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  1. Your style for clothes and very high heels is highly apreciaged in here. Dont bother what other say, your style is unique and I think VERY sexy. You will find others here to exchange
  2. Hey Spikesmike, I got those from aliexpress.com seller: sobern They sell up to size 47 so good hope for you. I normally wear size EU43 and these are 45 - so far from true to size....
  3. here are my latest heels I bought EU45 with 20cm heel and 3.5cm platform.
  4. Happend to me on ebay as well. I won an auction of Giuseppe Zanotti Fringe suede high heels for a nice price of €76,- Then Corona came a she told me that she can not send them to Switzerland because the border is closed. Then she cancelled the auction. some weeks later and they are still Online in ebay she put them in for only $415,- I am quite pissed shit happens chrigu
  5. Got these beauties some days ago... what do you think. heel 20cm and 4.5cm plateau
  6. Some days ago https://www.fuss-schuhe-shop.de announced a new mule in there shop in a wonderful type of material which shines in three different colorts depending on the angle the light shines in. I had to have this mule and oh yeah, the game of the colors in the light is wonderful.
  7. Had these bad boys in the mail today. Some days ago I found tajnaclob.com and they ha bunch of heels. The was one heel that cought my eyes. Here we go, normylly I am not that much into high plateau but I was looking for a heel that I can use for a goth party - thats the one. Heel is 19cm and plateau 6cm. Good for walking and perfect for my party outfit - now all I need is a clear up of this strange-virus-situation.
  8. Hoime office and hiogh temperatures: mules are the solution...
  9. Sometimes you have to look through all your "old" (heels that you alleady longer own) and you will find a treasure; home-office-heel of today: Giaro Galana 1002 - and I love them, they are soooo comfy.
  10. I caught these guys on ebay some days ago. Very less marks at the sole for only a third of the retail price. These guys are from 1969 and have the lovely, hot very pointy toebox, which I totally adore. Greets
  11. I received yesterday, despite thge hole COVID-19-thing these sexy heels from fuss-schuhe.de. So I made them the home office heels of the day. be patience
  12. I have worn these for today but they are so high that it is most of the time sitting instead of walking Salute @Pierre1961 no, I habe not experienced that, nothing at all. I have on pair of zoccolies with less heel height and I have no problem with walking in them. Futher more I have a pair of mules and a pair of open toe slingback with 12cm but I have no problem with walking on them. but I realized that it is a different walking in more low heels than in the extreme heels because more weight i put on the heel and it is getting more wobbly. christi
  13. Some times ago I was looking for any of the creations from Christian Louboutin in my size mans EU43 like: - So Kate 120 - Pigalle 120 - Senora 130 or - Fetish 130 but Mr. Louboutin would like to exclude us from wearing his divine creations. As well Mr Zanotti, his creations are so god damn sexy, crates only up to 42 but this is ladies size not mans 42. Let's say (sometimes) I am really pissed
  14. Hello @Pierre1961 Thank you for your compliment. As you maybe know from our last conversations I really love the high ones. Let's say I have only heels higher than 12cm. But this hight I have no problem to walk. I am doing a lot of sports and as well after all that I do a lot of stretching a well with my legs, ankles und feet and all the othr part of my body.1 Maybe that is the reason why I do not have any pain while wearing heels.
  15. Thats a question of training, i walk in heels every day. My first pair 30 years ago had 14cm and i don‘t go under 12cm, mostly. Sooner or later I was able to walk in real high heels. Walking on 15 or 16cm is a challenge but doable and I enjoy it. Heels of today, basically I ordered them (customized wedges) for the reason to wear them at the beach or public swimming pool. but they are perfect for home office as well :-)
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