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Pleaser boots outfit


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Went for a walk recently, and I think this outfit is a smash hit. 

I was inspired by Michelle DiGia, a female high heel wearer with maybe over 100 pairs of shoes.




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Just went ot check out who M DiGia was, and it's quite clear now where you get some of your inspiration. This outfit and others that you've posted are of a similar characteristic to her.

Not so sure this style will be quite so comfortable in the hot summer months (not that the UK is renowned for hot summers) but keep posting them. 👍

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Posted (edited)

Remember that AlexC94 lives "oop north" where the mercury rarely rises above zero:-)

This is part of the London mindset where everywhere north of the Watford Gap is a sprawling coalmine, where they race whippets, wear flat caps, eat tripe and keep ferrets down their trousers. I'm sure that Left Pondians have similar prejudices.

[And when you've passed through the tripe curtain, you eventually arrive in a strange and foreign land: The Haggis Belt. Where men wear skirts and speak an incomprehensible tongue. I think some call it garlic [sic]. It's also a place that until recently has been run entirely by people pretending to be fish.

Some other foreign guy called Adrian built a wall to stop the wild haggis making raids over the border.]

PS: The system has appended my last post to the previous one. For clarity I've put the 2nd post in square brackets.

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This can only get worse.



Caviar comes from the virgin sturgeon

Virgin sturgeon, very fine fish.

The virgin sturgeon needs no urgin'

And that's why caviar's a very rare dish



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I really like the videos of Michelle DiGia so I really like your look @AlexC94 congrats, good taste.

She could easily be in this fine forum  :)

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Flavio - Brazilian heel lover, now in France.

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