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  1. 100 percent honesty is the way forward kneehighs. especially in a early relationship. sad that many guys here did not do the right thing when the time came when they had to tell there partners in the early stage of that relationship. negative thinking blocked them from telling early on. sounds like she is very secure and doesn't have them other silly traits like what some women have/jealousy/territorial/threatened if man wears heels. thankful that most women aren't like this but some women are and it would never upset me but I do find it a bit funny and also baffling that some women have these traits towards men in heels. perhaps kneehighs. we are fierce competition to them?.
  2. hope it goes well for you kneehighs. I ditched girlfriend's and getting married because I can't just live in someone's social status. I lost interest in my 20s but it had nothing to do with my heels but I don't live in people's expectations especially a girlfriend or wife's expectations so I like the single life.
  3. i'm sure she approves of you wearing heels kneehighs.
  4. if she knows that you wear heels in public then it won't cause any problems in the future. but if she wears heels herself. then expect jealous tendencies about it. you have met many women when wearing heels and have dated a number of women when wearing them kneehighs so you have way more experience than any of us here so don't worry and keep the negative things out of your mind or you will never move forward with your heeling.
  5. how high where the heels rockbass19.
  6. did you wear heels when you met this woman kneehighs or did you tell her.
  7. thing is kneehighs. you have pulled more women when you wear heels than you ever did when wearing boring flats.
  8. balletboot it won't be easy but. you will have to admit it that you both are just not compatible with each other. continue with the relationship and it will deteriorate in the future. some women like your girlfriend are sadly insecure/territorial/ with an inferiority complex towards men in heels. at 24 I ditched having girlfriends and getting married because wearing heels made me more happy and nothing else did. there are things about marriage and girlfriends that put me off it. I'm 31 and made the right choice because it's 2019 and some women sadly still have these dated views. I wear heels and in the end I can't just live in other people's expectations and make them happy every minute. it's 2019 and we don't have to do that anymore. balletboot it would be best if you make yourself single again yes it will be tough at first but from what I have viewed. there's a puzzle piece missing from your confidence and that is meeting women when wearing your true style. in your mind you think women will run a mile if they see it. but read back from the forum and you will see more positives than negatives. look at eddie izzard and the amount of female fans he has got. they know he is a straight guy but they find him attractive especially in female style. having one bad relationship is not the end of the world. some guys here have had one bad one but found a great woman in the end. don't stay with a woman with silly social norms because they act like spoilt brats who cry if they don't get there own way. many women like confident men and i'm sure you have had a few women flirt with you when they seen you wearing heels in public. i'm glad that I have no woman in my life because it makes me selfish but they are even more selfish than I am because I can't stand there hypocrisy because of what we want to wear.
  9. the only guy who can wear stiletto heels and not be viewed as an eccentric. is Eddie Izzard. sadly he's very very, rare like something that will never happen again.
  10. not a chance in hell. that I will ever let a woman come between me and my heels. my words to women are no,no,no, with one finger waving from one side to the other. and with it a smile after. makes life simple and easy
  11. time you got a pair louboutins kneehighs. you need to level up your game.
  12. the media portrayal of us guys is that we are camp,effeminate,eccentric,diva and loud. so the double standards are there in that world. like you get these celebs and so called celebs who plaster any bit of there personal lives so to get attention and they mess with there faces with all that surgery, it makes men wearing heels respectable.
  13. i'm sure women demand you give them your outfit to wear balletboot.
  14. mackyheels/ your body figure in tight femmine clothing is something that those women want on them. they don't dare admit it to your face. it's like how dare he look better than us in that outfit, it's unacceptable for a guy to look better than us. you should save your money up on buying a pair of kate louboutins with those tight jeans because you will have a great time wearing them out. also you might get some young girls trying to steal them off your feet. you said many times that women demand you take your outfits off and give it to them to wear. at least be flattered by there jealousy/envy of you.
  15. your wife hates the fact that you have a bigger collection than what she has highheel111. your wife is a typical woman who does not want to be outheeled by a man.
  16. sounds like your nightmare is real jetheelsfans.
  17. I think women have said a few times that they are going to take your lovely heels and wear them themselves. question is. why do they want are heels when there are a number of shoe shops for them to wear at.
  18. early honesty is better than late honesty lovmaryjanes. the down side is that women seem insecure/territorial/jealous/envious of men in heels especially in relationships and marriage. your wife is rare because she is not insecure about it.
  19. I'm lucky jeremy1986. i have no wife or girlfriend. and I won't have any in the near future. best decision i ever made at 24. all I'm doing now is trying to move out of my parents home and then buy expensive designer shoes and boots with 5inch heels to go out in. I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for you jeremy1986 as much as i'm nearly there at the end.
  20. did you get any compliments when out in them boots Pebblesf.
  21. No wife and no girlfriend. which means more space for my heels and boots. with it no pressure. relationships and marriage is just not my cup of tea so to speak.
  22. Balletboot. i'm sure many women loved the outfit and boots. you can expect many women copying your style very soon.
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