and walked the short distance to the Starbucks. I was wearing my 3 1/2" stiletto chelsea ankle boots and had to make a conscious effort to walk slower than normal as I made my way to the coffee shop. On going into the shop I suddenly realised that because of the closeness to closing time the staff were moping the tile floor but was able to avoid the mopped section after getting my coffee. I couldn't stay long as by that time the store was about to close but by the time I left the staff member had managed to mop a section of the floor that I would have to cross to leave. Luckily I negotiated this with no problem. Walking back to the car I was sure from the way I was walking that everyone could see or hear I was wearing heels but I passed a few people who didn't seem to notice anything. Driving home I needed to pick up a couple of things from the local convenience shop, so parked and walked down the High St to the shop. The heel noise was quite noticeable especially as the shop was in a fairly quiet village, I passed the local pub with a few people standing outside and across the road as I walked past, again no noticeable reaction from anyone they just carried on chatting to each other, glancing in my direction but taking no interest. I did my shopping and walked back, taking care on the uneven pavement.
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    I.m going to answer in the thread Excursions Of Heeled Steve, as I;m aware this might be getting off the topic of simply what new boots have been bought. She's supportive about it & certainly wouldn't bat an eyelid if I wanted to wear stilettos. I would say though that she would want me to be able to walk ok in them. She bought me the most recent stiletto ankle boots and so was encouraging me to wear them rather than discourage me. To be honest I think she's more likely to say why have you got them if you're not going to wear them. I must admit that my confidence is always bolstered when I go out in heels with her. She herself doesn't have many heels and tends not to wear them regularly. I'm still more confident with a lower cone heel but am making the effort to wear the stilettos. Tonight on the way home I called in and did some shopping in a convenience store wearing my clarks chelsea boots with an almond toe and a 3.5" stiletto heel. I walked from the carpark down the High Street, did some shopping and then walked back to the car. My legs did feel it though even though I'd only walked in them for 20mins . It made me realise that I need more practice in them. Still just got to keep at it a bit at a time Here is a picture of the boots worn for tonights brief trip. My Wife has just seen me browsing the boots on the TK Maxx website. Apparently she has already had a look and tells me there is nothing new in today. I think this probably means that she isn't averse to my heel wearing!
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    My latest ankle boots, Ecco style 75 they seem to be a good fit, the heel fits nicely and so feel secure when walking. They feel snug and secure without being too tight so they feel like they would be ok to walk in. I haven't worn them outside yet as wouldn't be able to get a refund once I've done that. For just over £26 new though I doubt if I will find anything similar for the price and based on how they feel wearing them around the house for hours at a time they are staying.
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    Well it’s been a long week at work so happy to be back here in another pair of boots, these were brought from a vintage and retro shop in Lichfield , knee high with a full length zip, about 4” western style heels and particularly like the little gold bits on the back of the heels and the toes, very 70’s ish, I’m wearing them over my grey straight jeans, not too busy in here yet but let’s see what happens over the next hour and a half, oh and did you spot the medium latte in the background
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    That is what I am doing right now
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    The mystery has been solved, it seems that 41 is in fact a womens size 8, so they are what we ordered. Other boots I've bought have been a size 8 and have fit ok . Ive tried them on and they feel like they will be ok, snug but not too tight. This means they should not be too loose which should be ok. They are also leather uppers and it feels like if they stretch even a little they will be. a good fit. The almond shape toe means that the width across the foot is ok.. Before I forget they are Ecco Style 75. They are a 3.5" heels so are about 1/2" taller than any other stiletto I've worn so I plan to keep them to oneside as I've still got a similar pair that I've worn with a 3" heel.
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    Leaving Paris to Toronto 15 cm Cuban Oxford In the plane
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    I finally got the chance to meet up with a member from Europe after years of talking back and forth and trying to coordinate schedules. In my haste, I only packed one of my stiletto boots, but was wearing my Frye cowgirl boots. We spent hours talking about working for the airlines, and all the heels/boots we love to wear. It was raining, but we did get out for a walk and enjoyed a simple dinner together. The few hours passed so quickly, and I appreciate that he was able to stay awake after traveling all day from Europe. I meant to take a few pictures, but forgot in the excitement. Meeting up with other guys who love to wear heels is a great time indeed. I even got a compliment on my boots from a young man while riding the elevator in the parking garage. Needless to say, I had a great day!
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    Had the day off work today, had a few things to do first thing so called for coffee on the way back, wearing my black 2" cone heeled ankle boots. Enjoyed a relaxing coffee before strolling back out to the car. This evening had to pop down to our local TK Maxx with my Wife to collect an order. Sadly not the new stilletto ankle boots she's bought me, these are being delivered in the post and haven't arrived yet. My wife went in first and I followed along 10 minutes later. As I walked up to her she was crouched down browsing a low shelf as I approached she looked up saying " I knew it was you I could hear your heels"! One funny moment was as we were shopping my Wife was standing at a rail and I walked up to her, a woman nearby looked a bit confused by the sound of heels when the woman near her was standing still, she then looked at me and I'm not sure if it dawned on her that the heel noise was from me but if it dis she just continued unphased browsing the rail. We both enjoyed looking around including the shoe section although neither of us saw any that either interested us in our sizes.
