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  1. Well actually Shafted my late mum would comment on how when I was younger I was never out of her boots. It is true
  2. My most horny memories are of the 1970's and I remember my mums boots being amazing but the high point was when she had some boots bought for her that were so unreal. They were brown leather over the knee zip up boots with a thick varnished heel of about 5 inches. I remember the first time she bought those boots into the living room where I was sat eating my breakfast and as she came in she asked me what I thought of them. I was speechless but I guess I said something to her. She stood there holding the boots and straight away I noticed that they were a lot taller than the brown leather zip up knee boots that I was wearing as mum never minded my boot fetish at all. The brown leather was gorgeous and smooth and I reached out and touched the long shafts of the boots and I remember my mum saying how nice they felt. I asked if I could unzip her boots for her and put them on her legs for her and she agreed. I knew I had to ask if I could wear them after my mum had worn them, I could not help myself and I was terrified in case she said no but to my relief she said her plan for the day was she would wear those sexy horny boots of hers when myself my mum and my gran went shopping and then when she had got back and done some housework I could wear them if I behaved for her. I nodded and said yes mum thats all I could say. I had the chance to take hold of each boot, unzip it and help my mum into each boot. I would then gather the boot around her leg and slowly zip it up to the top of the leathery shafts of her boots. As the zip went up to the top my mum would lift skirt ever so slightly so I could see what I was doing as I zipped up each boot. Usually the skirts my mum wore were woolen or thick denim and I remember she would wear thick woolen tights to keep her legs warm. I was so happy cos I knew in the end it would be me wearing those boots and sure enough the time came when I would help my mum out of her boots and I would get to try them on myself. If you lovely guys and girls want me to I will tell you more about the boots I remember from that magical period of the 70's and my amazing horny childhood Take care everyone
  3. The shop never had my size boots , I did ask, as i like them as well

  4. Hi, the boots are from Nitelife, you can find some on Ebay uk, but also on a direct selling site exoticdancewear.co.uk. They are too large, so I did a sewing work on them so they fit well. Now the bottom of the heel is dead (too much walking ;.) ) and I am thinking to buy a new pair as I love them! Bye

  5. Hi Ya Crushin, Just wanted to pop in and say hello, thanks for dropping in at my page. Best Wishes Asa O/

  6. Hi everyone they look brilliant I would love some like them May I ask please what size do they go up to please?
  7. Thank you for the great compliment on my platform thigh high Boots. They are Jean Gaborit Boots.

  8. I am also a boots only man and I wear boots as much as I can in the summer as I am someone who cannot go a day without boots lol
  9. Hi Crushin Thanks for stopping by. I love your avatar. Great legs and boots.

  10. Hi, will try and find you a few more pics of my old chap boots as soon as i can, thanks for the nice comment.

  11. Hi I have worn the boots of my mum, my babysitter, my 2 aunts, my mums friends and my my first teacher in my infants school I would love to swap memories with you guys and girls as it was a very good time for me lol Hope you are all well
  12. Magic Heels you said it there my man!!!! I glared at her and she shut up !! What more can you say than that. One of the few times I have worn knee boots over my jeans was once in the Peak District when I was out for the day with my female friend that I live with and we went into this cafe, it was near closing time and we were cold and in need of a brew. One of the girls who were serving saw my boots, went back to the serving/kitchen area and together with her mates went into a fit of giggles so I guess I glared at her. Or another time we were in a cafe in Derbyshire that is a bit posh and I had on my tan knee boots under my jeans but the heels were visible and I guess I was in one of my I dont care moods cos these two posh women started talking about my boots so I winked at one of them and you should have seen the look of shock and horror it was priceless I think those boots in your avatar are great and I was wondering where you bought them from and not only that you are an inspiration to me to get a kilt myself
  13. Hi one and all I actually saw a guy in Derby getting on a bus and going into the city centre and he was dressed in smart trousers and a nice shirt and I noticed that he was wearing the nicest cream coloured boots that I have seen in ages. These boots must have had 4 inch heels and he walked well in them. If I had the chance I would have talked to him
  14. hello crush i like your signature piece that is very true i think wear what you like and to hell with what others think cheers john

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