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Hi, new here. Advice on pleaser domina?

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Hi all, 

I came across this site while trying to do abit of research and what a site! I’ve long had a heel fetish and it’s nice to see people with similar interests. 

I like heels in all shapes and sizes, the higher the better! Especially single soled, high arched six inch heels. 

So my research, I’m looking to introduce my gf into this world of super high heels. She likes heels and has many 4 inch pairs. 

I’m planning to start off with a pair of pleaser domina 420 or 431 as they’re abit more subtle than the peter chu (6ihf) heels which is my end goal. 

So my questions to everyone.

Any advise/personal experiences on how to approach the topic?


How do pleaser domina 420/431 heels fit? She’s UK 3 or 4 depending on brands

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Well, Pleasers have always been a fairly well designed/rugged brand.  So, I don't think you can go wrong starting out with them.  Most styles are not pure leather, but that is OK.   I don't know about their sizing except to say that they usually have larger sizes for us guys.  So, you would want to be sure they are returnable/exchangeable if fit becomes an issue. 

I'm not sure I understand the "topic" you want to approach with her though.  I am assuming she knows about your love of heels.  If not, you could approach the subject by accompanying her to a shoe store and showing your enthusiasm about the styles that appeal to you....

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How would you approach the topic if you wanted to buy a new car or a new sofa?

It sounds like your making something super simple into something complicated and instead of having your own goals of what you want her to do, just ask her straight out "How would you feel about trying some 6" heels?"

Soon as you ask, you may well get a direct answer yes/no or an "I'll think about it" and go from there.

Just be clear that it should not be "YOUR" end goal, it should be something you both enjoy sharing, and lets avoid the "fetish" please, this is not a sexual website.

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Tech is right. That being said, there are ways to approach this in casual ways.

- - The shopping technique where you point out interesting styles you think would look good on her.

 - - Thumb through her Vogue magazine during a random conversation and point out heels (and other outfits) you think might look good on her.

By doing this, you may get an idea of what she will or won't wear, and why.

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My advice is to wear what you want and let your significant other wear what they want.  Relationships built on mutual acceptance and respect work well.  Relationships built on trying to get the other to do something you want but which they may not want tend to crumble.

Those who really care about us don't make a fuss about what we wear. Those who make a fuss about what we wear really don't care about us.

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