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  1. Jaunt #353, 1/15/2017: My, my! How time flies when you're having fun! Hard to believe it had been nearly three weeks since my last outing, but I've returned to the great outdoors with my first jaunt of 2017, garbed in my faux black leather jacket over a red mockneck, a 21 inch charcoal denim pencil skirt from JCPenney, black tights, the Payless "Martinez" booties and a black handbag. Wearing the booties has become quite the little passion of late because they look good on me, and the loud, authoritative clicking of their heels on the pavement is an endless thrill I can't get enough of hearing. After a cloudy and nippy Saturday, the weather on Sunday was sunny and chilly, but that didn't stop me from going forth, in fact, I rather enjoyed the chill as it made me feel alive and my outing more worthwhile. My first stop was to Acme in Springfield to buy a few odds and ends, then it was off to downtown to wander about and be seen. It seemed chillier in center city, but it was no big deal as I strolled down to Barnes & Noble across from Rittenhouse Square Park where I wandered the aisles, then partook of a cup of hot tea and a croissant in the bookstore's second floor diner to warm up a bit before going down to the register with a couple of sports magazines. From there, I headed down the crowded street to One Liberty Place where I had lunch at Bain's Deli then goofed off on my iPhone, leaving the building, I happened across two black women in their late 20's who both looked me up and down, one them said, "You sure look good, baby!" I grinned and said, "I know" and they both broke out laughing and said I was cool. Ahh, compliments! I wound up spending close to two hours downtown and it was an enjoyable experience, heck, I didn't even mind the chilly air, like I said, it made me feel great, just as much as mingling about downtown in the clothes of my choice. More to come....
  2. Hey there, TBG! Sorry about your ankle problems, yeah, growing older is a pain, pardon the pun. Perhaps there are exercises you can do to strengthen your ankle so you can resume wearing heels. Of course, going with lower heel heights wouldn't hurt either. Given a choice between style and comfort, give me comfort. Meanwhile, I like those last two outfits you sported, very classy indeed! And I'll see about that shorter jacket.
  3. Well, I'll see what I can do this coming weekend.
  4. Well, I haven't misplaced my thigh boots, it's just been wet and snowy here of late, and my mantra when it comes to weather related outings, "If the streets ain't dry, then my heels ain't high" holds true. Not to worry, that first jaunt of 2017 will be on the way.
  5. Very nice boots indeed! And you wear them well! Bravo!
  6. Congrats on the new handle. My first 2017 jaunt will come soon.
  7. Well now, I must say the hat sure made your outfit look sporty. A nice touch. As for the vest, I see women wear them open instead of zipped up. Now, if it's chilly, then by all means, zip up to your heart's content. Heck, I might give one a try myself. I'm glad you and TBG like the booties. I also have a pair in tan, but I'm working on just the right outfit to pair it with.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. The skirt came from JCPenney, and I have another one just like it in tan, and yes, it looks great on me. As for the tights, they were appropriately thick for the chilly temps, I'm no fool in that regard. As for the booties, I just love wearing them as they go well with just about any outfit I put together. I can't wait to wear them again.
  9. Well, that's me all over as I'm always clean shaven for my outings. But then, I spent twenty years in the military (Navy), so I'm used to not having facial hair and I like it that way.
  10. Well done, Mr. X! Like bluejay said, the purple sweater really makes your outfit pop! Bravo to you!
  11. Jaunt #352, 12/28/2016: After a purely casual outfit on my last trip, I felt like dressing up for my newest outing, going with my faux leather jacket over a cream colored mockneck, a Liz Claiborne faux suede pencil skirt in forest green, black tights, the Payless "Martinez" booties and a black handbag. The new skirt looked good on me paired with the mockneck and it felt good to wear as well while I continue to enjoy wearing the Payless booties which are just great, especially for the noticeably loud and sharp sound of the heels on the pavement. I just can't get enough of the shoes, plain and simple. My first stop was to the University City branch of my bank where I turned a bunch of coins I rolled the other night, almost $88.00 worth. From there, I drove over into South Jersey and Wendy's near the Moorestown Mall where I enjoyed a Baconator with a bottle of water, ahhh, delightful. Then I headed to the multiplex to check out the sci-fi flick Passengers, it was decent, but nothing to write home about. After a little wandering about in Moorestown Mall, I swung into Sears for a little shopping, leaving with a couple of belts and a sharp new tote bag. Being a fashion freestyler, I've come to appreciate the importance of having a stylish bag on my shoulder, I love carrying them, and, as I've said many times before, I don't feel dressed, nor would I leave the house without a purse. After the movie, I went to the Barnes & Noble to chill out and relax for a bit, reading from my nook™ while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate for about an hour. My last stop of the day was to the Cherry Hill Mall which still had sizeable crowds three days after Christmas as shoppers were taking advantage of post holiday sales, but I was able to come and go as I pleased through the mall without incident for well over an hour, checked out the new MacBook Pro at the Apple Store, I even ate an early dinner at a restaurant, waiting out rush hour traffic before heading back into the city and home. As I've also said, if you affect the demeanor of someone comfortable in your skin, regardless of how you're dressed, you'll succeed at wearing women's clothes in public. More to come....
  12. Well, I'd say you did okay with the outfit you put together. Getting compliments is quite the rush, and, maybe it's just me, but there seems to be a look of wonder in the eyes of women when they ask how we can walk in heels, as if that's a skill that only they can master. I find that mildly amusing.