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    I like this outfit on you. Looks awesome!
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    I found a really good Saks Off Fifth store for heels, and my dream boots! I pulled on these Stuart Weitzman boots in size 10, and found them to be a bit snug. Fortunately, this store has some sizes beyond 10, but the next one up they had was a whopping 11.5. I tried them on and was pleased to discover that my feet locked into them just fine. 11 is probably ideal, but I’ll take a little bit of extra room - easily fixable with a pair of thicker socks if need be. Overall, these are amazing shoes. I put them right on in the parking lot and they have been on my feet now for 9 hours straight without any discomfort. They have already noticeably conformed to my feet enough that they do not feel too big. They literally feel like soft socks over the legs and feet, but with a heel. Made in Spain, top quality materials everywhere, it doesn’t get much better than this!
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    Don my GF and I were in Florida just south of Clearwater 3 weeks ago. Flew in and out of TPA. Leggings and heels for dinner date !! Those boots are awesome btw!
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    It looks as though it's going to be a good winter season. I have not one, not two, but five pairs of clogs that I'm very happy with this winter. I have to ruminate about clogs now, because clogs are where I came from in my heeling journey, and it feels like I've come full circle. I mark two events every year in my heeling experience. The first happened sometime in May of 2012, which is when I wore my first pair of obviously not regular men's shoes in public, and the second occurred right before Thanksgiving of 2012, which is when I got my first pair of proper "high" heels (meaning 4 inches/10cm or more). There was a time when I thought I was over clogs, but they have come back into my life this year in a big way. I have worn nothing but clogs outside the house for several weeks now, since the temperature has dropped. This new crop of clogs is high heeled enough to where I may be able to avoid boots until we get more than 2 or 3 inches of snow! The first picture shows my five pairs of clogs, along with a number of sandals which I already miss from summer. If I lived in a warm climate, I would wear sandals 99% of the time. Clogs seem like a good compromise for the reality of winter here in the Midwest U.S.A. The second and third pictures are a memorial to my first pair of real high heeled clogs, which are Sbicca Huttons, and are now pretty much beat to death. I really only keep them for sentimental reasons.
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    Wife does not know, and after nearly 50 years together, I'm not going to throw that at her. It's just simply too late - though I admit that I have been somewhat sloppy in covering my tracks lately and may at some point have some difficult explaining to do!. The other factor for me is a recent health issue - cancer with no cure in sight. My time on this planet with be limited. Taking drugs to stop progress but no one knows how long they will work - one year, two years? Just don't know. So she really doesn't need to know about the heels at this point as it would just add to her anguish. So I will just keep quiet and enjoy the occasional chance to wear some heels as long as I can. Probably why my biggest enjoyment these days is shopping and trying things on rather than actually buying the heels, as my chances for wearing them went way down when she retired and I'm no longer home alone during the daytime.
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    If you walk and act like nothing is different, then many people don't even notice your heels even when they are 5 inches. Can't say the same when I wear a pair of my knee high suede boots and shorts.
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    Do the exact same, in fact i recognize people better by their shoes rather than the face. Suppose because i look down a lot so the first things i look upon is there feet and unique shoes people wear. Rarely do i see the exact same shoe worn by people colour style etc.. Do have the same thoughts or beef why others aren't initially staring upon my heels. There two thoughts that come to mind, happens to woman as well. If your outfitted to be seen very outlandish, maybe what some may describe as overly dressed for the location, then people tend to ignore your fashion style. In their mind believing you want attention and don't know how to dress for the situation, so they rather not give you the satisfaction ignoring what your wearing. Have that happen to me even overheard females discussing that i want people to look upon me that's the reason he wears this or that or showing off. So there mindset is anger hating me, thinking best not to give him the satisfaction and just maybe he will stop wearing whatever it is. Second thought is people find it impolite to stare so they subtly initially look but do themselves a favour not to take a double take. Thinking whatever he is wearing is completely wrong and embarrassing for him to be seen in public. So best keep your eyes off him so they won't laugh out loud creating a scene or making obvious judgement to there negative opinion. People don't want to look at gruesome images of someone they believe isn't in there taste of fashion sense. So they look away thinking he looks horrible frightened that he may be insane. If people glance upon him giving off mixed signals, he may interpret it as open door to befriend whomever is looking. People want to be left alone not cause confusion to strangers that could be potentially crazy not respecting people privacy or space. Believe me woman in particular notice ever aspect to my style even though i don't observe them staring. Often need to see someone with open mouth stares gawking looking at me to be satisfied that they clearly recognized my outfit or body. While that rarely happens woman notice me quicker then i see them before i know it, they made clear head to toe scan what i'm wearing. Good example is when i'm on the nude beach. When i see a woman 100 yards away she clearly notices me as well. It's easier to stare upon someone at a distance without feeling they know your focused only on them. See clothed woman taken aback when strolling along the beach from a distance observing me. Once they get closer in passing they have there head down or look in entire different direction away from me. Amusing to observe this phenomena because clearly i seen the woman react upon my nude body while i was standing by the shallow water from a great distance.

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