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  1. Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I'm glad, and gratified that there are so many like minded folks here regarding the topic of prep time which is important and can make the difference between being accepted for your appearance while in public, or being laughed at if you get it wrong. Mr. X: Yes! It's all about the complete outfit from head to toe. And, as I said, I obsess over my appearance because i want to look my very best. CAT: I've also said on a few occasions that I look better in women's clothes than men's, and I love how I can work a short skirt just as well as any female. bluejay: Getting compliments on my appearance gives me a good feeling inside, making my hard work with prep time all the more worthwhile. MackeyHeels: My ritual of sorts is to leave the house on my outings around ten a.m., so I usually start prepping around nine, sometimes sooner.
  2. Back in the old days when all I wore were the shoes, in the beginning, it didn't much matter what I wore, I won't deny that. However, as I began integrating women's clothes into the equation, beginning with skirts, then tops, then hosiery, and finally dresses, it occurred to me early on that it was important for me to look my very best if I was going to wear women's clothes in public as a man, and that meant doing prep work before each and every outing I undertake. Because of the incredible (some might say mindblowing) variety when it comes to women's clothes, it was crucial for me to take as much time as I needed to properly pair tops, skirts, hosiery, shoes, outerwear, even handbags in order to assemble just the right outfit for a jaunt. And I take that prep time SERIOUSLY as it's not uncommon for me to spend upwards of an hour or more putting together an outfit, taking into account the surroundings I'll be in for the day, plus the season and the weather on a given day, to that end, I have separate tops and skirts for both spring/summer and fall/winter. I take all those factors into consideration when I select what I wear, because appearance is EVERYTHING to me because I don't want to be seen as a freak show because I'm a man wearing women's clothes in public AS A MAN. And I'm not afraid to say I'm rather anal, if not obsessed with presenting the best possible image for my outings. If I don't like what I see in the mirror, I don't leave the house. Period. Full stop. End of story. Some might think that makes prep time a bore. Far from it, that time is fun for me because I get to wear women's clothes which I absolutely LOVE. When I stare at myself in the mirror when garbed in a nice top, a sharp skirt and a pair of heels, I can't help but smile because of how good I look. On occasion, I lose track of time while trying on clothes, but I see that as time well spent since I'm working towards my goal of putting together an ensemble I like for an outing, and like I said, appearance is vital to me, especially when I'm accepted, even complimented for my public presentation by the populace. Here's something else when it comes to the topic of prep time, I often find myself thinking about the next outfit to wear while driving home from an outing I had been on, putting the wheels in motion in advance. Prep time is valuable to me, and for anyone who follows in my footsteps as a fashion freestyler, it should matter a lot to you as well.
  3. Hmm! Good question!
  4. Hmm! It's kinda funny that even though I wear skirts full time on my outings, I still have a wee bit of a hangup about wearing pink. I find that rather funny. And yes, TBG! I will see about breaking out the thigh boots for a future outing.
  5. Great boots, redandwhite! They look good on you! And the skirt was nice too!
  6. Well, I pretty much obsess over blending in rather than standing out like Adam had, thus my desire to dress tastefully for whatever surroundings I happen to be in. And that's why I've never been refused access to establishments like restaurants, even when noticeably attired in women's clothes and shoes.
  7. Oh, for sure. But, as I've said many times before, I'm all about the complete outfit, and that includes flat shoes which I enjoy as much as high heels.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. While I've never been one for bothering perfect strangers to have them take my picture while out in public, I'll take your suggestion under consideration. Agreed. I might even go so far as to say I'm pretty much obsessed with blending in rather than standing out. That's why I spend as much as an hour or more putting together outfits before I go out and go out of my way to look both stylish and, more importantly, tasteful for my public outings. I love wearing women's clothes and want to look my very best in them. Jaunt #358, 2/19/2017: With temps here having reached into the low to mid 60's with plenty of sunshine yesterday, I thought it made for a great time to go out on a new outing, and I dressed for the spring-like weather in my denim jacket over a pink tank top, a black crepe skirt, the Payless "Martinez" booties and a black handbag. Wearing the pink top was fun while the booties paired well with the skirt and helped to make my outfit pop. Driving downtown, I parked a couple of blocks away from Rittenhouse Square Park and strolled there and found the park full and bustling with people enjoying the warm weather, as did I as I found a bench where I got in some reading on my nook and, like everyone else, enjoyed being in the park where I spent well an hour before heading down to One Liberty Place for lunch (6 inch sub and a bottle of water) and puttered on my phone checking email in the first floor atrium in full view of people who ignored me like everywhere else I was downtown. Returning to my car, I drove over into South Jersey and the Cherry Hill multiplex to see The Great Wall, making a stop to the bathroom first to take care of business before going to my theater to see the movie. A long time ago, I used to be rather nervous about going into a bathroom while wearing women's clothes and shoes, today, it's no big deal to me at all, I mean, why should it? As for the movie, it was a blast, a great popcorn flick I enjoyed. After the movie, I drove over to the Cherry Hill Mall across the road from the multiplex and strolled about there for nearly an hour among a throng of shoppers and, yes, no one paid me a second's worth of attention which pleased me considerably, though I will admit to being mildly surprised nobody took notice of the pink top I wore, hardly a color men wear with men's clothes, never mind a skirt and heels. I guess that does reaffirm my belief I can go just about anywhere in women's clothes without incident. More to come....