  13. Well, now that you mentioned it: Jaunt #351, 12/26/2016: A couple of weeks ago during a brief stretch of warm weather, I was downtown (non-jaunt) when two twentysomething women passed by wearing hoodies with short skirts. For some odd reason, that image stuck in my mind as I found those girls to have looked cute, so, just for fun, I decided to replicate that look, pairing a nine dollar Misses green hoodie bought at Primark with my gray denim miniskirt with the deconstructed hemline, the black faux leather jacket, black tights, the Walking Cradles "Elites" riding boots and a black handbag. All in all, I rather liked the outfit I put together which was perfectly casual for a casual outing to Springfield. My first stop was to Acme for a few odds and ends, followed by a stop at Best Buy where I haven't been for awhile, since it was the day after Christmas, there was quite the sizable crowd inside, using gift cards, taking advantage of post-Xmas sales and returning stuff. I spent well over half an hour in the store before going to the register with a Blu-Ray copy of Suicide Squad. My next stop was to Bed Bath and Beyond which also had a larger than normal crowd as I bought some skirt hangers and a jar of peppercorns to refill my pepper grinder at home. From there, it was off to Springfield Mall which (yep, you guessed it) was also pretty packed as I strolled the place then stopped at the food court for lunch, enjoying a piece of pizza with a bottle of water. While I did get a glance here and there, for the most part, I went ignored as usual. I have to say that I rather liked my hoodie and skirt combo which, as I said previously, worked well as a casual outfit, I can see myself sporting this look come March and April when it's not cold enough for a jacket but not warm enough for shirt sleeves alone. More to come....
  14. Thanks for the kind words, everybody! To have been complimented by a woman for saying a guy looked good in a dress was quite the compliment, meaning my hard work when it came to studying fashion and putting what I've learned into practice paid off considerably. In addition, my love for wearing women's clothes also helped with my presentation. And yes, that will make me want to wear dresses more! Steve63130: Yes, museums certainly are a great place for freestyling, other than some of those kids I passed by, no one paid me a lick of attention, I was able to come and go as I pleased (like I am just about everywhere else), and yeah, I did get that compliment. I'll have to visit the museum more! TBG: Nice outfit, especially the boots! Well done! And now, without further delay----THE NUMBERS! JAUNTS BY YEAR 2008: 10 2009: 42 2010: 28 2011: 61 2012: 34 2013: 33 2014: 45 2015: 46 2016: 51 (and counting) CLOTHING Skirts: 265 (above knee-174, below knee-62, at knee-29) Jeans: 63 (tucked in boots-39, untucked-24) Skorts: 9 Dresses: 7 Capris: 4 Pants: 1 Long Sweaters: 1 FOOTWEAR Payless shoes: 215 Other shoes: 135 Boots: 124 (knee high-68, thigh high-45, ankle high-11) Pumps: 101 Loafers: 37 Sandals: 36 Slides: 27 Flats: 25 PERCENTAGES Skirts: 75.9 Jeans: 18.0 Skorts: 2.5 Dresses: 2.1 Capris: 1.1 Pants: 0.2 Long Sweaters: 0.2 Boots: 35.5 Pumps: 28.8 Loafers: 10.5 Sandals: 10.4 Slides: 7.7 SHOE TYPES Sandals: 11 Slides: 10 Pumps: 8 Boots: 6 Loafers: 2 Shoe Types is a new category for my numbers list, and look at what's on top: sandals and slides! Surprising, eh? Several years ago, you couldn't have PAID me to wear those type of shoes which I disliked, today, I'm just plain crazy about them. Case in point, this past warm weather season, those shoes were all I wore, and I loved how they matched well with my skirts, more importantly, I loved wearing them. Already, I can't wait for spring to roll around so I can start wearing them again!
  15. Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated! Jaunt #350, 12/22/2016: On the second day of winter, I decided to wear a dress. Why? Because I wanted to, nothing more complicated than that. And yeah, also because I usually mark every fiftieth jaunt by wearing one. While skirts are great fun, it feels really special to wear a dress, and I enjoy every opportunity I get to go out and about in one as I sported my black cowlneck sweater dress with gray tights, the Payless "Martinez" booties, a black handbag and my black faux leather jacket for an outing to the Philadelphia Art Museum. Despite abundant sunshine, there was a chill in the air, but it felt rather good to me, after arriving at the museum's underground garage, I headed to the building, just as I approached the main entrance, a twentysomething woman who was leaving smiled at me and said, "Love your boots!" I smiled back and thanked her. Once inside, I detected something different almost instantly as there was a palpable atmosphere of hustle and bustle which I hadn't noticed on past visits and the reason became very clear after a bought my ticket and checked in my jacket: school groups were all over the place, lots and lots of tweens and teens were seemingly everywhere. It appeared that everywhere I turned, there were groups of kids milling about with harried looking chaparones, and yeah, in every group I passed, I got more than a few stares and second glances. It was certainly different and unexpected, but I brushed it off because I was pretty much used to that sort of thing as I casually strolled about the museum which was always a treat, getting to enjoy all the art which was absolutely amazing, I tell you, the place is very much the treasure because of everything they have on display. An hour into my visit, I was checking out Persian rugs when a black woman who was a museum security person walked up to me and said, "I've never seen a guy in a dress before, but you make it look good." With a nod and a smile, I thanked her for the compliment, I guess I must've done something right. My stay at the museum lasted little over three hours and, as usual, I doubt I saw everything the place had to offer, but that's cool as that gives me an excuse to return on a future date to soak in more of the atmosphere, and to check out whatever I might've missed. And yeah, wearing a dress made my visit all the more special, I'll have to wear them more often. More to come, including----THE NUMBERS!!