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    Inequities? I dunno. I call it more or less ' common sense '. What do I NEED to spend on a pair of shoes? They go on my feet, they get worn. A good comparison would be to what I pay for a guitar. I have been known to spend 3000$USD for a guitar, but it produces a certain sound. Doesnt matter what it ' looks ' like to me, but what it ' sounds ' like to everyone. Some would say its about comfort. Well.. I hate to be the spoiler but Ive worn a pair of CL's for hours and Ive worn some NineWest shoes for the same amount of time.. Feet felt fine in each. I think it has more to do with the ' prestige '. Its like a social status symbol. " I have CL's on my feet, It will make me look more sophisticated or I will be seen as a bigger person.. ". Honestly? Really? Why not just be a bigger person to begin with then worry about your footware? The day this happens where I live, Guns will come out. Violence will happen VERY quickly. Its not a good thing for ANYONE. I have 2 relatives in the US Armed Services. In the last 10 years, between the 2 of them, they have a total of 4 years in the US and all the other years were spent somewhere else. Neither has made more then 30,000$USD in a single year in those 10 years. If the wives/husbands of Athletes feel a need to spend money on such Items, they should be free to do so. Its their choice. *I* dont purchase/watch any ' professional ' sports as I think the value of those people is hyper-inflated. Cops, Firemen, Service Members, DOCTORS are all doing more for my community and those around me, yet make only a fraction of what a supposed ' athlete ' makes? Those athletes dont need my dollars, theres enough suckers already pandering to them I believe the whole conversation revolves around ' value ' and ' values ' of every individual. What we gain and what its ' worth ' for us. Until recently, I used to do music lessons at a local boys-n-girls youth center. I dont presently have the energy to do it right now but will go back to doing it ( hopefully ) in about a month. Im paid nothing/zilch for my efforts. I use my own equipment ( amps, cables, pedals ) and only require ' students ' to bring their own guitars. I've even donated guitars that I have purchased at pawn/thrift shops. Why? Because I *AM* Paid. Not by dollars or anything a ' dollar ' could buy. I see these kids smile. I speak with their parents and get to tell them their kids are actually accomplishing something outside of hanging out on a street corner somewhere and getting into trouble. I run into these people at stores, just being out and about and we converse and interact. Such is worth more to me then 50 pairs of CL's, Whatever the newest car is or even any dollar value. Others would say Im wasting my time. I think the ' haves ' and ' have nots ' are more defined in our minds, not by what we have in our pockets
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    ok, deep breath, lots of posts to reply to, so here goes... Please read as much of this as you can, as I think a lot of this applies to almost everybody.. Thanks, it is certainly a huge improvement on functionality and somewhat more interactive and sharing friendly.. I took this from the last time I upgraded it all and many people wanted the "Last post first" so assumed that was still wanted, and kept it how it was previously. Sadly, it seems this software doesnt have the option for users to change it themselves, as its a global setting, 1 click does the lot and thats it :-( Still, if you havent read a thread before, when viewing the list of threads, there should be a black down arrow inline with each thread, that appears as you put your mouse over it, if you click on it, it will show you the first post in that thread right there, without having to reload the page or go into the thread at all, and, if you like it, you could then always click on the last page number beside the thread title to go to the first page of that thread...? Maybe when things have settled we can have a poll onit and ask the masses, then change it according to the majority vote? That might be the best thing to do. Some avatars did get dropped as the conversion software couldnt import them, claiming corrupted files or some garbled nonsense, but it was less than 100 out of 18k members, so the only thing to do is re-upload it... Now, I have seen all the messages about this, and have fixed it... Max upload size is 800 x 600, just checked and now fixed :-) As for forum post viewing, see my comments above.. Thanks... In all my years in I.T, I've always found dark background with light text always look great, but the minute you look away your eyes go "HOLY CRAP" as everything else is sooo bright.. I've always avoided dark websites that use light text for that exact reason.. maybe its just me? ISTR? At the moment, everything is in its "out of the box" look, while we get everybody settled in, fix any bugs, get settings all sorted. I'm sure we can do something later down the road... There is a mark as read at the top of