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  1. Why not try with ice. See link to You Tube; FL
  2. Hello Snoepje, First welcome to the Forum. Unfortunatly we cannot correspond in Dutch, I am from Belgium, living in the UK. Hopefully you'll like it here and find usefull information, from both female and male admirers/wearers. Me myself am a wearer and admirer, hope we will have some good time here. Have fun FL
  3. I would love it to, it's a bit submissive FL
  4. Unfortunately, pleaser changes their catalog at least yearly. I came across these by accident on-line. A pair may someday be up for auction on Ebay someday or perhaps a local thrift store. Another thought is to post to the section on this site where people list items for sale/ items wanted.

  5. Looked on Pleaser website for shoes like your avatar. Can't find them....

  6. I'm glad you liked it. The critique was inevitable but I don't like everything I read either nor do I agree with all of the movie critics.

  7. Definitely my blonde moment. Avatar photo is pleaser. If you've finished the story, let me know and I may decide to tell you if it's fact or fiction.

  8. So the shoes on your Avatar are made by Sbicca. or are these made by Pleaser. It might be me with a blond moment here. By the way, I am reading your story... Is it based on true facts... FL

  9. Sorry, blonde moment. Yes to the shoes also. They were made by pleaser.

  10. My avatar boots: Yes, they are mine. Made by Sbicca around 1980. I had a pair of these in high school only in brown. They were my favorites and wore them into the ground. Found this pair on Ebay not long ago.

  11. I like your shoes which are shown on your Avatar, do you really own a pair like these. FL

  12. I love very high heels, but to compensate the hight in heels I have to take it with a bthicker sole... FL
  13. Hi Dr Shoe, when using the link, it comes up with this Sorry... The page you have requested does not exist or is no longer available. If you have typed the URL in by hand, please make sure you have entered it correctly, with no capital letters of spaces. Alternatively, if you have clicked on a link on Mail Online and found this page, please report the problem to our technical team and we will correct it as soon as possible. Looking for a particular section and not sure how to find it? Our site map provides a overview of our entire site. Back to Mail Online home Back to the page you came from Sorry, FL
  14. Hi Agatha and partner, Welcome to the forum. I am sure you'll find a lot of people around here to chat and exchange experiences. A quick word for Bubba136, Well spoken and very kind of you. Anyway, welcome FL
  15. Yes, it is always about practice and patience as with everything else. It doesn't make it easier when older.... But the one who persevers wins.... Don't forget some calve training too FL
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