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  1. Thank you
  2. Love these brown ones
  3. Nice looking boots are they leather or synthetic please let me know if they're true to size love them
  4. Certainly is TBG however what you get in your winter doesn't mean we will get it down here and nine west and jessica simpson who go to 11 or 12 over there only bring up to 10 into AUS. the sad issue is that we can even shop from them as they wont allow overseas cards or ship overseas. Very discouraging
  5. Thanks logjam
  6. Its hot and my daughter has redone my nails so while it's quiet at work i took the chance to slip on my peep toe boots. james
  7. I play proper football also known in some areas as soccer not either of the rugby versions
  8. H N Y to all sorry for no chat of late, so update time. have been away lots with work and busy getting my knee right. The good thing is its back to 95% so very happy im in process of culling my collection down a tad however just cant seem to resist a cheap pair on the auction sites (bought 3 in last week, each under $15) Talking to the sales staff at the shops down here and winter 17 is looking good. Lots of tall boots but seemingly lots of textile and microfibres, velvet and the like as opposed to leather and suede have also firrd off a back n forth email exchange to a couple of big retailers in US about their no overseas purchase / shipping policies with no joy. Pity as i would have bought 3-4 ninewest pairs alone.... maybe good for the wallet . still, hope 17 is great for everyone and we see more blokes wearing heels. James
  9. Ok, i need some techy help how do i create a set of pics into s gallery here ? please 1-1 message me to tell me how silly i am
  10. Well, having painted nails for first time, i thought that i should pop on my only pair of open toe boots to see how it goes ive never worn these out before, but today they got a run while at my desk. WITTNER ankle boots 12cm heel, 1cm platform, size 42. what do you think ?
  11. Yes they look great. Kids had lots of fun. Glass of bubbles was just end of week
  12. My first pedicure xmas red courtesy of my daughter
  13. No just the bar.
  14. As TBG suggested tried the leopard print boots with black jeans. Much better.
  15. Jeggings in light denim plus ZU black suede booties beer oclock