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  1. Mutts

    Love that picture, is it early in the morning?

  2. Liebe Pata. Danke für all deine Beiträge. Ich verabschiede mich aber aus diesem Forum. Irgendwie sind mir die Leute hier zu blöd oder zu empfindlich. Ich werde in der zukunft mich nur noch über http://www.high-heels-board.de/ zu wort melden. Da hatten wir mindestens schon echte treffen arrangiert. Viele Grüße!

  3. Dear Pata! I took acloser look at your pictures and I was wondering about your shoe size. Looking at you I guess wou are about 1,80m tall if not even tallen and a 40/41 shoe size? I adore you Pata! Martin

  4. why do you think the one excludes the other? I might be mistaken but what you wrote sounds quite offending to me and I do not think there is anything justifying this. What right do you have to imply a picture I have let made MY way is less *real* as any other? You do not need to like it but respect people eventually liking their shoes being worn or photographed a different way of yours - so I like MY shoes being worn by ME as I like to wear and style them and photographed them MY way in MY pictures; - also implying my opinion and statement about a shoe or manufacturer were not based on experience is quite... odd... as mine about this is eventually even more founded than average as I have worn (and bought by myself!) several hundreds of highheeled shoes over years. @Mod Team: please delete my previous post resp. attachment, unfortunatly I cannot do it by myself here.
  5. I cannot tell you anyhting about Sofia Pumps but generally shoes there are of good quality - these with fur are my new ones from italianheels and they survived even hiking well inspite of the extreme height of the heel :thumbs up:
  6. I think at least some of your illustrations outstanding Beautiful work, thank you alot for sharing and please - please do more .
  7. amazing shoes, congratulations. Very classy in leather too- at this heels height!!! I might feel a little bit envy for your wife
  8. thank you, but not really, dear, unfortunatly I am quite uncapable as to that. but I recognize and appreciate other people making beautiful shoes!
  9. Finally managed to post a picture. Thank You for the advice concerning Elite-Heels!!! They are stunning and she looks sooooo sexy in them. Not very walkable, but hey, who cares!

  10. it´s not fair to tease us like that :smile:
  11. ok I see. Hm I would say balletheels are - well, - balletheels and ACTUALLY they will never be as classy as *normal* highheels are and can destroy a look as well. though that game with making balletheels look as if they were is quite funny too, I agree . but here some new pictures of these beautiful shoes- and actually quite ehm *fetish* again .
  12. they look so incredibly glamourous inspite that platform, amazing.
  13. Ok, my opinion is completely different at that - I think everybody should be free to wear what one wants and likes, especially as there will ALWAYS be somebody not liking exactly that- indifferent either you fit in the current (!) standards of *beauty* or not. Alone wearing latex or extreme high heels is considered ugly for many so it won´t be a measurment for a decision for me. By the way I also normally do wear *Large* - well and I do not think it ok from you to *forbid* me this because you don´t like it... Just don´t look then!
  14. Well now I got it:). Oh I do not think there was anyhting mischevious and I also do not think website team implying that. If they think K. Lagerfeld photos inapropriate for this board it is all ok- as they were an issue (and considered art and fashion but NOT inapropriate) in the largest fashion magazines I did not even imagine it might be a problem to post the (Imo very interesting and different) information otherwise I would not have done it. And as already said, it is all ok for me if the board team removes a post they think not following their rules, for which reasons ever.

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