each forum labelled "Mark this forum as read" in the top right.. ?? HCI? lol Yep, this new software goes 1 better than that, see my reply to kneehighs above... You dont even need to go into each thread now, you can see the first post right from within the thread view. Not sure what you mean, but I just tested your account, and your profile is visible and working perfectly, when logged in as you, and doesnt show to new members, as it shouldnt.. I cant see anything wrong, but please do ignore the error "Error: Could not load template 'tabAboutMe' from group 'profile'" on the about me" tab... I know about it and am working on it. I guess you might be viewing the forum on a low resolution screen, like 1024x768, possibly lower? Things are more spread out now with the new default look, as its meant to seem less cluttered, but zooming out is a good solution. Do we really want everything crammed into a small space, tightly packed together? I've studied usability for a long time now, amoung other things, and too much info in too small a space is very off-putting.. Could just be me though, I use a 24" screen at mad resolution (More than 2xHD, so if you think your titles and last post info are far apart, try 3000px apart lol... Thanks :-) Sadly not, this software doesnt have per-user settings for post order... See above info though for tips on the new features.. Rather than keep having endless threads that repeat themselves, this software has much better FAQ management, so I will be frequently updating the FAQ section instead as these queries come up. I did spend a few hours yesturday updating the FAQ section about the galleries, and adding things to the top of the galleries pages, which are still switched off for now. The FAQ's are found by clicking the "Help" link at the bottom left of any page. 10+ posts total, NOT 10 new posts from now... Might be.. Try re-uploading it now, should work.. See earlier replies in this thread, it has been explained already, but has now been fixed. This is now fixed. Was 50 before, hasnt changed. See above on the new features I put in reply to kneehighs post... If I set it to oldest post first, in the order they were posted, then the "Show me the first post" is useless.. Just a thought... Dont worry, I fixed it now. If you do find other faults then do let me know, but as for settings, for now, I set the entire forum somewhat limited for the time being as I had no idea what to expect in terms of performance, so didnt go nuts with things, hence some parts are still closed, like the galleries, as the other mods/admins also need time to adjust and learn the new stuff too... Baby steps, and we will get there..
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    Nice to know we can count on you to help support the running costs of hhplace... Now, like I have asked, please, 1 topic per thread, lets not throw 3, 5 or more topics into 1 thread otherwise I'm just going to close it if people are going to batter me with multi-problems all mixed up... 1 topic per-thread, and its easy to see them, and deal with them in turn. I've flipped the switch on post order, so lets see how it goes... Its not fixed per-say, I can flip it back and forth all day long, but its no longer something users can adjust, themselves, which is indeed a shame, but oh well... Like I said already, in the thread I had to close because I was getting battered with multiple issues that I had to spend 3hours addressing last night when I got home at 11pm... Everything currently is in its "Out of the box" state, all barring member groups and permissions which had to come first... As things get adjusted and settle down, I will be putting the info into the help files as these help threads get closed once they are resolved. So, lets see how this post ordering now goes, and if your all happy with it, please do let me know, dont just go silent, so that I can close the thread and add the info to the help files so that it makes sense. I am going to be looking at moving more info to the help files and severely reduce the size of this help forum to prevent confusion, duplicate info and us generally having to repeat ourselves over and over again...
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    Tech--Thanks for your replies. I can imagine the time it took to answer all those individually
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    I'm voting for old post to new post from top to bottom. To follow this thread, I had to start on pg2, bottom, scrolling to the top. Jump to pg 1, scroll to the bottom, and start scrolling back up. (OK, I know everyone knows this, just bare with me for 2 more lines. ) Then, when encountering any long post, take Tech's comments below., I start scrolling the page back down the other way to read the full post. The zigzaging is annoying. And then when reading on a small iPhone, multiply that by a factor of 10.... Of course, I can start practicing reading each post from the bottom line first, working my way up to the top line last, but it may take me a while to get the hang of it.
