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Separation Anxiety - "Gorilla" or hot glue [gun]?

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I learned of this happening after my move in April/May. Sometime since last September, I wore these YRU Qozmo platform sneakers to a convention for almost a whole day, and that was literally the last time I had put them on.

Fast forward to my move and this was the discovery: the shoe separating from the platform! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Still can't, even now. I had only worn them once and from that one wearing, they cracked! I'd like to assume that maybe, also, the environment the shoes are in - my room - make them a bit more prone to easy wearing out; rather, drying out because my room is in the basement with very little moisture depending on the time of day and season. But nonetheless, the shoes I paid a small fortune on were now unwearable Unless I put matters into my own hands.

Alas, the best access to anything I can do is either a hot glue gun my step-dad owns, or the "Gorilla Glue" I bought for this case. But BEFORE I do anything/make a possible mistake, do I have the best tools at hand here? Or will I need something more lasting and powerful?





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It looks to me like the black fabric coating (vinyl?) is tearing and exposing the white interior, rather than the entire fabric separating from the heel. I don't see any adhesive doing much on a long-term basis. When vinyl decays, it's time to buy new shoes. Sorry. I may be wrong (and I hope you can repair them) but I don't see how. 

Good luck.


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Posted (edited)

I agree with Steve, the vinyl is tearing. I don't think the hot glue will work well, whereas the gorilla glue might be more flex-able.

And if doesn't work, there is always Duct Tape.  :cheeky:

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Glue from a hot glue gun is pretty tenacious stuff, but can be a bit messy to apply in a 'crack' situation.   But worth a try!

You could even try a thicker superglue, carefully squirted into the gap.

You will need ready to hand some clamps or another means of squeezing the glued shoe together while the adhesive goes off.

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