  9. Nothing at all spectacular about these new shoes, the Payless "Geneva" loafers, in fact, I'm sure folks here will find them rather boring, and that's fine by me. Heh! I've been searching for a pair of penny loafer style shoes for the longest time, and these were quite comfortable as I wore them on an outing yesterday.
  10. Jaunt #357, 2/18/2017: Even though I pride myself as being a seasoned fashion freestyler, I continue being mildly amazed at how easy it is for me to venture out in public dressed in women's clothes as a man. Of course, I credit that to how I dress tastefully for the surroundings I happen to be in, giving people no reason to take notice of me, and that strategy once again served me well on a trip to the huge and bustling King of Prussia Mall, garbed in a black denim jacket over a long sleeved red t-shirt, a button down denim skirt, black tights, Payless "Geneva" loafers and a black satchel bag. The loafers I bought several weeks ago and was waiting for just the right opportunity to take them out for a spin, and that was yesterday, meanwhile, I continue having fun carrying around my large bags as they store a lot. It was after eleven a.m. when I arrived, hopped out of the car and strolled into the mall where I was promptly ignored by the throngs of shoppers there as that place gets crowded plenty fast. My first stop was to a comic shop where having the large bag came in handy to store the books I bought, then it was a slow stroll to the mall's food court which was plenty packed, I opted for a couple slices of pepperoni pizza and a bottle of water. Yummy! I think I got a glance or two, but nothing of substance otherwise. After lunch came more strolling here, some window shopping there, relaxing with an Auntie Anne's pretzel while checking my email in a comfy chair, spending quality time in the Apple Store where I bought an iTunes gift card to buy a couple of apps, I was just another shopper in a throng of shoppers as I spent some four hours in the mall and enjoyed myself considerably. Back in the car, I drove to the nearby Best Buy where I haven't been in for awhile, and it was fun as ever as I left the store with The Accountant on Blu-Ray. The more I venture out on my little adventures, the easier it becomes, and the more I can push the envelope when it comes to places I can go, and I enjoy that too. More to come....
  11. Pfft! Don't let those thoughts bring you down. People will notice what you wear, and to that, I say, so what. As long as you're cool and calm and comfortable with your attire, no one will care. Just go out and have fun, that's the important thing.
  12. I've been in "family" restaurants like Pizza Hut (back when they had eat in dining), Red Lobster and Olive Garden wearing miniskirts and thigh high boots and never had any trouble, never been refused service, even during busy periods in early to mid afternoon when places like those are crammed with people, including kids. I for one can't imagine any establishment turning away a paying customer, just because of his or her attire, to me, that's bad business.
  13. I would say the reason is comfort. Round toed pumps are what I wear these days and the comfort they afford means a lot to me at my advanced age (58).
  14. Well, we wound up getting just under a mere three inches, and 95 percent of that was gone by Saturday. Carrying large bags is more fun than I thought, if but for no other reason than because lots of women tote them around these days, and I take my accessories seriously.
  15. Jaunt #356, 2/11/2017: The more you do a certain something, the easier it becomes. For me, that certain something is wearing a miniskirt in the dead of winter, and even though temps were no better than mid 40's, that didn't stop me from going out in one as I sported my black faux leather jacket over a teal mockneck, the gray miniskirt with the distressed hem, black tights, the Payless "Martinez" booties in black and one of my two satchel bags which I've come to enjoy using because I can put so much more stuff into it over a standard purse. But, the highlight was wearing the short skirt which was great fun while reinforcing my belief that I look better in women's clothes than men's, and I never fail to feel awesome when I'm in a skirt and heels, and the outfit I wore felt as natural to me as breathing. I mean, why not wear a miniskirt in winter? As long as you dress warmly with appropriate legwear like tights or leggings, it's as easy as it gets, and it affords me the opportunity to show off my legs which was certainly a good thing. Despite the chill in the air, I felt perfectly comfortable as I drove downtown, parked a block away from my friendly neighborhood comic book shop where I spent a good half hour before strolling a good four plus blocks down Walnut Street to the Apple Store to buy a Lightning Dock for my iPhone to use at work. The salesperson who waited on me, a twentysomething black woman said she liked my shoes, I smiled back and told her they came from Payless, her eyes lit up and she said she was going to go and buy a pair for herself. Plenty cool, eh? Leaving the store, I walked down to One Liberty Place to have lunch, there was a good crowd in the food court, and, of course, no one paid me any attention as I dined at Chick-Fil-A, enjoying a chicken salad sandwich and a bottle of water. Leaving OLP, I casually strolled back to where my car was, passing scores of people who never batted an eye, then drove over into South Jersey and Moorestown Mall where I saw John Wick Chapter 2 and enjoyed it. After the movie, I retreated to the nearby Barnes & Noble for some reading on my nook e-reader which I had with me along with a slice of apple pie which was seriously yummy. Once again, I've shown that if you dress appropriately for the environment you happen to be in, sporting a skirt and heels is no big deal at all, and I enjoying pushing the envelope in my own way like I did by rocking a mini in February. More to come....