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  1. Can you PM me a price for the Black shoes please
  2. I love the rubber stockings and the heels are amazing!!! Well done you.
  3. how springy are the heels? I have noticed with the guigaro ones that there is no strength at all in the shoes.
  4. No experience of them but the prices are a bit scary.. Courtney
  5. Damn, I am out of practice, I should have been able to read that morse :-/
  6. Being a Biker, I wear Tights/Pantyhose pretty much every day, they do add an extra layer of warmth which is surprising as they are so thin really... Courtney x
  7. Hi all, I just got these in what they call Burgundy but it's more an oxblood. The heel is 4" and very stable to stand and walk in. Now I want the black pair to match haha Courtney x
  8. http://youtu.be/p3LOs2q_JkM Heres another - Amazing really! - same girl and partly the same one but longer
  9. I thought punitive shoes still made pony boots?
  10. I have all of my heels steel tipped on purchase now... Courtney x
  11. Well I finally found a pair of the OP's heels on ebay in black. Cost a fortune in shipping but so worth it.... Courtney x
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