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  1. When was the last time I did one of these? It's been ages. A mixture of thrift store finds, Target, and eBay. Paper Fox 'Nora' Platform pumps (Goodwill): Nike Dunk Sky Hi 2.0 Sneaker Wedges (eBay): A New Day 'Neva' Mules (Target): Chinese Laundry Mary Janes (Goodwill): Trotters Slingbacks (Salvation Army Thrift Store): Vince Camuto Ankle Pumps (Goodwill): My latest acquisitions can be found on my Instagram page: www.instagram.com/amaninheels
  2. Anybody found any goodies? I've been to one location, and they didn't wow me with what they had. I might mooch around in one later on in the week.
  3. No, I haven't fallen off of the face of the earth. I post frequently-ish on Twitter : www.twitter.com/amaninheels and on Instagram : www.instagram.com/amaninheels

    I'll try to post more frequently soon!


  4. Just going to take an aside here and say I love your outfit! The boots set it off perfectly!
  5. I swear I've been trying to find a pair of those for months, and every time I go to the Converse outlet, they'll have one pair in size 9 or maybe 10. Never an 11, and the ones on eBay are marked up out the wazoo in 11.
  6. It can't be more than about 10 or 12 pairs. Most of the athletic shoes I have are womens, in addition to my heels.
  7. It's right on the edge of being too small. I'd prefer it if I was able to have them in a 42.5 or 43. Then they might be perfect. And yes, the toe box is tight. It gets better over time, and even though these were preowned I had to wear them in short bursts just to able to tolerate it. I can walk in them...just. I'm with you. I want a pair of Anouks. That's my next pair...budget allowing. Wow. I love those! Paired with the jeans, those are beautiful! And welcome back!
  8. I splurged a little bit on my birthday last year. And purchased a pair of preowned Christian Louboutin So Kates in size 42. The toe box is unbelievably tight, but it's better after a year. I can walk in them, but I'm not that stable. Eventually, I'll buy a new pair from the CL Boutique.. and pair of Jimmy Choo Anouks, too (budget allowing). A Man in Heels - Modeling Black Patent Christian Louboutin So Kate
  9. Well, I can mark one off of the list. CL So Kate in Black Patent. I treated myself to a pre-owned pair last year. Moving down the list...slowly.
  10. Great sandals! And Glad to see you.
  11. I do it, although I rarely keep them on the entire night. I seem to subconsciously kick them off unless I'm wearing heels with ankle straps, and wake up with them on the floor or in the corner of the bed.
  12. Love to find a pair. I haven't been able to find a pair at the Converse Outlet nearest me and the pairs on eBay are marked-up something awful. I keep snatching up Dunk Sky Hi's on eBay when they are reasonably priced.
  13. @Ynotme I almost bought a pair of those. But I never could find them in my size. By the time Target marked them down, The odd sizes, usually small (6, 7) were the only ones about.
  14. Big fan of the Grand Tour. Totally missed it.
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