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Oil stained suede booties

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Had accident with my new suede harrow booties Rags & Bone in camel colour. Glass oil flask broke and spilled some on the cap toe of my booties. Now got dark brown stains totally ruined one shoe. 

Tried different remedies but nothing worked the suede is to light and every little dot of oil darkened it to brown colour very obvious. 

Suppose i need to buy new booties before spring ends.... :mecry:


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Thanks but i doubt that color would look good. Although do see the new Harrow booties in camel colour is darker than mine. Those new booties have different leather nap then mine. As picture shows.

Did come to mind to get my booties coloured in a deeper colour like picture shown.


Guess it's time to look at buying different booties. Zanooti's Only problem is doubt i could wear them comfortable like the chunky heel booties. Or cheaper Marc Ellis ones.. Or Edward Spiers...





May taking these oil stained booties to be coloured in Expresso colour. Doubt the shoe repair shop knows how to colour them well.  Anyone know if their is a waxy film to sprayed on so the leather is somewhat protected? Not talking about scotch guard or other waterproof out of a can that is used to protect leather shoes.



Haven't totaly forsaken my light sand coloured booties. Using vinegar, nubuck brush and cornstarch painstakingly process see if i burn a hole through the leather to china.....:nervous::oops: 

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