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    just got another unused pair of high heels converse , in black. I am so happy to finaly find the color i want after have 2 other pair they are anne michelle nowell in size 11
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    hhlover23, Actually I think the heels were so transformative even the blind could have felt the heat radiating from your shoes! At least two people felt the radiance of your confidence which was the fuel you needed for the day. A Steve63130 said you are indeed a man of tremendous courage. Now you are man of tremendous confidence as well. HappyinHeels
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    Good for you, @hiheellover23 - keep it up!
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    This is a beautiful pair of Amanda Gregory booties. They are made in Italy and of a superb leather, Inside and outside. I bought them brand new, they have some very light scratches (see pictures), and have been worn (by me) only once. This pair is of really high quality of execution, the leather is wonderfull, soft and smells very good! I sell them because they don't fit me. I wear US11 / EUR 43 and they run a bit too small for me. I recommand them for a US10 / EUR 42. I don't want to throw them away, they are so nice...I just want someone else to enjoy them! Make me an offer, I can ship worldwide.
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    Sorel make great winter boots. I have used them in Antarctica.
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    HHL23- Amazing progress indeed buddy, you have far surpassed me for sure. You always look powerful and amazingly masculine, and I'm sure you radiate confidence even though you might not be feeling that way on the inside. I would have "liked" all these posts but seem to have run out of my allotment today. Don't mind admitting I am envious of your progress, but am truly happy for you! A heeling milestone for me has been actually forgetting I was wearing boots while out and about. Once I forgot I was wearing boots, my insecurities slipped away and I'm sure I was walking more confidently. Still hope to meet up with some "booted/heeled buddy(s)" someday, the confidence in numbers theory seems to help me out publicly.
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    Hi guys ! Back after a long time out.... To celebrate, some recent acquisitions: 1) Black suede two part sandals from Schutz - Really love them, I have the same model, from the same brand, in 4 others colors... 2) Red suede platform ankle strap sandals, also from Schutz. Hope you like them! DeSalto
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    I think its important here to also mention that warning points are not a witch hunt. Currently, they do stay on the members record indefinately, because when they were introduced, it was the only way I could keep track of who the wasters were and let them hang themselves, so with enough diligence and patience, they did, and they were gone. Its actually the exact opposite now and has totally acheived what it was used for, in getting rid of the trash and making nice folk mindful of personal space for the ladies. It may now be time time to adjust the warning points so that they expire after 12 months? Good long term members are not going to be banned for hitting 10 points, heck we're all human, we make mistakes, but now, thats all it is, a mistake, and not some bonehead who thinks its amusing to post pictures of himself in a thong and stilettos in the girls forum asking for a date.. (Sadly that did happen several times) Does this sound right?
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    I recently got 2 warning points in a row for posting in the girl section. And i can't say I wasn't aware of it's not allowed. I just did it because I didn't pay attention to the mention " for the girls " And why did it happen? I would say because the girl section brings so often much more interesting topics! And as I am( we men,are) so enthusiastic when it comes to our passions! Should we brings these subjects to the men section? Or the for everybody one. I would suggest : yes! I personally don't want to be banned just because of a lack of attention and too much passion. And i don't want to miss interesting topics I of course also hope i would be more careful in the future Pierre
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    I walked into that same trap. I just look at recent activity and its all mixed into one stream so I didn't notice.! Good advice - be careful fellas ! ciao.
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    Your red platform stilettos scream, "LOOK AT ME!" so only blind people would not see them. What others say (if anything) or how they react will depend on the observer. "Beauty (or otherwise) is in the eye of the beholder." But whether the beholder thinks the shoes are beautiful or not is secondary to the impressive confidence anyone who wears them would display. You are a man of tremendous courage! Keep up the good work and thanks for your motivating post with photos. Steve
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    Certainly not exactly hidden heels! Well done - amazing shoes, and congrats on the compliments. No one ever mentions my heels - perhaps I need to go out in shoes more like yours rather than wedges and block heels!
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    I saw those pics in the facebook group "men in heels" Stunning as always A.
