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  1. I nearly always wear high heeled shoes but the other day I went hill walking in fairly flat boots. Later, in Cardiff, I saw another man wearing gold mary janes and skinny jeans. I felt silly and jealous for some reason. So the answer is always wear heels! Don't get caught like I did!
  2. Speak to a lawyer; they should give a free initial consultation. Have you breached your employment contract by doing something to damge the reputation of the business? Is there a clause about uniform? Do you think it is right that an employer can insist on a convention? Would a woman face the same pressure?
  3. I couldn't find the place on Google Maps. It might not be a shop?
  4. Where do you want to shop? Heeledteen, I just had a look at your profile and notice you say you are fourteen years old. I would be a bit careful with your request. If you arranged to meet a stranger from this board, how would you ensure your safety? As a young person (I was one once!) you will have no trouble or problems choosing / buying and wearing heels in shops. Youth is an excuse for anything out-of- the-ordinary; indulge yourself!
  5. I don't like to clutter the place up with new threads; I had a look for an old one but it was locked. Anyway, I was having lunch on Christmas Eve at an Hotel in Queen Square Bath UK. I was seated at a table by the window and I saw a tall gentleman, outside, wearing some knee boots over skinny jeans. The boots were brown and I would guess had about a four inch spike heel. He looked very 'on-trend'. I saw a nice scarf too. It's so rare I would have wanted to say "Hi!" and "great look" etc but I was trapped in the resturant. I always wear high heeled shoes and boots and it was great to see anoth
  6. Has this been posted? http://www.cosmopolitan.com/celebrity/news/men-in-heels
  7. Yes, I would say 90% of the time when not asleep in bed.
  8. Has anyone ordered any of these high clogs?
  9. I came across the following website : http://www.bedheels.com/shoes-and-boots/f5-inch-strap-with-bow?cPath=126& I am tempted as they look strong and they declare them to be hand-made. Can this be true? regards to all...
  10. I have a bandsaw and I know how to use it.
  11. I find leather always yields to the shape of my feet, but this can take quite a while. If the shoes need an initial stretch (in my case, I often have to wear a smaller size as my desired style may not be available in my size) I wear them in a bath of hot water for half an hour. I think a cordwainer wets the leather whilst shoe-making? Plastic shoes are toys, rather than footwear. I would love to shop for shoes in Brighton, where can I go? M
  12. I recently read an interesting comment from 'Kit' in the girls area. I have also found that any heel lift between about 2" to 4" is just a nuisance and only find comfort starting at 4" and going up to 6" or so; without any platform, of course. I wonder if this is a common problem? I am happier with flat shoes (if they have arch support) but this must be in short bursts of up to about an hour before I start to get very uncomfortable. Is this due to my life in very high heels?
  13. Agree it's aweful, but don't see the gayness. They are just dancers, aren't they? M
  14. I would love to come. I will put it in the diary. Last time I had quite a job deciding what to wear. Perhaps I should bring a change of shoes? After all, it might be raining? M
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