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  1. I fix them like this. First, fill the cavity with a mixture of epoxy and sawdust. After hardening, I grind straight. Then I stick normal rubber, like on men's shoes.
  2. dagino

    high heels

    I have EU 46 (US women 15). 10 cm = 4 inches is a comfortable height for all-day shoes for me. These are my booties 9.5 cm.
  3. It's best time to go out on heels. The streets are empty. You can wear the veil.
  4. After twelve hours at work I go for a beer.
  5. I also have a marriage in order. My wife is also an extrovert. She loves me more than other people's opinions. Me too, for 30 years.
  6. I wear heels all day, I do not know why I had them take off at the grocery store.
  7. I have a fetish knee high boots with heels. When a woman puts on them, I'm ready. Each of us has a different attitude to women's shoes. I like the graceful shapes of boots. I don't like bare feet in sandals.
  8. Try to start with "men's" high heels. These have 9 cm heels at size US14 (women). No one really has a problem with them in public. Then you can go to bolder models.
  9. I also started on heels 12-14 cm in the dark streets. Now I wear block heels 8-10 cm all day publicly. It's a compromise, but good for me. I have size US 14 (woman).
  10. My wife sometimes watch the reaction of people around. She found that few people notice my heels. And the reaction is just a second look. Such boots with 9 cm heels have almost no reaction. Only a few women asked whether I bought them or had them made by a shoemaker.
  11. Yesterday at the Christmas market. Photo after return.
  12. The fun starts only when you walk in the heels to the street. Why wear heels at home when no one sees them.
  13. I do lighting design. My job allows me to move in some extravagant clothes. So 8 to 10 cm heels don't bother my clients. On the contrary, they also believe me in an extravagant lighting solution.
  14. 8 cm heels EU46 (US W15). Nobody notices. Everyone looks at dogs.
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