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  1. Drunk (how the h*ll did I associate that with island?)
  2. They do still fit tbg
  3. Actually. There's going right way with my handles. They're shrinking more and more. The body goes into fat burning mode due to lack of carbonhydrates and creates the ketons for the brain out of fat instead if eating very few carbs. During this phase shift one can become a slight slow thinking, tired etc but it will correct after some days when fully adapted. LCHF also let the muscles being intact, as long as the intake of proteins and fat are high. The best of all. Can eat until fed up and stands longer between meals due to the fat lasts longer than empty carbs. Thats a short summarum.
  4. Second week. Another 1 kg lost, waist reduced by yet another 2 cm. Many gives up after 3 weeks. I wont do that. @Micce thats a impressing journey you have done. Kudos!!!