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  1. hi Sydheel hope thats all fine for you.. im interest in some can you sent to spain? thanks in advanced
  2. im interest in get it please tell me for pay thanks
  3. hi to everybody... thank you to all members forum for this big great reception... my first experiencie with high heels and women shoes was about 2 years ago talking with my girlfriend... she have a lot of high heels, pumps, etc... Every time I liked them more and I started to take an interest in it, until I made the jump, I bought myself this kassiopeya extreme high heels.. size 45 eur... was very frustating.. maybe I should have bought some lower ones but the most frustrating was i done the shoe conversion bad.. .because normally i get a size 42 eur man shoes... so now im want
  4. hi.. hope thats all fine for u this pumps still are one sell? its possible for u, to send to canary islands? thanks in advanced
  5. Hi everyone. I am SDiaz from canary islands, spain first at all, thanks for staff for add me, and thanks for all people here... i was searching more info about high heels and all things and i arrived here... I really like high heels, but I'm a beginner i saw thats its a fantastic forum... so my interest its to learn more and changed impressions thanks to every.
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