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  1. Yesterday at the Christmas market. Photo after return.
  2. The fun starts only when you walk in the heels to the street. Why wear heels at home when no one sees them.
  3. I do lighting design. My job allows me to move in some extravagant clothes. So 8 to 10 cm heels don't bother my clients. On the contrary, they also believe me in an extravagant lighting solution.
  4. 8 cm heels EU46 (US W15). Nobody notices. Everyone looks at dogs.
  5. I wear heels every day. Shoemaker is far away. So I slowly become a professional shoemaker.
  6. Your look is fine. I wear similar in public. People react differently. Mostly neutral. Laugh seldom. I haven't had aggressive responses in 15 years.
  7. dagino


    Mostly I wear slim jeans to the ankles and 3 "block heels in public.
  8. dagino


    That annoys me. I wear heels and nobody notices.
  9. It's sad to be alone with heels.
  10. The 3 - 4" block heel is best for daily use. I also carry to work and to the city to my customers. I'm doing lighting projects and looking at implementation. High heels and thin heels for solemn occasions. I don't wear heels at home because nobody sees them.
  11. I didn't like the heels from the manufacturer. I made a new one. Better suited to the shoe style.
  12. I don't like human feet. I like the graceful shape of the heeled boots.
  13. If you want to wear higher heels you have to give more love to your wife.
  14. Hi LINCSDAVE, my size is UK 11-12. Our size is a bit more expensive, but at least I do not have a house full of shoes.
  15. I'm also a 100% man, I'm just fascinated by heels. My feminine I ends with my knees.
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