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  1. For those wondering about my tightlacing, i've written a blog entry. So we can keep this thread on topic. http://www.hhplace.org/blogs/corvus/246-corsets_heels_party_floor.html
  2. I had my 20 seconds last weekend, being at a larger fetish/sm/fun party called "baroque" in another town, with various stage shows, including a "best outfit award". Several people had put enormous effort into baroque period outfits, some really impressive. Little did i know that someone among the organizers had entered me into the outfit compo, as best male fetish outfit. Did i mention i had stage fright? I got that cured instantly when i was called onto stage in the middle of the contest, totally out of the blue. The weird part? I enjoyed it. The realisation that "hey, you got to do this, no other choice" just came to me and from then it was all okay. I just wish i could have seen my face when i was called up, must have been a priceless view.... Picture of me before the party is in the gallery. The blue one, if you're wondering :-)
  3. I believe the problem lies with us, not the people around us. If they care and like you, they'll accept you regardless of footwear. For my own part, i just started wearing heels whenever i felt like it, starting with a not-so-obvious pair of wedge boots matching my rather limited confidence then, and took any comments or questions as they arose. Including my mother (my dad unfortunately has cut all contact with any family). The thing i said when asked about why was simply "i like wearing these", and there was no criticism or weird questioning. Taking the courage gained from one successful step to the next is important, unless you're the overconfident type who just goes on his (or her) way without worries whatsoever. But in the end i'm sure you'll feel better after being open to the people around you, including your parents. They do love you and care about you being happy, right? There is notheing better than being able to be who you want without some irrational fear of "being discovered" doing "something strange". Which is all nonsense btw. Nothing strange about guys in heels. Just do things in your own pace, and good luck!
  4. I personally would love to go trying on shoes&boots in a store, unfortunately there is only one store in oslo having larger sizes and they are expensive. But i'm frequently asked if i need assistance when i browse the shelves full of nice heels in the regular stores, and i always ask if they have the larger sizes, which they never do. Sz Eur41-42 is the max to expect, i wear 43-44. And i always wear heels when out shopping (like almost everywhere else), so it's obvious why i browse... Gee, i wish i had smaller feet......
  5. The highest heels i can comfortably wear for extended periods are my 5,5" laced stiletto boots, 5-7 hours standing and walking is no problem. No idea why they fit so perfectly, but i dread the day the are worn out..... 5" is the normal height i can wear without platforms and walk normally.
  6. Thanks for all the great comments and support. A nice "reality check". And i would not have worn anything extreme on a first date in any case, the 5,5" stiletto boots will stay home, along with any "baggage". My comfy wedges would be a good choice for a first-time scare :-) Slightly off-topic, but still. People will mostly never ask why i wear heels. Even though i see the curious looks, and am with someone knowing the person in question well. The questions come to the common friend on the next occasion. Happened today (again) in a store, a friend i was with knew the clerk well and she sent me quite a few curious looks. We both commented on that and he mentioned that she would ask next time he was there. I don't mind, this is more or less the standard according to my experience. Happy heeling, folks!
  7. Jeez, that one made me laugh. And made my day. Not only because of the very direct way you said it, but also because it's been so obvious that i still can't get why i did not see it. You are right. I shold just treat it like i do anything else. Be myself. After all, i don't care where i wear heels, and i dont care what people think. It just happens to be my lifestyle, and if anyone gets curious and ask questions, i answer. I just go on my way and enjoy the show the rest of the time, so why not in this case too? I guess it all has to do with me being afraid of opening myself emotionally to anyone and getting hurt. And that made me see it from a totally different angle, which is absolutely wrong. Again, should have been obvious to me. Thanks for making me see the obvious Corvus
  8. Hi, And thanks for a great site. I have a little question to ask, and i think it is more relevant for the girls to answer(although guys with experiences in the matter are welcome to). After a long time single, i'm planning to try dating again. And since i'm wearing heels all the time, wether as a guy or when i crossdress occasionally, i'll have to bring the subject up. When is the best time to do so? In the profile on the dating site? (I think not). When exchanging mails, before meeting one another? Or when meeting in person? What would you ladies prefer? I want to be honest about it, at an as early stage as possible. But at the same time i'm afraid that telling too soon would scare people away before they get to know who i am, just because they see something not being mainstream. I dont want to be judged by what i wear. I want to be judged by who i am. So gals, what do you think is the right way and time to bring it up? Corvus.
  9. 36 years with heels, 45 without
  10. Hi, and welcome. Nice to see someone interested in the ultra-high end of the heel spectrum. Do you wear ballet heels? I am working on just to be able to stand in them, so if you do, congratulations on that. Hope to hear more from you soon.
  11. Well, yes, it was a cautious but enjoyable museum trip. What i choose to wear outside unfortunately depends a lot on my self confidence in general, which isn't too good these days. Hence the long period between my two posts. My female friend tries to help me overcome things as best as she can, so saturday was another day out in the public. After dark as it was extremely hot, but i chose the sandals this time. After shopping alone earlier in the day wearing my black suede boots. We met a few folks along the way, and as usual nobody took notice. I guess i'm a bit paranoid at times. So far the only reactions i've had are positive, and they've been from the women. That includes my pair of lace-up black suede 5,5" stiletto boots. I love those, and have been wearing them public during winter. As for pictures, i do have my shoe collection up on the net on another site, but i'm not sure linking to them would be appropriate as we're talking about fetlife here. If anyone wants a link they can send me a pm. In the mean time i'll just wait until i'm allowed to show off my heels here.
  12. Hi again, sorry for being a bit late in replying. A lot has been going on here and not much time was left for high-heeled activities. At least outdoors. That changed yesterday, me going out for a day with a girlfriend to a museum and to eat, wearing my usual 4" black suede wedge boots. Under the jeans, i did not dare show them off more. Up until entering the museum i wore a pair of 5" wedge sandals, wonderfully comfortable, but i felt they were too noticeable. The place was extremely crowded in places. Someday..... Got to get my courage worked back up. If anyone noticed, they did not show, and the sandals would have been more comfy on such a hot day. And somehow i've gotten a thing for wedges these days, that hang comes and goes with time. Good thing i have a few of them too. Keep it up folks.
  13. Hi, and thanks for keeping this great site up. I'm a guy from norway, shoe fetishist with a particular interest in boots, and everything with heels. I enjoy wearing them as well as seeing them on others (to me there is nothing more sexy than a woman in high heel boots, unless you add a corset as well). I currently have 10 pairs of shoes, from 4 inches up, 8 pairs of boots mostly 4+ inches, and 3 pairs of ballet boots. I occasionally wear them public, plus most of the time around home. Currently my 3 inch suede wedge boots see the most use outdoors since they are pretty hard to spot, and ok on wintery road conditions. 5 1/2" stiletto boots on icy sidewalks in the city makes for quite a show, i promise you that...... I'll stop it here, more to come later. See ya!
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