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    Me and my S.O relaxing in our high heels together. I'm in my leather pleaser domina 2000 boots (6 inch stiletto heel) and leather jeans, and my S.O is in her Jeffery Campbell knockoffs (3 or 4 inch heel) that I gave to her; I owned them for 6 months beforehand.
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    @ynotme9911 #200plusshadesofshoefies day 219 Just Fab Wellington burgundy boots for #wearwhatwherejanuary what's it all a boot #100plusShadesOfShoefies #guysinheels #guyinheels #meninheels #maninheels #hisheels #heeladdict #boyinheels #100shadesofshoefies #TheShoeMustGoOwnhttps://instagram.com/p/_zgixXIih-/ Vanessa @vanessabenefiel I love your tights!
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    Looks like fun... My SO (wife) and I often wear heels together as well. I am (we are) lucky guys to have understanding wives... sf
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    Sharing my oufit Sorry for the poor photos, i wish i have a full lenght mirror to take a good shot.
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    Just got these 1969 spike heeled boots. I love the pumps (now have 6 pair all in different colors) so much I had to take the dive. The fit and feel are to die for, wish I had them a couple days ago for the dinner and movie (Star Wars) the wife and I did on Monday night. I at least did wear another pair of 5 inch heels on that occasion. Joe
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    You can start reply to any topic and upload the image(s), then cancel the reply. The images will have been uploaded and available for you to include in a PM.