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  1. I live nearby. How can we meet ?
  2. They are terrible I dont like this kind of style
  3. It's gonna be amazing to come to London and meet each other high heelers :-)
  4. I'd like to attend to meet some friends :-)
  5. Just send them back repair wouldn't be worth it
  6. And tell me more about these Oxfords, please.
  7. Nice shoes on your profile picture Jarl Ayari.
  8. macer551@are they ''Saints of fashion'' pumps ?
  9. Greatings from West Sussex :-)

  10. Gibson Les Paul :-) Love IT !!!

  11. Do you like men in high heel shoes walking down the street? Have you ever seen any?
  12. I ain't got no boots whatsoever. I don't know how to wear them in front of public but i'd like to have a chance.
  13. My foot length is 27cm and I like boot just plain boots with 3'' or 4'' stiletto heels.
  14. And Im also heel lover and I havent got any pair at this moment, cuz shy Im shy to go to the shop and buy them I love black high heel boots. any advices it would appreciated :-) thanx
  15. What kind of shoes do you wear?
  16. I like high heel boots black, my foot length from heel to toes is 27cm.I don't know what size it is cos I went to website to check it and I got confused. And I am frightened to go to the shop and buy them. I could imagine me running on with them on in front of public. Never seen man walking down the street in them in serious life. But I wear tights under my trousers that anyone is see them. But I could imagine me in high heels they first of all make noise.
  17. And Im also high heel lover, in fact I havent got any shoes whatsoever ever I wouldnt be able to walk in them, I wouldn't be that brave to go to shop and buy them. But I really appreciate look and that style on mens womens feet. And I could imagine myself walking in them in front of public eye. And Id like to say I have never walk in high heels in my live. but I wish I had possibility to try them on my feet at least once.
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