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  1. Some times ago I was looking for any of the creations from Christian Louboutin in my size mans EU43 like: - So Kate 120 - Pigalle 120 - Senora 130 or - Fetish 130 but Mr. Louboutin would like to exclude us from wearing his divine creations. As well Mr Zanotti, his creations are so god damn sexy, crates only up to 42 but this is ladies size not mans 42. Let's say (sometimes) I am really pissed
  2. Hello @Pierre1961 Thank you for your compliment. As you maybe know from our last conversations I really love the high ones. Let's say I have only heels higher than 12cm. But this hight I have no problem to walk. I am doing a lot of sports and as well after all that I do a lot of stretching a well with my legs, ankles und feet and all the othr part of my body.1 Maybe that is the reason why I do not have any pain while wearing heels.
  3. Thats a question of training, i walk in heels every day. My first pair 30 years ago had 14cm and i don‘t go under 12cm, mostly. Sooner or later I was able to walk in real high heels. Walking on 15 or 16cm is a challenge but doable and I enjoy it. Heels of today, basically I ordered them (customized wedges) for the reason to wear them at the beach or public swimming pool. but they are perfect for home office as well :-)
  4. My home office heels of today. perfect for that nice weather
  5. @spikesmike And @ohnoberty maybe I don‘t know anything about the heels I am buying but if you go to http://www.lapiazza-highheels.com/ph__d.htm you will find on top of the page these heels called Juanita. so, @spikesmike you can search on bedheels.com but you will find not the whiteheeled Juanita type chunky heels from LAPiazza. by the way the sticker in the white heeled Juanita shoe sais: LaPiazza
  6. @RonC Hey, please, don't missunderstand. My idea about the 18cm superheels was: "Despite the height of 18cm (or more) they are easy to walk" I have other Heels which have the same high t and they are very difficult to walk but these boots are, compared to the others, "easy" to walk. I did not wear them outside till now, but I will do it next week an then for a longer walk then I will find it out and will report back
  7. They are from the special high heels shop "LA PIAZZA", which is as far as I know, not alive anymore (but I can be wrong) http://www.lapiazza-highheels.com/ I found them by random some weeks go from a english guy on ebay who seem to have a nice collection but has to stop wearing them because of an foot injury. I have always loved the heels from LA PIAZZA but I could not afford them these days. The size is EU43, heel is 15cm and the small plateau is 1cm.
  8. That was my heel for the todays home office
  9. Thats a nice side effect with COVID-19. I can wear heels all day long and combine it with nice cloth. So today was 1969- and Fuss-heels day: picture of the Fuss-heels is down... here is the second photo of the heels
  10. since some month I am a fan of the Sorbern Shop in Aliexpress. I saw these Sandals in there shop and I had to have them. the Heel is 18.5cm and they have a stable construction and they are easy to walk.
  11. maybe you are looking for something like this: https://shop.eblue.com/bedheels
  12. @Pierre1961 Thanks for your waring. I wil have a look on it
  13. Got some new boot 2 days ago by mail. If got these type of heels as sandal, slipper, boot, and bootie and now as knee high boot as well: These type of shoes are surprisingly god at walking. Facts (as requested some threads ago): heel: 18cm plateau: 2cm Size: EU 43
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