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  2. Rockpup, those are awesome,,,,,,, I would sure give those a run out and about!!!!
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  4. Damn, these are still some of my favorites. Shame they're way too big.
  5. Watched "Murder Mystery" with the wife last night on Netflix. A cute and funny flick - certainly recommended for a light hearted funny movie. The additional element that was interesting in it, was the pair of wedges that Aniston wore pretty much through out the movie. A classic looking wedge (maybe 4") with a small platform, and an ankle tie strap. They looked really nice, and she (or her double...) seemed able to run in them etc. You can see them a few times in the trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YEVQDr2f3Q - the trailer also shows a black pair, but I didn't see them in the movie) and there are a number of articles I just found discussing the "discount" wedge look, based on the movie. Just not sure why they are referring to the wedge trend as "controversial"??? There is a part in the movie where they are walking on the ledge of a building and there is a great view of the heels for a couple of seconds. Recommended viewing for all wedge lovers out there
  6. Puffer

    Cali World

    An interesting and rather 'attractive' effect! But I do wonder what would happen if the magnet was 'gay'?
  7. I agree! My preference goes to Cuban heels.These are the only ones that keep ( more or less) a manly look despite of the height of the heel. A lot of nice boots pictured there.
  8. Some great looking boots. Love the last picture
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  10. A woman told me about this show at the NY Met. Anybody seen it? WorldPride at The Met https://www.metmuseum.org/blogs/now-at-the-met/2019/worldpride-met-camp-pose
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    Cali World

    Here's an example from 2018. This is magnetic gel. The gel is applied to the nail and then a magnet (this one was straight) is placed above the nail and the magnetic material is drawn towards the magnet (using the other polarity, it could be pushed away). After one hand is don't your nails are then cooked by light. How long the magnet is held above the nail determines the intensity. In this case it was held for a minute each nail and the process was repeated, to get a double angle effect. How, where can I use this type of suspension?
  12. Yea, these will be in the house and not out and about shoes.
  13. Good luck, they are hot. I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off them if i saw you out and about. Somehow i think 5" will still be your staple though.
  14. I arrived here by way of western boots as well. It’s not all that mysterious if you think about it. Cowboy boots and even heels are, at the roots, male fashion. One day I happened to pick up a pair with 2.4” heels and got hooked on the idea of going higher.
  15. Finally decided to try these from Italian Heels. 150mm, so a challenge. I’m hoping these make 5” heels seem easy.
  16. The brain goes in mysterious ways sometimes. I have developed a liking for female fashion through western inspired footwear - go figure. When I was young, I already liked western boots, and when I figured out that women's western boots had higher heels than men's, the obvious thing happened. More heel more better, right? Every so often, cowboy boots inspire mainstream fashion, and when it does, it still tickles an itch. Around 2012 or so, Nine West had a thing with the western theme. They also tried a more premium less polished brand, "Vintage America", which of course involved western boots. That experiment produced two styles, which I've been luckily enough to both collect, but it has taken a lot of time and money. The cleanest cut is the black "Comete" bootie, of which I removed the buckle. I like is more "elegant". They sport a true 5" heel, and I have a 1/4" heel pad added to them, giving an effective 5 1/4" height. They have to be my tallest non-platform heels. The hottest, I think, is the "Creepin" style - the knee-high one. The color is a bit weird, between tan, brown, beige, grey, nude. Whatever that means. But it works on the boot. The shaft is tall and hugs my calves nicely. I like the look, the picture is of myself just last week - I took it to send to my girlfriend. The least successful style is "Claret", the brownish ankle bootie. It is made on the same last as "Comete", but the leather is not as nice as either Comete or Creepin.
  17. I'm not sure if Stuart Weitzman shoes are considered "designer", but for my pocketbook they are "too expensive to make sense" so I'm giving them a pass. These are a 2015-2016 model, and I love them mostly because they have a tall shaft, right up to under my knee, and are a superb fit for my 160lbs legs. Body weight, not the detached limb [rolleyes]. What makes them special is that I find them elegant, yet they manage to achieve that without a stiletto heel. I wear stilettos 4 days a week or so, and sometimes I feel like something else. I bought them at retail at Bloomingdales, which wasn't a painless experience, but I am really happy that I did. They are listed on amazon as a 4.25" heel, but those have to be metric inches, because they definitely feel like 5-inchers. Perhaps they were measured one a size 4.
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