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  1. Sehr geiles Bild, cool arrangiert und dazwischen, einfach so, die Frau. Perfekt Grüsse chrigu
  2. Herzlich Willkommen und viel Spass in dieser Runde. Etwas stark amerikanisch Geprägt aber OK. LG chrigu
  3. After a very long time of searching finally I found my heels of dream Zanotti‘s Denny in EU43
  4. Hello Pierre how are you? I just jumped into aliexpress to count my amount of sorbern-Heels I have ever ordered. I have seventeen (17) heels from Sorbern so far and all of them are VERY GOOD quality. Most of the heels of these 17 are over 16cm high and the heel is very stable and the quality is extremely good. None of these 17 pair of heels have ever had any issue till today. When it comes to the size I ordered some in 43 and some in 44 and my real size is EU43. When ever I ordered a heel from them they ALLWAYS asked me over the chat-function of the App for my foot length to v
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