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  1. I normally buy shoes that are make in Italy or Spain. LK Bennett is one of my favorite shoes. It is sad to hear that they were sold to a Chinese firm.
  2. I believe Cole Haan does not make heels over 4". If you do find them, they will probably have a small platform.
  3. Cole Haan has shoes made in Italy and made in China. The made in Italy shoes have the really high price tags. Those shoes have the rich high quality leather. The made in China shoes are well made and comfortable. I do have the shoes you are looking at but mine has a higher heel. IMO...those shoes fit true to size. The width is a little on the wide side. I noticed that a lot of Cole Haan shoes are using Nike technology soles, which makes their shoes comfortable.
  4. As for me... High heel stiletto pumps were like love at first site. As far as I can recall, I have always love high heel stiletto pumps since I was born. I remember playing with my mom's shoes when I was a couple years old. Being that the shoes where just too big back then, I think it was just the love of seeing women wearing the high heel stiletto pumps. Once I grow enough to fix into some high heel shoes, the desire to wear them just sky rocketed. High heel shoes and boots are a work of art. They are beautiful. They are colorful and they have a very sexy curve shape. Although high heel shoes and boots can be painful to wear at times; the form fitting, rich soft buttery Italian leather, arch supported stiletto high heels feel so amazing. The infinite styles, textures, colors and materials will never bore you. This is what really made me want to wear high heel shoes and boots.
  5. I have been to Vietnam. The bikes there are different than USA. They are not scooters and they are not mopeds. They are moto-bikes that fall some where between a scooter and a moped. Moto-bikes and bicycles are their main source of transportation, so you will see lots of women in high heels on moto-bikes. If a man and women rode together on a moto-bike in Vietnam, the man would be the driver. You would rarely see a woman driving the moto-bike with a guy as a passanger.
  6. Any review comments yet? I'd like to see some pictures of the actual shoes too.
  7. thanks. I know I am a full size under 12 so I'll go with a 41. I got Pigalle in patent orange. Jkrenzer, I normally wear size 11 and the 1969 shoes in size 41 were a little too small. I also have a 1969 boots in size 42 and they were snug. I strongly suggest going with size 42.
  8. One thing to keep in mind is women are much lighter than men, so they can put more of their weight on the heel. I noticed when I gain some weight I had to walk differently, because I could feel the heel flexing.
  9. Which style did you purchase? I have purchased the SEX CLASSIC PIGALLE HIGH HEEL in size 41 from ebay seller 1969-italia-boutique. They run small, because it has a small toe box. .
  10. I bought those stretcher too. They work great, but these only go up to women's size 11. If you have shoes larger than size 11, you will be out of luck. Before Footfitter came out with those, I modified a western boot stretcher (http://www.footfitter.com/p/101-031/professional-western-boot-stretcher.html). These have some arch, but the tips of the toe area have to be cut off to fit high heel shoes. Mine were modified for 4 1/2" high heel shoes. I actually like these better than the Footfiters. These do not stretch the toes area. It stretches the foot area only, which is what I really needed.
  11. I saw a copy write symbol dated 2015 on there website. I know the famous Little Shoe Box is out of business. I believe Ilias Little Shoe Box is a different shoe company, and I also believe Ilias Little Shoe Box is still in business. Has anyone here purchase shoes from Ilias Little Shoe Box?
  12. Thank you for your comments. I've always thought of freestyle and crossdressing as a category or type of fashion; and it has nothing to do with your gender or personality. I think you are correct about Freestyling is Crossdressing. Freestyling evolved as mixing men's and women's fashion together to create a unique look. Crossdressing in my opinion is a man who dresses like a women or a woman who dresses like a man. Gender fluidity is an interesting topic. I had to google it and read up on it. It sounds like it is a person (man or woman) who flip flop between being a man and a women. One day, a man dress as a man and present himself as a man (including their personality). Another day, the same man dress as a woman and present himself as a woman (including their personality). He may also choose to freestyle on another day.
  13. Thank you all for your comments and opinions. There are a lot of great points there. Please keep them flowing. Thank you for your comments! Lots of great points and topics. Acceptance by society seems to affect everyone in a different way. As for most of the men here, they want to wear high heels but the society around them do not really accepts it. As for women, some of them maybe pursuing jobs that society does not accept or deem unsuitable for women. Now getting back to the fashion industry, women can wear anything they want since society seems to accept it. Fashion designer have introduced men's fashion into the women's fashion....so technically speaking, women are not cross dressing. Women's fashion has changed. They don't have to come into the men's department. Men's fashion has not changed much. Pink and purple have appeared in the men's department. Small stud ears have been added to the men's fashion. I've seen a couple of high heel men's shoes, but most of society have not accepted them yet.... so most men have to venture into women's department for the high heel shoes and maybe some other things too. Classifying and judging others is not my thing, but people using the incorrect words to describe themselves or things bothers me: Women have curvy body. Their hands and feet are slim and small. Men do not have hips like women, and men also have larger and wider hands and feet. Most women's fashion is form fitting, so they are meant to fit a women. Most of the men here love wearing high heel shoes and some of them refuse to call them women's high heel shoes. They would say things like "these are not women's high heel shoes. These are my high heel shoes." I like the wording, but let's get real. Women's high heel shoes are form fitted to a women's feet. This is why they are called women's high heel shoes. Now please do not get me wrong. I love high heels shoes. I have a lot of them. I wear them...and I still call them women's high heel shoes. Just because the fashion industry designed high heel shoes for women, does not mean men can not purchase them or wear them. If the shoes fit, wear it. I've heard a person say they are a freestyle dresser. They like dressing as a woman, but they don't want to be a woman. I can understand and have no issue with a person dressed like a woman and not wanting to be a woman, but this would mean your are cross dressing and not a freestyle dresser. There is nothing wrong with cross dressing and it does not mean you are gay, but society may have other opinions about it.
  14. No Skirts here! I've wore high heels for over 20 years. I have not put on a skirt in my life and I don't think I will.... but I have used hosiery, so the high heels slip on easier and prevents blisters on a Walk a Mile is Her Shoes. As for me, it is just high heels and maybe some hosiery.
  15. I know everyone is different. Some will just admire high heels. Some will just wear high heels, and some will venture a lot further. I've seen several people start from just a simple guy wanting to wear high heels, then they start to venture into our women clothing and accessories. Some go further and transform to women. Some people consider themselves as freestyle dressers, but they actually look more like women (or crossdressers). I have nothing against how people dress or if they are Gay or Lesbian. Lately, I've been asking myself this questions. How do people define a straight guy who just wants to wear high heels? I'm thinking of this as a guy who just wants to wear high heels and does not want to change his appearance. In other words, he may wear them in public, but his hides them by wearing long pants that cover majority of the high heel shoes. Or, he may wear concealed wedge heels like Nike Fore Sky High, which are not noticeable. How do people define freestyle fashion? I'm thinking of this as a guy or girl who mix and match men's and women's clothing to create a unique fashion. How do people define crossdresser? I'm thinking of this as a guy who wants to dress completely like a women; or a girl who wants to dress completely like a man. How do people drawing the line and define Gays and Lesbians when a straight guy starts to transform into a women? At some point during their transformation from a man to a woman, they would be also be going thru the cycle of being a straight man to Gay/Lesbian to straight woman. I'm not sure how you would be able to draw the line and define Gay and Lesbian thru this cycle. I'm thinking that they will always consider themselves as being straight thru the whole transformation. Is this about correct? I like to hear your opinions.
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