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    Can anyone please give me any advise on how to walk perfectly in my pleaser sexy 21 as I would really like to be able to walk in them perfectly
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    OMG some of these are brilliant! This is going to be waaaaaay more difficult than I thought!
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    If it include such things as leggings and yoga pants, I would be interested.
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    jamie1608 : Not knowing what pleaser 21 is, or not seeing a picture of them, There is no way of knowing what you are contending with. For anyone who is new to high heels or an experienced walker, It just comes down to putting on your shoes and walking for ever and ever. spikesmike
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    Calvin Klein Laneige If it laces up and comes in smooth or patent leather, I must make it mine!!
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    Jaunt #420, 2/3/2018: Every outing I go out on is a new adventure, a new opportunity to push the envelope in terms of what I can get away with wearing in public and how I’d be received. Case in point: the very first jaunt when I began this thread in October 2008 was to the King of Prussia Mall and I wore four inch heels, but on that occasion, I wore them under long jeans and they weren’t all that visible. Nearly ten years would pass before I wore four inchers at KOP again, as in yesterday as I sported the Pleaser “Vanity” knee boots with my black leather jacket over a light gray turtleneck, a black knit A-line midiskirt and a black satchel bag. But, the highlight here was wearing a proper pair of heels which is always great fun. A tad overdressed for a sunny but frosty day at the mall? Perhaps, but I don’t apologize for that as I love to dress up and look my best, the way I see things, when it comes to wearing women’s clothes and shoes in public, better to overdo things than to half-ass it, something I’ll never do when it comes to my jaunts. Anyhoo, I arrived at the mall garage shortly after eleven and strolled inside, the usual Saturday crowd was just building, but, as is often the case, no one paid me any mind, surprising, eh? Now, as I walked out of the comic book shop after buying the week’s new books, I did get long stares from a couple of teenage boys who walked past, then a moment later, I heard them chuckle, I’m guessing I amused them, but hey, that’s no big deal, comes with the territory, and I accept that. Lunch in the food court was uneventful, save for almost dropping catsup from a hamburger in my lap. Whew! Narrow escape! Spilling condiments on myself would’ve been a very bad thing since I'm usually a neat eater. Wandering through the mall, I did get a couple more chuckles before stopping in Williams-Sonoma to buy sea salt and peppercorns for my grinders at home, on my way out the store, a thirtysomething woman looked me up and down from some ten feet away and gave me a little smile, no doubt she appreciated my outfit. At the far end of the mall, well, far end from where I parked, I swung by Old Navy where I bought a long sweater tunic and an interesting pair of leggings, both of which I’ll show off on a future outing. Back at the other end of the mall, I took a break and sat down to check college basketball scores on my phone, as I was doing so, a middle aged woman who was with her husband said to me that she couldn’t help staring at my boots and said they looked sharp, I smiled back and thanked her. So, I’ve had chuckles and compliments in the same outing, par for the course because you have to take the good with the bad if you’re going to be a fashion freestyler. More to come....
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    Since a bunch of my old pictures were deleted due to being too large, I thought some new ones would be in order ( this time I checked the size ). Firstly, boots I wasn't sure about at DSW, felt great but seemed just a little too similar to ones I already have. So I passed on them. However, If they get discounted some more by the next time I'm in there again. I may have to go for them.

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