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    So, I decided to get a black pair from Skyscrapers heels to go along with my red pair. Unfortunately they sent pointy toe when I'd ordered round toe. They quickly offered to let me keep this pair while they have a round toe pair made. I like that kind of service! I figured it would be a show of good will to order a pair they had on clearance. Zip up ankle boots will be easier to throw on then the thigh boots for practicing in 5.5" heels.
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    I apologize if I've posted in the For The Guys section. I just noticed tonight the rules about men not posting in the ladies section. I for one enjoy visiting the guys section and I've either "liked" a post or made a comment (always positive ) about a post. Is this taboo? Please clue me in here if I should stay out. Have a great night, Carol
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    Today I went out for a bit with my significant other in my Demonia Torment boots. Went into a shoe shop and tried on a pair of 3 inch over the knee boots. While I was fitting them on, she said that she would like a pair in her size for Christmas (or a pair of pleaser platform boots). She also mentioned that my boot fetish has rubbed off on her, and that she's wearing them regularly at home. And also, in future she has said she would like to go on a high heel date to a restaurant for a meal. I'm a lucky son of a gun.
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    Quick update --- I wore my new Air Underground Mobile boots with black leggings to my chiropractor this morning and she absolutely loved them and made a note of the shoeshow.com web site. Th then went to Walgreen's to pick up a prescription and a middle aged male customer called out, "Love your boots" when I was about 30 feet away. I turned his way and smiled and gave him a thumbs up. I think this pair is a winner.
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    Found this picture on the web. It summarizes the way my wife feels about me wearing high heels. I have a wonderful spouse.... sf
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    they are on i had to wait for the right time to enjoy wearing them.......they are definitely sitting shoes for a while lol
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    they have arrived cant wait to try them on
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    Well here it is...she said she would take a photo together with our boots on. Now wish I would have got the black too.
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    And here is some "proof." Sweet gal, good wife, my "sandal goddess."
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    I think it is nice that there is Girls' forum, strictly for the girls. I'm all for it. HHP is an extremely male oriented site so it is nice for the female voices to be given a platform that won't be overwhelmed. By the same token I do not feel that this same exclusivity needs to be extended to the guys forum. Nor is there any wording anywhere suggesting it should be, or is. So why shouldn't Meganiwish post here? HeelsWearer's contributions are obviously welcomed and appreciated, right across the board, so more power to your elbow, HeelsWearer. Post away!
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    under jeans.....nothings more fun than wearing a pretty wild pair of heels under jeans so the toes and tips are cisible but you know what you are wearing is really pushing the limit...you know?
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    Overall, shoes look better with bare feet, in my opinion, but it depends on the rest of the outfit. If hose are being worn, let them be closed toe shoes. If the toes are visible, let them be free of coverings. Some dresses look better with colored legs, usually black or white. As long as they are closed toe shoes, I think the hose would work.

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