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  1. Just about to go down town for lunch. My old WITTNER 'kicking' boots (style name, not usage !)
  2. Would you post if we covered postage ??
  3. @CAT Yep, if they were available in 11s youd be second in line.
  4. Hi all saw these today on pinterest, supposedly from shoespie. They certainly have a WOW factor
  5. Enjoying a slightly cooler day here in Sydney. At my desk, working away, still loving my new purchase. Have a great day James
  6. You have snow !! western suburbs of Sydney hitting 46 degrees. City and beaches much milder at just 40........ C not F
  7. New peep toe boots
  8. Was out at my fave store 'WITTNER outlet' and found a pair of high block heel ankle boots with a peep toe in a bone leather comfy, easy to walk in price $20 AUD
  9. As a matter of fact im out and about having late dinner in Canberra wearing 1 of my rear zip ankle boots MILLIONAIRE by Wittner
  10. I have 3 pairs of knee high boots with rear zips plus 2 pair of ankle boots i love them all and have no issues comfort wise, however i do find (generally) that for boots a little tight a side zip is easier than a rear one
  11. Welcome good luck with it start with small steps. Dont try to wear 5 inch red stiletto pumps on first day
  12. Ive had to take boots off several times at airports, apart from that its only been in shops to try others on
  13. I have similar issue but nowhere near your level of perseverance. I think it comes down to how far the ankle bends plus relative length v width. Us blokes tend (note generalisation) to have wider feet compared to the gals at same length. on the few pairs ive tried i have a few options but none are perfect solutions -- wear stocking socks a bit thicker (dernier 30) or so as these slude and compress your feet -- if barefoot rub a moisturiser over feet -- use a shoe horn good luck james
  14. Thank you
  15. Love these brown ones