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  1. My Shoes

  2. A Note Of Recent Times Out Heeling

    Edinburgh - 13/6 - my wife bravely joined me for this evening. A walk in 3" block heeled ankle boots from The George Hotel to Cafe Royal, a favourite bar of ours. Stayed for a couple of hours sat on a bar stool, heels hooked over the rest bar. Edinburgh - 14/6 - called in to Debenhams where Faith have a sale on. Found some strappy sandals, 5" heel, 1.5" platform which we both agreed looked very nice. Being Faith, there's no return on sale items, so no option but to try them on in the store . Ashton Under Lyne - 17/6 - arrived at our flat wearing my new sandals from Faith and gave the old lady sitting outside in the sun, cause for surprise. A smile and a friendly hello is so dis-arming though ! After doing some work there, carried on to Tesco Express to buy some lunch; Dropped a key in to our letting agent - (with hindsight, not sure that was the brightest idea); and Filled up at the local petrol garage, which has a wonderfully large forecourt and long walk to/from the shop
  3. Anyone Else Like Wedge Sandals?

    Me too. I had a laugh on holiday recently. We needed some essentials for breakfast. So, wearing wedge sandals (painted toes), denim shorts and t-shirt, off I went to the shop at other side of the complex, only to be met by the full maintenance team just starting their days work. The men clearly grumbled something in Spanish; the ladies smiled widely adding what I assume were compliments !
  4. Lancsheels

    Today's Office Wear.
  5. Polished toes

    Mine are painted all year round, currently purple. We recently holidayed in Gran Canaria where there is beach walk between the towns of Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles. Hundreds of people enjoy the walk every day. We found it amusing that walking bare foot, toes on show, caught so many peoples eye when there are hundreds of nudist bathers, substantial numbers of gay & lesbian people - you can image that it is quite a colourful scene, but because there were so many, it was just the norm. It was my toes that had peoples' eyes popping !
  6. Uk Heelers Info

    I have to agree redandwhite, the long winter nights do make stepping out a little easier !
  7. I Did It!

    Well done ! Here's to more !
  8. Uk Heelers Info

    Hi, I'm from the Blackpool area. Although my wife has moments of courage, she certainly does not stand comparison to your partner - you're very fortunate !
  9. Hello everyone ! Thanks for accepting me in here. A little about me. As my name might suggest, I'm from Lancashire, UK and live close to the infamous town of Blackpool ! I manage to get out and about in heels on a reasonably regular basis. Yesterday was my most recent, if brief outing in the small Yorkshire town of Heckmondwyke - a short stroll in 5" heeled ankle boots, girl jeans & top - to the sandwich shop to buy lunch. Always makes lunch more interesting !