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  1. Pose that question here in the states in different locations and see what you get for results. 30% would be fantastic.
  2. Good in concept - reality says no. From what I saw of the mens collection - - -Oh hell no. A couple pieces I could see, the rest did nothing for me. I'm not a fashion guru though.
  3. Did some hunting and found that a lot of folks caught it. http://hooniverse.com/2016/12/06/why-is-clarkson-wearing-ladies-high-heel-shoes/ https://www.carthrottle.com/post/wgv2pke/
  4. I have a couple pairs of boots that are super loud - - That's what catches peoples attention. If I'm the only guy in the hotel lobby, and I'm making noise, it's an automatic flag for the desk help. I also have a pair of JLo spike heeled platform boots, and they don't gather much attention at all. I tend to stay away from patent leather and pointy toes for multiple reasons. I do have open toe varieties, but again, the heel noise seems to be the obvious initial attractor.
  5. Understand that - - !! You know your in the sticks when dressing up consists of a new Harley-Davidson T-shirt from your last vacation.
  6. Yep - kinda drifted into an environment that is not accepting to heels on men, then again, I was here when I discovered the interest.
  7. I'm a Jeans over the boot guy. Carryover from wearing western boots since I was a kid. I can get away with wearing some serious block heeled boots if the pants are long enough and 99% of people wont notice (which is fine by me) Sometime in the near future on one of my travelling trips, I might just do the skinny jeans and boots inside, but I really haven't had the opportunity to do so. (and no, I'm not doing it anywhere near home - - not happening) Now ""IF"" I ever get a break while I'm in Chicago (hint hint) maybe I'll do something even more noticeable.
  8. Nope - - Don't think about it. I've escaped the grim reaper many times, and none of them were terrorist/shootings/public catastrophy. I'm lucky to be alive although I wonder if escaping the ultimate fate leaves a mark on you the next time around. Don't worry about it. Enjoy what you can and disregard the rest.
  9. http://www.discountstripper.com/domina-108.aspx $42.00 And they go all the way to size 14.
  10. OK - - so they may not be the most logical boots to wear in those conditions, but if they are warm and have a decent tread - - I'd do it. That doesn't look any worse than my driveway and the road I live on with the exception of no trees.
  11. - - - - Bathroom on the right - ??? There are a bunch of tunes that have had misheard lyrics. Just can't think of any lately.
  12. Our moms must have been friends. To this day, I can't wear a t-shirt under a dress shirt (Then again I haven't worn dress shirts more than a few times a year) I'm a guy that has that specific shape that will not be improved by any shape wear. That "slim figure" concept left the station way back in high school. I will always be a guy in heels.
  13. Nope- - - Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze I have it on album.
  14. Let's consider some clarification. Some of the probabilities depend on overall location. As we have mentioned before. if you live in a metropolitan area that has a tendency to be accepting, and you work in an office such as an accountant, software related, or in an environment that doesn't have to deal directly with the public, you have a better chance of getting away with wearing heels to work as a guy. If you walk into a locker room of a steel mill, police station, Auto plant in the middle of the country, you are now gay, and unless you are a mixed martial arts competitor - - - your chances of survival drop drastically. Real story - - a few years ago, during a local winter power outage, a guy who was still slightly hung over, in a dark house, grabbed the wrong underwear out of a draw, and showed up for work. needless to say, his work career took a turn for the worse when he went in to change into his work clothes at the shop. Pink is like neon orange, and the other guys harassed him for weeks. He finally quit, and shortly thereafter, he moved. Grown men acting like bullies in a school yard. and management chipped in.
  15. In theory, your correct - - - Reality says your chancing loosing your job. They won't claim "A guy wearing heels" but there are plenty of other excuses that are damned hard to defend yourself against. Been there - done that.