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  1. Well the skirt came in while my wife and I were on vacation. I briefly tried it on this morning, and I have determined that even though the size chart on the website says large covers sizes 10 & 12, it definitely is closer to a 10. While I fit in it and got it zipped up, I could definitely stand to lose a couple more pounds, which is my plan anyway. I will make sure and take pictures tonight because I think it does look good, but I need some different tops to really pull it off.
  2. @mlroseplant and @Thighbootguy I don't know if I can show it very well in a picture, but growing up, my mom always joked that I had her hips, because my legs didn't go straight down from my waist. I believe my body may have been built for a skirt, which is why I wore them so much when I was younger. This will be the first one in probably 5 years, and definitely the first one my wife will see me in. I was a little disappointed how they did the sizes. I usually wear a 12, so right on the cusp between L and XL, but I ordered a L
  3. @Thighbootguy I hadn't thought of the taper, but I have chicken legs so hopefully it fits ok! I am on vacation so it will hopefully be waiting for me when I get back.
  4. Ordered my first skirt today! I saw a friend wearing it and she pulled it off so well that I had to ask her where she had gotten it from! I ordered a Bar III faux leather pencil skirt in black from Macy's. Will definitely post pictures when it arrives!
  5. When I was younger, I considered myself a closet cross dresser because I chose to wear and look extremely feminine in the privacy of my own home. As I got older, I transitioned from the extremely femme look, and started trying to find clothes and shoes that, while they might be women's clothes, they don't stand out and scream it. This leads to where I am today. Pretty much every pair of pants I own now is women's, including new work pants I just got yesterday. In the winter, I only wear boots, heeled and not heeled, outside of work UNLESS I'm doing work around home, which are hiking/work shoes. I have a decent number of pair of women's underwear because boxers don't work with tighter fitting pants. BUT here is where I draw definitions and lines. Yes, I cross dress because society has labeled the clothing I wear on the lower half of my body to be meant for a woman, not a man. But I don't care because my wife actually prefers it, saying I look better in them. Some close friends know this and don't care. If anything, some of the girls have taken to finding similar stuff for their guys to wear now. But I cross dress, and don't look feminine. When I was younger, I hated the term cross dressing, because I grew up with the though that if I dress in women's clothes, and look like a woman, I must be gay. I feel society as a vast majority is responsible for this. I can't find a specific person to fault, but over time, it seems people just default to seeing you in women's clothes and think, oh you must be gay. I think that may be a partial reason I steered away from that, because I knew I was into women. But shame on me, even though I was young and ignorant then, because now my thought is, who cares? At the end of the day, I remember that life is sooo incredibly short, I don't have time to stop and worry what other people think. Why waste my time worrying and control what people think about me? So remember that no matter what you do, people are going to define it their own way, those who do it, and those who see it. What matters is your take on it and your comfort level. People will always judge. The thing I tell myself is that they are just jealous because they realize how good I look and can pull it off.
  6. What's the brand, etc?
  7. So I think it goes without saying both pairs are hot, and I would love to have either! Thanks for the compliment too! As for the bulge when I wear the boots under jeans, I found that if I wrap my knee high socks over the tops, it pulls them in and hides the bulge. In the above pictures, I was just wearing some regular socks, but I totally agree with you.
  8. Where did you get those from? They look awesome.
  9. I am super jealous of the boots and the fact your wife had you wear them to a party! Keep it going!
  10. So as my wife continues to level up her comfort of my heeling(yes, pun intended), I have been on the search for some boots that could be looked at as either masculine or feminine to keep her comfortable. I primarily searched because I had two certificates totaling $25 off, and who doesn't love discounted things?! Now just as a precursor for those of you who don't know, I have two pairs of riding boots I try to wear almost every day, regardless of the company I am around. The one pair of heeled boots I absolutely love to wear, my wife is still warming up to me wearing them around town, but when I am out of town for work, she doesn't care. So this trek was to find some boots that could pass either way, and at least be within her comfort level. Oirignally she was comfortable with boots she saw that were 2" or less in heel, but these are between 2.25 and 2.5", so not much taller, but she did like them a lot. I've already worn them out twice within the first week of getting them, and I must say, they are extremely comfortable! My only wish is that the calf was a bit smaller, as I have 'chicken legs' per my wife's description. I took photos with 3 different pairs of jeans, and am curious as to what you all think! The boots are Sable, made by Indigo Rd., size 10m
  11. @cgllc1860 just out of curiosity, which city do you live in?
  12. Unfortunately not. I am getting to work between 5 and 6 am, and working through until at least 6.
  13. My work schedule gets me out about 6 pm everyday. So it would have to be after that, and I am usually starving. So I would want food first and foremost. Other than that, I've no exclusions. You pick.
  14. I now am leaving on the 18th of December from the Fremont area. If nothing else, I would love the opportunity to meet up with some other fellow shoe lovers in the area. Anyone?
  15. So for those of you who watch the Amazon reboot of Top Gear, there is a bit on the new show called 'Conversation Corner.' The intro is a silhouette of the three of them(Hammond, Clarkson, May) sitting on stools. This week's episode caught me off guard because in the silhouette this time, Jeremy Clarkson was wearing some noticeable heels! I just got a kick out of it seeing that.