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    What ad? Perhaps I don't see anything because I've got Adblock Plus running in Firefox. As for oldest at the top or bottom, that is a big end/little end argument. Some of us, with almost religious fervour, like it one way, some the other. Most forums which I've seen allow you to switch it to your own preference. I'm surprised that what is meant to be high quality bulletin board software doesn't have this facility. PS: Now I'm miffed because the board seem to have gone to oldest first.
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    I have mine painted every time I go for my manicure & pedicure. I even have my tech pick the color, she get a kick out of it. Hands and feet look & feel so much better. rx
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    I keep my toe nails painted nearly all the time save for a week or two to let them rest. I go for a pedicure on average every 2.5 months to a private residence and wear different heels each time. It is a relaxing experience I highly recommend to all! HappyinHeels
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    I'm with you, Bluejay. I like clogs and I like your heeled clogs. Clogs are a great way to wear heels when you want to be stealthy, as they usually have a non-stiletto heel, they usually don't have a noisy heel, and the front is easily mistaken for men's shoes. I have a lot of clogs in my closet and wear them often, especially if it's too cold for sandals. Clogs are fun! Steve
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    Bluejay, Thanks for posting the pics. Those loafers look very good and go well with the slacks and blazer. Nothing particularly feminine about them and most people would never guess they were women's. Wear them proudly - I know you will! Steve
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    She can take lessons from our Gina. I'd rather have Gina's collection any day.
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    I think it's funny when a woman says she isn't attracted to the IDEA of a guy in heels. What women think they can be attracted to as an IDEA and what they are attracted to as a REALITY are often two different things. Every girl I've ever met has at one point in time fallen for some guy that defied their personal stereotype of what they are typically attracted to. An Upper East Side WASP who falls for a guy from the Polo Grounds Projects. An accountant at Deloitte who falls for the starving artist from Bushwick. The quiet Catholic girl who falls for boisterous fraternity jock. I'm sure you can fill in additional stories. Just go for it!
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    STEVE, Here is a picture of my Naturalizer "Frances" heels. Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    Everyone spends money. They buy things they want, think they need or are necessary. They pay the price that the item is worth to them. So, some buy expensive shoes. Others buy food and pay for a roof over their heads. That's life.
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    Well said Ilk. Especially the last line. I don't mind the knock offs as long as they are reasonable, it's the real nasty copies that do harm and I'd rather know it's a copy than being scammed for even half silly money. WE will buy what we can (or think we can) afford within our budgets but to (hopefully) see reason and balance the scores. I don't need a pair of Loubies to go to work any more than I needed a Mustang Mach 1 to go the same 2 miles but that short distance would kill both! Al
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    Bluejay: Thanks for the kind words. Wearing skirts is great fun and I do all I can to look my very best in them. TBG: What happened on Saturday proved to me how I never know what to expect when I go on one of my little expeditions. It was refreshing to have encountered those girls who were both openminded and complimentary as well. Danielp6406: Thanks for the compliment. As for wearing skirts, temperature doesn't matter to me, I've worn them when it was 20 degrees and when it was 90 in the shade. It's just a matter of what I wear with them. Heh! Regarding heels, they're just part of what I wear with my outfits, not the be all and end all when I go on my outings.
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    Others, outside of myself, MIGHT be willing to pay excessive amounts for a pair of footwear. Myself? The cap is a lot lower. Heres *my* belief and it should in no way be viewed as anything other then what it basically states.. I see people whom are homeless. I see people whom have lost jobs ( all to many as of late ). I now see people whom rave and drool over 500-1000$ pairs of shoes and some might even buy them? Its *their* money, I understand such and they can buy whatever they want. It doesnt mean I will invite them or their ' precious/snobby ' attitudes into my home. We can all complain about cheap knockoffs and other peoples bad tastes in footware till we run into that person whom has no legs. It makes things ' real ' .
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    I got a pair of Frye's Alexis. First I love the color, and I have been getting more chunky heels than normal. Sadly the max size they come in is 11 (US) and normally wear a 12, but I thought maybe they'll run large like a pair of Nine West I have. Nope. So I'm sending them back. High quality boot though. http://www.zappos.com/frye-alexis-inside-zip-burnt-red


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