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  1. Need your opinion...once again....

    Oh, what a nice dress! As for heels, the platform stilletto pumps [not slingbacks] are my favourite.
  2. Not available in Poland as well... but judging from a still, s/he looks really pretty!
  3. Word Association Game

  4. Or a camera with a timer/ cable release and a tripod
  5. Pretty heels and nice pant cut. Really stylish. Care to show us the whole look?
  6. New member

    Welcome. Check out tis thread: http://www.hhplace.org/general_fashion/15872-leather-4.html I'd gladly read your input, but note that this is a strictly fashion site and the administration may delete posts with fetish content.
  7. Stilettos to thicker/ chunkier heel?

    Ditto. I've replaced heels on three pairs of shoes/boots myself and it's not a difficult thing to do if you take a shoe to the shop to choose a matching heel. It's better to take both; one with the original heel, other with the heel removed. Shafted - you may be right... but not in every case. I've swapped 3" stilletto heels on a pair of Clarks boots for block/cowboy ones, and happily wore the pair . I don't know how it's done on higher heels or on other brands of footwear, though. BTW. as for making new heels out of wood, it's a nice idea. I'll certainly try that .
  8. Small, compact and not bad for a congested city. Nevertheless, I'd prefer a car-go bike By the way, I want to move to Amsterdam partly because of the way local transport is done. Apart from regular bikes, you have a whole lot of bakfietsen around and I'm jealous because I've seen just two (!) in Lodz, the third largest city in Poland. Here, regular cycling needs advocacy, and transporting freight by bike remains totally unknown. There are a lot of self-employed men who hire cycle rickshaws and carry people, though. Visit http://lodzcyclechic.blogspot.com if interested - there's a few photos of cycling girls in heels .
  9. New shoes, his and hers

    Cool! Now which is whose? The pumps seem a bit larger than boots, are they for you?
  10. Thigh Boots in Public

    Hey thanks, he looks drop dead gorgeous and could IMO compete with Andrej Pejic! Great heels as well.
  11. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Uh, Michael Jackson? Great, stylish boots, just like I like them.
  12. Oxfords

    They look nice, I'd fancy a pair as well.
  13. Oxfords

    Whoa right, I do! Stillettos or chunky heels, low or high, leather or patent - count me in.
  14. Word Association Game

  15. Thigh Boots in Public

    No, that was "Animal Farm". Still Orwell, though.