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    Well just thought I would add my story to the pot. Well Sunday I decided to go out and get a few pictures in my attire. I was wearing a denim shirt with a red tanktop underneath, skinny jeans and some red and white platform ankle boots. So I decided to do this because I had not been able to wear heels out in a while I was feeling constricted around family members and to get my "rocks" off I thought I would step out of my comfort zone. So I went to the park to get some pictures in I was nervous as hell because it had been a long time since I had been out in heels plus little kids were around and I didn't want to deal with the ridicule. So I didn't full get to walk around the park but I did get to take a few pictures on the outskirts of the park. I figure "baby steps" right. It didn't end there so I wanted to go some where to eat so I parked my car took a deep breath and walked to Tijuana Flats. In the beginning I was a little wobbly because I was rushing my steps but over time I slowed down and took my time getting to where I was going. So before I walked in an older lady out loud said "I LOVE YOUR SHOES." We had a short conversation and she asked me how long did it take me to learn how to walk in them. At the end of it all she said I looked really good in them. Now note when she got my attention at first there were some other people near the window and had seen me but at that point I was not paying very much attention I was more taking in the compliment. That was truly the fuel I needed to get me through the day!. There were about 5 or 6 people that came through I may have heard a snicker or two but I didn't care I was eating my food and I felt at ease. I ate and left and drove to my next destination. Drove to this area downtown kind of like a town square. They still had the Christmas tree up and I started taking a few pictures there. An elderly man also said how he loved my shoes. He said that he was not sure that he would be able to wear any like mine but he said he loved them so it truly made me smile. So my goal is to try to do this more frequently because my explorations are about to become more limited in the future. So here are a few photos I would truly love to hear your thoughts!
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    Given how nice they are and how much enjoyment and use you will get out if them, I don’t think it is that bad of a price. Money gets frittered away in all sorts of forgettable ways and the totals add up to far more than that. You’re a long time dead. It is far better to find other economies that don’t matter so much and then buy a nice pair of boots like that which you will enjoy and which will mean something to you.
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    Originally they were £495 and you can see why. The smell of the leather, the quality of the build, the classic yet sexy styling! There's nothing I don't like about them. They're so comfy and easy to wear for hours and walk quite a way in
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    Well - - - - that would make two of us!!!
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    Don, Accidents do happen and I don't think you'll be banished even if you make another mistake; you're a good contributor to the forum and you're not the kind of perpetrator that Tech is after. So just try to do a better job of watching where you post. That's all he wants. For heaven's sake, don't stop posting!! Steve
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    Hmmmmmm - - - - - - just got popped the other day. Too easy of a mistake to make.
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    Sure, but that certainly does not apply in my situation. I love my wife dearly and she was freaked out when this high heel thing "popped" up. She is used to her man in work boots, flannel shirts and blue jeans. when the shoes came out it was "hell no!" at first, but through time she has accepted it and puts up with me hanging out around home in heels. The funny thing is she bought a pair of heels for me as a joke, and I liked them so she takes some responsibility for getting the cat of the bag. She gave them to me, and said if you like them so much, you wear them, and I did, for a while until she just had enough. That was about 5-6 years ago and today I wear heels most of the time around home. The time may come where i may venture out with her support so I don't push it. I do have a couple pairs of chunky heels boots I wear out that she doesn't have and issue with. I am just giving it some time.
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    Today was a very good day of heeling! Ive been really wanting a new pair of heels lately. So today i went shopping! Wearing the same outfit as my last outing i decided today i was going to find some new heels. I drove to a mall about 30 minutes away and started at macys at one end of the mall. They had a good selection but the few i was interested in they didnt have my size in stock. So i walked through the mall (busiest place ive been in heels) to aldo which just happens to be at the other end of the mall. There was enough noise in the mall that my heels were no where as loud as they were in macys. As i walked into aldo, the sales lady immediately saw my shoes and smiled asking if i was looking for anything inpaticular. Again they didnt have my size in the shoes i was interested in. Although they offered to order my size. After that i left the store and walked back through the mall and macys to my car. Still not finding any new heels i decided to go to dsw and Nordstrom rack but again didnt really find what i was looking for. At this point i am determined to find some new heela today. So about another 30 minutes away is a large aldo outlet, the one in the mall isnt an outlet. Off i go driving to the next outlet. By the time i got there it was dark and not very many cars in the lot. So into aldo i went! Walked around serching the clearance section as the sales lady came over checking in on me. Asked what size im looking for (11) as she informed that they dont get to many 11s in and that she wishes they had more because she also wears an 11. Then she started to bring out evey size 11 they had in the store! I was so overwhelmed with how excited she was getting helping me and seeing me walk with ease in the highest pair of heels they had. Which were a pair of platform strappy sandals (elyni i believe) with about a 5 inch heel and about an inch platform. They were very comfortable and a joy to wear but i couldnt justify buying them since they wernt what i was looking for. All in all it was a fantastic day, i tried on more heels than i ever have and had a great time walking around aldo with the sales women enjoying it as much as i was. I will deffinitly go back! Can't wait for the next adventure!

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