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  1. To all high heel lovers I have seen these "Red to Black" boots for some time now. I too would own a pair of them by now if they came in my size. EUR 44-- 13 US. Does any one know how to contact the manufacturer to request this item be made in our larger sizes ? Business is business. Already it appears they would receive four (4) orders. spikesmike
  2. CAT & Heelster I couldn't stand it any longer. I looked up the dates of the last High Heel meet I attended. It was the 4th Annual North American High Heel Meet in Chicago. March 2, 2013. Also, in 2010 as well. Good place for a meet -- lots of food & motels -- and fun things to do. spikesmike
  3. CAT The Chicago meet is good for me. I was at a meeting there a couple of years ago with "Iloveboots" , " Bernheels" and others. I am retired now and aside from doctors appointments I am ready to go. Keep it in mind. Who else would like to chime in ? spikesmike
  4. To high heel lovers I think " Heels in McDonalds" is a good page. It is nice to know I am not the only one eating in public places in high stiletto heels. Add my name to the list of people who think your outfits look great CAT. Would like to meet you sometime CAT. Also, Some of you others. spikesmike
  5. Yoyo Great looking white boots. Gianrico mori make a good quality high heel product. Have fun wearing them. spikesmike
  6. To high heel lovers I was in a barber shop in Oakland, California reading a magazine and saw an ad for custom made high heel shoes. The ad was from Ableman Trading Co in Hong Kong. I ordered a pair of Black Patent leather pumps w/ 5" heels. Cost was about $55.00 including shipping. This was spring of 1969. I still have those shoes. They still look near new. spikesmike
  7. Thighbootguy I do not bowl anymore. To avoid removing my high heels, I simply plan other events around them. NOTE: I didn't know there was a Thighboot Club. Did you only have the one meeting? Is the club open to new members? Are you still having meetings? Sounds like you had a fun time. spikesmike
  8. LP_________ Go to the General Chit Chat site. Scroll down to the page that reads " Where are they " and click. You are not going to be happy. spikesmike
  9. XtremeHeels and CAT Thank you for the compliment on my new high heel cowboy boots. They are a super fit, fun to wear and easy to walk in. Sorry I misspelled Estres Modes. spikesmike
  10. To high heel lovers These are the boots I ordered when I visited Spain In Sept. 2016. They are made by Pablo of extreme high heels = Estesmode. Love these boots. spikesmike
  11. To heel lovers If you like oxfords your not alone. Of the one hundred pair of high heels (give or take a pair) I own, among my favorites are the oxfords. fiddler1307 has shown a pair of black patent oxfords on his site. Those high heels are for sale from AliExpress called Wonder Heel. They also have a pair of black patent oxfords with a 18cm heel and a 3-5cm platform. Yes, I ordered the oxfords with the platform. They get my juices flowing also. I am in the process of learning how to post pictures on this site. I have a lot of high heel shoes to show. When I get there I hope you will like them. spikesmike
  12. HeelsWearer Wish I could see you in those boots. spikesmike
  13. HeelsWearer You are fortunate. When you were (5) five years old you could have worn high heels-being the girl. Someone may have said " She is a little young for those", but with high heels you can get away with all that. I had to over come all of the snickers, odd looks, quiet comments, etc. When I was still working I drove (18) eighteen wheelers. For a time I drove trucks wearing high heels, 5" minimum. So lets talk about being discovered doing that. Do not let a situation like the Ft. Lauderdale shooting dictate how you are going to live your life. I went to England, Germany, Spain in 2016 and wore 7" stiletto heels with 1 3/4" plat every day, airports and all. If I get shot, then I dye the high heel fanatic that I am. P.S. How many people at the Ft. Lauderdale airport died wearing high heels? spikesmike
  14. Fellow Heelers I do not have a specific place to wear high heels. Reason: High heels are my every day shoes. If I go somewhere, Grocery, Movie, Where ever, I go in high heels. Yesterday " 1- 7-2017 Saturday, I went to the Ohio Gun Collectors Gun Show. Entering the main door a man commented " I like those shoes, there not something you see everyday. They Were my black ankle boots, 7" heel with 1 3/4 plat, with brass spurs. Inside the show a nice young woman complimented me on them. Another man ask " What is the story on the high heels? " Another man ask if I had lost a bet. In all- not a negative comment in the 4 hours of walking through the show. It was a good and fun day. I purchased some ammo. spikesmike
  15. jay jay Yes . I have a pair of black patent heelless heels. Side zipper. Size 44 EUR. Good fit, comfortable, easy to walk in. I usually wear them several hours a day, but not today as I have been wearing a different pair of boots. spikesmike